Lenin was from a relatively prosperous, middle class family. Che Guevara (Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Lynch to his parents – yeah he had some Irish blood from way back) was from a middle class family that was once upper middle class. The revolutionary guerrilla was often a pampered as well as a venomous creature.

The crazed, Islamist terrorist is a continuation of that breed. Osama Bin Laden was one of many sons of a wealthy Yemeni construction magnate. And if you’re looking for despairing poverty in Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s childhood, you won’t find it. Raised by respectably middle-class parents who were apparently role-models in their community in Brooklyn, he started going bad after a time in the military in the late 80’s. Despite an older brother who served in Army intelligence, the CIA, and the NSA, over a number of years. Or perhaps because of …

Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s violent, murdering muslim (he converted at the age of 12) gang of bank robbers – the Forty Thieves – terrorized the NYC area in the early 90’s. And he was Shiek Abdel-Rahman’s personal bodyguard. The Blind Shiek. As in the first attack on the Twin Towers in 1993.

He was caught but plea-bargained (giving intelligence to the FBI) his way to only 4 years jail time. As well as witness protection. And lately he’s been preaching in, where else, Florida. As in radical Islamic preaching. He also has made occasional trips in previous years – 2004 to 2007 – to places like Mauritania and Egypt with his 2 wives and children in tow. Apparently, he was doing counter-intelligence for the military. As in a double spy perhaps?

But he ran afoul and/or drifted away from the military. Apparently. And ended up preaching in NYC where he set up the Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary, or FIKS. With help from a wealthy sponsor, he then moved FIKS to Orlando in 2009. Yes, Orlando.

In 2012 he and a kid called Jiminez were arrested for tax fraud to enable a trip by Jiminez to Africa to attend muslim training. Radical military training in all likelihood. But a Florida judge dropped the terrorism charges despite recorded evidence showing Robertson was encouraging Jiminez to commit violent acts against “unbelievers”. And Marcus Dwayne Robertson was freed a year ago. As mentioned in an earlier blog entry right here.

Omar Mateen – the Orlando terrorist – was enrolled in Robertson’s FIKS in Orlando. Marcus Dwayne Robertson is a free man, of course. If Robertson is a double agent, his handlers should be court-martialed. And he needs to be brought in and interrogated. With extreme prejudice – to use an old-fashioned military term.