Given a week or so to let the dust settle over this “deadliest shooting in US history” a.k.a. and ISIS terrorist attack on the US and our LGBT community, Hillary’s reaction is priceless.

In her speech in reaction to the tragic Orlando shooting Hillary says, “I know a lot of Americans are asking how it was possible that someone already on the FBI’s radar could have still been able to commit an attack like the one in Orlando.” Yes, we’re also asking how someone on the FBI’s radar is running for President of the country.

She added, “If the FBI is watching you for a suspected terrorist link, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun,” and if the FBI is watching YOU…Hillary…you shouldn’t be able to run for president!

Making this shooting all about our alleged loose gun laws instead of an actual terrorist attack on our own turf, Hillary exclaims, “I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,” and some of us believe TERRORISTS have no place on our f-ing streets. Is this real life?

“I know some will say that assault weapons and background checks are totally separate issues,” Hillary says in her speech. Some will also say that assault weapons and the weapon used in the Orlando attack are also separate. The weapon used to kill 49 innocent Americans was a SIG MCX, which legally purchased is NOT indeed a weapon of war. The legal version is semi-automatic, meaning the terrorist pulled the trigger for every single round fired. An actual “weapon of war” or “assault rifle” is automatic, which is not legal to for civilians to purchase. But Hillary wouldn’t know an AR-15 or Sig MCX from a ham sandwich so she’ll just continue feeding this anti-gun propaganda with false information. Accurate information and honesty have never really been her strong suit anyhow.

I guess I should have known, by the way you parked your car – sideways – that it wouldn’t last. Why not compare Indiana to Minnesota? Why not call Indiana a parking lot? No one has a real understanding of how this now-suddenly-more-crucial-than-ever primary will actually play out on May 3.

So if Indiana is a parking lot – will the Trump limousine finally get it’s tires slashed and it’s brake fluid drained? Indiana seems to be whatever you want it to be. It’s Wisconsin – it’s neighbor two states over and one state up. It’s Ohio, and Kasich will do great! It’s Kentucky in it’s true deep heart and Trump will prevail. It’s Michigan really. Good for Trump as well.

Maybe above all, Indiana is smart. No automated polling please; you have to have real people talking to real people. Three folks with a server and an algorithm in suburban D.C. don’t like that. So we have no polling. We have rural and urban but in a mix that seems hard to compare to other states. Or easy to compare to any state you like.

What do local Indiana Republicans want? They seem divided between tactical voting for Cruz – and sometimes Kasich – and letting the thing play out. And conservative talk radio in the state is not a well-aligned, laser-focused, death-to-Trump machine. The way it was in Wisconsin. As well, evangelicals may not be as prevalent in their influence as they were in Iowa.

In other words, the comparisons seem to collapse into negatives: what Indiana isn’t. Rather than what it is. For example, Governor Mike Pence has not endorsed anyone. Yet. So maybe Indiana Republicans want to be persuaded. They see the civil war going on in their party. But they aren’t convinced by either side. And predicting how they will vote on May 3 in the state’s GOP primary is next to impossible.

So go ahead and park your limousine – or your jet – sideways in Indiana if you want Mr. Trump. The state will take its time to see if you last, or not. You have a chance to persuade. And you – and Cruz and Kasich – seem to be grabbing that chance with both hands. I’d say Indiana loves it.

Trump may have taken New York in the primary, but Kasich hit him where it hurts. Kasich won Manhattan, which makes it the 7th county he’s won overall. It’s uncanny how loudly Trump boasted about the support from the people closest to him, yet the people LITERALLY closest to him chose Kasich.

With the results from New York, it’s looking harder and harder for Trump to obtain the necessary delegates to clench the primary, which consequently brings a lot of heat the the convention in July for the nomination.

Although, Trump continues to defeat Cruz and Kasich by a landslide, it will all boil down to the convention.

“We have to do SOMETHING.” “SOMETHING has to happen.” “SOMETHING needs to change.” Does it make me a bad person that I don’t say this everything time a group of innocent people are gunned down. Unless you have a brilliant idea of what that is, saying “something” is completely useless. So useless in fact that “something” hasn’t happened since Columbine in 1999.

If “something” was a solution, it would’ve been done by now. These senseless tragedies continue to occur, and it’s devastating, but a solution hasn’t been found because the only input anyone has is “something.” Obama said it himself yesterday.

This is a horrible tragedy…devastating. But when all people can say is that America needs to wake up and something needs to be done, it’s pointless. That’s obvious, but there aren’t any guaranteed solutions, so it’s just kind of annoying hearing “something,” “something,” “something,” when we should just be praying, sending love, or positivity to the victims and the families, whatever is your preferred vibe. The rest is nonsense and somewhat dancing on the graves to make a tragic death about politics.

In addition to “something,” the media’s coverage of school shootings glorifying these evil individuals with 15 minutes of fame is another point that is tirelessly repeated yet continues to happen. A very, very sad truth is the media LOVES these kinds of tragedies because it gives them ratings. The best thing you can do is log off social media, turn off the news, and pray, send love, good vibes, etc.

The sad state of our country took another leap to la-la-land with the backlash following Donald Trump’s remarks about illegal immigration from the Mexican border…notice I said “illegal immigration from the Mexican border,” not “Mexicans.” Our entire country in lost in translation here. His delivery can be received as insensitive, however the context of his opinion and remarks come from facts. And facts and truth are our social society’s biggest nightmare. This just goes to show, once again, you can’t have an opinion without having some sort of hateful label stamped on your forehead. So now Donald Trump is a bigot.

I believe Trump began this topic in reference to the 165,000 illegal immigrants have committed crimes and were released in the United States rather than deported. According to the number from the Department of Homeland Security, deportation has decreased 58% from 2009 to 2014. According to the CBP, in 2014 there were just under 21,000 border patrol agents in the US. Just over 18,156 of them were on the Southwest Border Sector.

Donald Trump did not ever say “Mexicans are rapists.” He said the illegal immigration coming over the Mexican border is bringing too much crime into the country such as drugs, and rapists. The numbers in that Border Patrol staff document from the CBP are more than proof of the truth of the criminal activity Trump is referring to. The truth hurts, and we can’t handle the truth. We’re telling a sad story here these days.

Trump is an international business man. His corporation employs 20,000 people. You think all of his employees are white? Get a grip, America.

The Extinction of Opinion


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Jerry Seinfeld recently said he stays away from playing at colleges because the younger generation is too “conservative.” Not politically speaking, but as in they are too sensitive and politically correct. Basically, they can’t take joke, or receive a statement or “opinion” without jumping to conclusions and slapping a label on someone.

You can’t have an opinion anymore. Your statements definitely make you a “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” “misogynist,” “androgynist,” “prejudice,” and labels go on. What happened to having an opinion. You can’t say anything anymore and it’s incredibly disappointing. What is going to happen in these coming years, that people no longer listen to someone’s opinion and actually hear what they have to say. “I respect your opinion, but I disagree,” isn’t part of their dialogue.

If you disagree with immigration policy for “Dreamers” you’re a “racist.” You’re not an American with a vote and an opinion.

Maybe it’s his Italian and Irish heritage, but anyone a few years from sixty has no right to look as good as Rick Santorum does. Of course, the Oval Office tends to add gray hairs in a hurry to it’s occupants and now that Santorum is officially in the race, we can speculate on how he would deal with the pressures of the top job in the country. And how many gray hairs he will have should he make it to the presidency. But then again, maybe just maybe, Rick Santorum’s faith and values give him an inner strength that shines through. Like Ben Carson, he’s a true social conservative. Unlike Ben Carson, he is an experienced politician with a Senate record.

Which means that all his political missteps and controversies are public knowledge and will be dredged up again on the campaign trail. His success with female voters is a question mark, as his staunch, conservative Catholicism puts him at odds with most liberals and moderates on gender issues. As well as gay issues, and questions of faith and education, as well as his sharp criticism of pornography which has been ridiculed by some and disregarded by many. His choice of home schooling for his children will sit well with evangelicals but may provide an attack point for more moderate rivals. For more moderate rivals to defend themselves from Santorum’s fierce defense of his positions that is. His faith in his own positions almost seems to compel him to seek confrontation in order to see who is with him and who is against him on any given issue. While George W. Bush may have used that phrase, Santorum seems to live by it every single day. As if it wasn’t a choice.

Will Santorum be a viable choice for GOP candidate to the presidency? 2012 was literally a passion play for the man who had been the Republican leader in a very close race up to his withdrawal for reasons intimately tied to his faith and his family. Santorum is back four years and some six weeks after his leaving the race to be with his daughter. To say the GOP field is very different this time around is an understatement. To assume that Rick Santorum will be one more in a crowded field would be a mistake, however. Rick Santorum seems compelled to run for president. As if he had no choice but to do so.

Honest Accounting at FIFA


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God bless the Justice Department for charging fourteen FIFA officials with corruption. That is, with nurturing “a culture of corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for the biggest sport in the world.” While baseball, for example, has certainly had it’s share of scandals over the years, they have tended to be fixed with rigorous and thorough responses on the part of the league itself or of the courts. Is baseball as clean as a pitcher’s mound the morning of the first game of the season? No, clearly not. But the capacity, and more importantly, the will to ensure a reasonable sense of order and justice prevails over that pastime so central to life in America. And in other professional sports, even if to a lesser extent, in professional boxing.

Apparently the Zurich-based organization has over $1 billion in cash on hand. A cash ratio that is a touch on the conservative side, given that FIFA has revenues of around $1 billion a year. If you believe their books. If they actually have books that would pass even a modest audit done by say your grandmother, who happens to be a retired bookkeeper. About 15% of that billion dollars is at stake in this indictment, and where those tens of millions of dollars came from and where they went, is something we may actually discover over the process of the FIFA Fourteen’s trial. Professional soccer is awash in corruption and has been for decades if not generations. And FIFA is part of the problem, not the solution. So far President Sepp Blatter has not been charged, but if the Swiss actually cooperate fully with the Justice Department, who knows where this will end?

And the problem is far more than a playing field that is not level. The playing field is soaked with bloody violence from hooligans – especially in South America where the English (Irish to be specific) problem has reached far and wide into the very structures of the clubs and Conmebol – to Asian gamblers cutting the stadium lights after half-time to guarantee a favorable score stays that way, to players throwing games, to corrupt referees everywhere, including Germany’s 2nd division. To vote-buying in FIFA and on and on. While media commentators have delighted in descending on American athletes who have – willingly or unwillingly – ingested banned substances, whether cough medication or steroids, corruption is so profound in soccer that there is a resigned acceptance of the fact in most of the world, including the media. Let us hope that the Justice Department brings some of the clarity and zeal they have brought to baseball to the seething, decadent world of football association football (that would be soccer). It is long past time for an honest accounting at FIFA.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave the commencement speech at Tuskegee University, and the speech centered on race and the obstacles she faced being African American. Tuskegee University is a historically and predominantly African American student body, so she was making an attempt to speak to her listeners.

However, somewhere lost in translation was the final message. She discusses all of the feelings and obstacles she face before becoming the First Lady living in the White House, but never addressed this is how we’ve overcome, corrected injustices, evolved and this can happen to you. The speech just took on a seemingly angry tone about race, the quite frankly is not more fuel we needed added to the critical status of racism in our nation at the moment. It just didn’t seem to connect, and it’s unfortunate. Rather than encouraging and believing in the future and hope of humanity, there was a lack of connecting the dots in that area.

It goes back to the Zimmerman trial when after the verdict President Obama said in his reaction, “Trayvon Martin could have been me.” It’s somewhat of a reverse form of racism because they think they’re relating to African Americans because they’re black. Isn’t that racism? Yet, their lives and circumstances are often very different than most of the people they’re talking to regardless of their race.

In his hometown of Detroit, Dr. Ben Carson, officially announced his run for President saying, “I’m Ben Carson and I’m a candidate for president of the United States.” As a doctor, who was the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head, Dr. Carson hasn’t exactly had the most traditionally background entering politics. But that doesn’t mean to count him out just yet.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what could made a successful GOP candidate because the belief and preservation in the Constitution is essential to the GOP, however that can make it difficult to appeal to voters who are looking for a social conservative. Is that Ben Carson?

Carson’s run can be a game changer. As a doctor, his perspective and influence on health care in our broken system could be critical. With 2 terms having an African American president, Carson is looking to extend that time. He previously said, “There are a lot of African Americans who do think for themselves and recognize that the policies that have been in place for decades now that really started with Lyndon Johnson … have not really accomplished very much.”

Carson certainly has the appeal but there are so many variables that are turned into negative representation from lefties and liberal media that it truly is hard to say what will make a successful GOP candidate.



There is no leader in the GOP race. If you define leader as a clear favorite who stands out against the rest of the field. The star is the race itself. Right now, Marco Rubio is just ahead of Scott Walker at 13% to 12%. And Rand Paul is doing surprisingly well in third place with 10%. This is according to the just released Fox poll results. Jeb Bush has slipped to 4th spot which he shares with Mike Huckabee with both getting 9%. And Ted Cruz is sitting not-too-pretty in 5th spot with 8%.

To be fair to the beaming candidate from South Florida, Rubio tracks at 15% in the Quinnipiac University poll, one which polls Republicans nationally and is likely a better indicator of how a GOP candidate is doing among party voters. As Rubio gains traction in the tightest nomination race in recent history – so far at least – maybe his optimistic message is being heard and held to heart by an increasing number of voters. And what the Fox poll does show is that maybe, as Barbara Bush herself said and then retracted later, maybe we’ve had enough Bushes in the White House. At least for now the Bush dynasty is seen as a negative by voters. How Jeb Bush officially launches his campaign will matter more than it did when he began seriously preparing for a run late last year. Jeb now has to show he’s a man for the future and not one burdened by his family’s past, even as his brother and father remain popular figures among Republicans. And he will have to do it with a former protege of his leading the field. Maybe Jeb is patient and steady in a way the media and voters are no longer accustomed to. Or maybe Jeb is still not quite aware of how much the world has changed, even in the 7 years since his brother last held office.

Back in August of 2014, Jeb Bush wrote a piece in Gulfshore Life on the things he loves about Florida. It was a list that could be the planks of his platform, to use an old-fashioned turn of phrase. Diversity, Technology as in NASA, the Environment, Defense and Patriotism, Entrepreneurship and low Taxes, International Trade, Education, Sports, and local attractions of the sunshine state, all made the list of glowing tributes to his adopted state. As an individual, Jeb Bush is more conservative than his views on immigration might suggest, and this list seems to suggest that. But his views on immigration and education will have to be placed front and center on any platform he brings before America. And he will have to defend his choices in front of GOP conservative voters who doubt his credentials. Will waiting to announce make it any easier for Jeb Bush to accomplish this?

Well, it’s official. Hillary Clinton has officially announces she’s running for President. In a two minute video concluded by “I am running for president.”

While the Democratic race is still unknown with who will run against Hillary, they better hope it’s someone…but not Joe Biden. Hillary’s beating a dead horse with her campaign, and it could definitely hurt the chances of Democrat remaining in the White House. She’s old news. Democrats didn’t want her in 2008, and after all of the shady business she’s been up to in the past 8 years, it’s doubtful she’ll succeed in an election. But that all depends on who she’s running against.

The idea of the first female President is an exciting one because there are smart women who could potentially be a great President of the United States. Using Hillary to fill that role is a horrible idea.

Chuck Norris has said it best, “Not only would her presidency be “Obama, the Sequel,” but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.”

Progressives don’t even want to see Hillary in the White House. It will be interesting to see how the race for the Democratic Primary turn out, but now is the time for the GOP to get in gear because a fresh face is great leverage in this election.

Here’s the video of Hillary’s announcement:

Let the fun begin, where we not get to hear every little bit of dirt that can possibly be dug up by politicians. Although he hasn’t formally announce his presidential candidacy, he’s not exempt from having his dirty laundry aired. According to Miami-Dade County Elections Department, Bush identified himself as Hispanic on his voter registration. Could it have been a mistake? Yes.

On the other hand, the former Governor of Florida is fluent in Spanish and it’s well known that he is favored by Hispanics because of his position in regards to immigration. In all honestly, this isn’t going to hinder Jeb Bush’s potential campaign, it will likely enhance it because he identifies with Hispanics. A large demographic that Republicans didn’t have in their corner in previous elections.

Bush’s wife is from Mexico and they have three children, who are hispanic, therefore 80% of his family is Hispanic. Is it incorrect for him to identify with his family? He obviously knows that he is not Hispanic, but it’s also not an offensive or a horrible mistake he made on his voter registration.

Rand Paul is Officially a Republican Candidate

Today, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky made his official announcement of his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election. While Paul hasn’t been a front-runner of GOP candidates for President, he is making a push for the job. Why is he running? “I have a vision for America. I want to be part of a return to prosperity, a true economic boom that lists all Americans, a return to a government restrained by the Constitution,” Sen. Paul explained.

While Gov. Jeb Bush seems to have favoritism with the Latin vote because of his immigration policy position, Sen. Paul will have votes closer to center for his fight to defend the Constitution. There are Democrats who will lean toward a Paul vote, even for GOP, because it’s different than now. The “Washington machine” which Paul says, “That’s not who I am.”

When it comes to spending, “Big government and debt doubled under a Republican administration. And it’s now tripling under Barack Obama’s watch. President Obama is on course to add more debt than all of the previous presidents combined,” he said in his announcement. “America and freedom are so intertwined that people literally are dying to come here. The freedom we have fostered in America have unleashed genius and advancement like never before,” Paul says.

His plan for American employment lowers taxes on businesses that choose to bring their jobs back to Americans affording them to pay Americans’ wages. Sen. Paul is a Republican, but it seems that he and his father choose right because they had to choose something other than center. Will that hinder his campaign or will it be exactly what American voters have been hoping for. What are the chances for Paul vs. Bush?

It’s not just Ted Kennedy, but the Kennedys just don’t have the best run of luck, or it could also be karma. However, the fact that President Obama is speaking in Ted Kennedy’s honor at Edward M. Kennedy Institute makes for a lot of distasteful humor because of one not-so-tiny, but selectively forgotten by Democrats and that is the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Ted Kennedy was driving the vehicle and Mary Jo was the passenger when it drove over a bridge at Chappaquiddick Island, and controversy has ensued every since then because Ted Kennedy didn’t report it for many hours later and somehow walked away without any responsibility and became a Senator for decades and now our President is singing his praises.

Obama said at the EMK Institute, “What if we carried ourselves more like Ted Kennedy?” Well, I bet a lot of criminals wish they carried themselves more like Ted Kennedy. Vice President Joe Biden said, “He was an anchor for many of us in our personal lives.” Oh the irony… Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile was also the anchor to Mary Jo Kopechne’s life.

You have to question the integrity and ethics of a person who praises and applauds a tainted character like Ted Kennedy. In the wise words of Dennis Miller, “If Ted Kennedy is such a gentleman, why does it take him nine hours to open a car door for a lady?” Now that would have been more of a truth for the President to say.

The strategy of pursuing the Independent Payment Advisory Board, named the ‘Death Panel’, was not the most ideal method for dismantling Obamacare. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, recorded by the Goldwater Institute in Arizona, who described the bureaucratic DC advisory group as prompting seniors’ passings. It was a pointless bit of theater. While the Independent Panel Advisory Board, or IPAB, obliges a supermajority vote in Congress to override its choices and that implies less balanced governance, its choices are truly about adjusting a legislature program – Medicare – with all its standards and regulations, and the passing board moniker appeared a pointless bit of dramatization. Medicare is without a doubt a tremendous piece of human services spending; in 2011 it represented around 47% of inpatient clinic expenses while speaking to around 15% of the populace. What’s more, that is the way it was intended to be; giving state backing of the matured. Who gets it, how they get it and how they pay for it has been a long-standing level headed discussion. Should Medicare be improved? The answer is evident however discovering a harmony between giving human services to seniors, and permitting decision and rivalry to apportion social insurance spending is demonstrating practically outlandish.

The claim will be refiled obviously. The lower courts decided that until the IPAB begins settling on choices any suit is untimely. One trusts that the Goldwater Institute, by hopping the firearm, has not hurt their essential case (the suit was part into two sections: one over the IPAB and the other over a patients right to ‘therapeutic independence’ or the privilege to pick not to have Medicare and to not be fined for taking that choice). On the off chance that the aim was to attract thoughtfulness regarding the IPAB, the case has succeeded. On the off chance that the purpose was to diminish the force of a board that is not sufficiently responsible to Congress, the jury, actually, is out until the IPAB begins settling on a few choices. At that point we can hold up until SCOTUS administers on the new claim which will be recorded sooner or later, and we can include another layer of guidelines and regulations to the brush of those as of now in presence.

Nothing is a surprise anymore. There should no longer be any question about the celebrity attention President Obama seeks. Last night, the Celebrity in Chief appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and participated in a celebrity segment called “Mean Tweets.” According to ABC, ” It’s important to remember that Presidents are people too.   From time to time, Jimmy Kimmel gives celebrities a chance to read some of the mean things people tweet about them.  And tonight, he extended that same courtesy to our Commander in Chief.  ”

It’s about time liberal media addressed the celebrity that is our President. You can watch the video to see the President preparing for his acting career in Hollywood at the end of his presidency. We have a President that turns America’s gripes into comedy, which is more insulting to viewers than humorous. Enough is enough.

Jeb Bush has to be president, and the subtle elements of what sort of president he will be can be worked out later. In any event that is by all accounts the disposition of a critical piece of the GOP. Simply take a gander at the surveys and choose who would do best against Hillary is the idea. The numbers and how to enhance them appear to command, for those contributors and previous Bush padre and Dubya counsels who are gearing up to help enhance or to be a part of Jeb’s group. What that says in regards to any arrangement stage that his group is cobbling together from thoughts long past due is not empowering. Catchphrases like Liberty and Strength have been heard before in altogether different times. To build remote approach with respect to columns like Liberty and Strength is estimable, obviously. Yet what that may mean practically speaking, on issues like movement, terrorism, exchange with Asia and Latin America, and also training at home, stays all that much to be seen.

Might it be able to be that some in the GOP, particularly Republican Senators, need Jeb in the race yet don’t fundamentally need him to win? That could be, yet the off camera huge cash contributors are now going to private gathering pledges suppers where they some of the time contribute up to $100,000 for the benefit of going to. Furthermore they are a refined bundle. Like Juleanna Glover, previous Cheney representative, who expressed that concerning progressives, “I don’t think they comprehend the Common Core issue.” So it really is great Jeb Bush will accommodatingly instruct them on the issue and bring them to the edified truth he is favored, as a child of benefit, to have. There is by all accounts a ton of hopefulness among Jeb supporters that once individuals get to know the applicant, they will hop on his decently financed fleeting trend. What’s more without a doubt a couple of suspicious representatives will do as such on the off chance that they feel the opportunity is correct. Concerning whatever remains of Republican voters who appear to be requesting a genuine change in Washington, their displeasure is something Jeb will inevitably need to face. Much within the near future. How his decently oiled temporary fad survives their burst of anger is an open inquiry. What other GOP competitors will do to pick up footing when, or if, Jeb’s secured wagons burst into flames is additionally an imperative inquiry. One that decently heeled cash figures in the GOP – numerous clearly from Blue States – ought to maybe ask themselves.

Making headlines, a 14-year old teenager, shot and killed one of 2 home invaders. The boy was at his grandmother’s house visiting, when they heard someone trying to enter the house. There were two suspects, and the boy shot and killed one of them and the other ran off. The police have confirmed they arrested the second suspect.

This young boy quite possibly saved his grandmother’s life. It’s an unfortunate incident, but he did the right thing to stand his ground and protect his own. It’s an example where we can be grateful for the 2nd Amendment and to have a brave boy in the community. Sadly, the grandparents’ home has been burglarized before, and this teenager has had to deal with gun violence before.

It was reported that his father was gunned down outside his automotive shop back in 2008. The community is rallying around this family as they deal with another violent crime, but fortunately this time none of them were hurt.

The suspect killed was 18 years old, and the suspect now in police custody is 22 years old. It’s a tragic event, but also incredible for this young boy to protect his family. Amazing.

Mike Rowe is Awesome.


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Mike Rowe explains to a Liberal how Christians, and anyone else for that matter, can vote Republican. His answer is perfect.