Boy is she ever incoming. Soon-to-be DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazil did an oh-so-cute little dance as she exited the stage, after her speech at the convention in Philadelphia. What some of her newly-former DNC head officials did not realize at the time – as they surely clapped heartily and loudly – was that Donna was doing her you’re-fired dance.

Amy Dacy, CEO. Luis Miranda, Communications Director. And Brad Marshall, CFO. All gone from the DNC this Tuesday as the expansive and energetic veteran waved them out the front door with an abundance of love and best wishes for their future careers.

Should this cheer Bernie-or-Bust’ers? Brazil has appointed a transition team led by former DNC Executive Director Tom McMahon. So to appease the B-o-B’ers we now have Democrat warhorses moving in to take over the DNC? Could Brazile and McMahon be any more establishment?

Let’s assume that the DNC and Democrat Campaign hacks were in fact done by Russian cyber-crooks, acting in accordance with Putin’s orders. If the house-clearing at the DNC is another sign of Hillary moving back to center of the spectrum after promising the world on a platform to Sanders and his supporters, is that good for Trump?

Any answer to that question is conditional upon what really does happen. In other words, no one really has a clue. Is the DNC hack disruptive? Absolutely. But what sort of effects that disruption will have on the final result of the election is far from clear at this point.

Will Bernie supporters stay home? Will independents and disaffected NeverTrump’ers vote for Hillary?

At this point, Russia and any influence or intention it’s government and security and intel branches may or may not have with regard to the 2016 presidential election, is a wildcard. For example, if Russia continues to be a major story within the election campaign news stream, then the Clinton Foundation’s cozy cuddling up to Russian oligarchs could provide the ammunition to sink Hillary’s last determined bid for the Oval Office. It all depends on what cards get laid down over the next 3 months.

Has Russia shown up with a chess set at what, in fact, is a 100 day Texas Two Card Hold’em game?