How can Donald Trump stand before a stack of crushed metal, ready to be recycled, and attack the foundations of GOP trade policy? Doesn’t he know about the vaunted GOP consensus on trade? And how can Byron York – that muckracking sensationalist who only appears to be an independent, highly respected, conservative journalist – point out that there is a part of the Republican Party that has trended more towards protectionism? As in the policy platforms of Huckabee, Santorum, and you betcha, Pat Buchanan back when.

The Trade Olympians from their summits – of the rhetorical kind and of the high-profile gatherings in expensive retreats kind – insist on the depth and breadth of the trade consensus. And they have the rigor of orthodox economic theory on their side. Yes, the Chinese dump steel and drive American steel producers out of business. But any American manufacturer that uses steel – from dishwashers to combines to a wide array of capital goods – benefit from all that low-priced steel flowing across the Pacific Ocean into North America.

Of course the Trade Olympians also have orthodox advice for all those unemployed steel workers. Re-train! Re-educate! Work smarter! Which usually means adapting to high tech replacing an increasing percentage of lower-skilled or medium-skilled jobs. Aside from the fact that many steel workers are, in fact, highly skilled labor, the re-training mantra is often nothing more than a path to a job at a call center. If you’re willing to move to another town and take a pay cut.

But the Trade Olympians are wasting their time with Trump. Even if he was one of theirs a few years ago. No, the Trade Olympians need to look at their true ally, Hillary Clinton.

For example, as a result of a Citizens United lawsuit, a federal judge has demanded the records of at least 14 of Hillary’s overseas trips with the intention of seeing if meetings with donors and associates linked with the Clinton Foundation were left off of the then Secretary of State’s official agenda.

For example, in lively Dublin, did Hillary meet with executives of Teneo – a consulting company with tentacles around the globe that deals “exclusively” with top corporate executives? Teneo helps said movers and shakers deal with financial, reputational, and transformational challenges. In other words, when you need to slash jobs and outsource production, and workers and voters are mad at you, call Teneo! Teneo’s founders have close ties to the Clintons and many worked for them in Washington and abroad. And you also get people like Vice-Chairman – who was formerly the Head of Strategic Re-engineering at JP Morgan Chase.

Teneo and closely related firms like FTI Consulting and BC Partners are the Trade Olympians in action! And ok. Yes. They are talented, educated, supremely ambitious technocrats who specialize in guiding corporations through the maze of current regulation. They are also the Compliance Daemons: half-Trade-Olympian, half-well-paid wonk. They are to be found in the large financial centers like London, Zurich, Hong Kong, and NYC and in their slightly envious smaller cousins like Melbourne, Sydney and Toronto.

If the Trade Olympians have their way, the Compliance Daemons will continue to tweak and bend and guide your local manufacturing company on how to achieve strategic goals by smart re-engineering to survive the shifting currents of the global bazaar and it’s endless rules and regulations – all in the service of free trade. Creative destruction: with the destruction in your town, and the well-paid creativeness somewhere in an office far away. A long way away from steel workers in Pennsylvania and coal miners in West Virginia. And from most manufacturing skilled workers – whether high, medium, or low. Ask the tech workers in California who had to train their South Asian replacements.

So no, Trump is no longer a Trade Olympian – if he ever truly was one. And those toiling closer to sea-level rather than up at the summits of Davos, don’t mind at all. But remember, the deities of Mount Olympus could be vindictive, cruel, capricious, and vengeful. And their economic descendants – like those of Olympus – have their hands on the levers of much of the world’s economy. Let’s hope they remain economic – that is practical and jobs-focused – rather than vengeful and capricious as they confront Trump on trade.