While he looks like a Madrid banker with his slicked-back hair, Danny Diaz is All-American. As in Washington D.C. born and educated at George Mason University with a degree in communications. Before he entered politics – and yes, with a bang – he was a public relations account executive. So he comes from the ad business but has been a GOP operative for over a decade, and not just any operative. If you believe his biography, subject to revision one suspects, he’s the guy who helped put Roberts and Alito into the US Supreme Court in 2005-6 and assured George W. Bush a handful of key states in 2004. Through the National Hispanic Working Group he helped spearhead the outreach to latinos on the part of Republicans. He was with McCain in 2008 and proudly puts it in his bio at his firm FP1 Strategies. Not featured is his role as a senior adviser to Romney’s 2012 losing effort. His ties with the RNC are close as well.

So Jeb has turned to one of his brother’s advisers to shake things up and shift his campaign out of neutral. Does Diaz get to be Jeb’s Carl Rove? And is this enough, or even the right thing? While Diaz’s ability to absorb terabytes of news and information and print out a continual stream of angles and stories for a waiting press is impressive they say, can he shift conservatives towards Bush? Or does he even care? Is his mission to aggressively broaden Jeb’s appeal and bring in new Republican supporters – among hispanics for example? With his bilingual boss it should be easier to do that than it was for his boss’s older brother.

Perhaps it would be unfair to say Jeb has brought in Los Mad Men: quick-thinking hard-nosed communications experts who are not above playing dirty and have a hispanic heritage to top it all off. But the fact that the substance of Jeb’s positions remain contentious with more than a few GOP voters will be a problem that Danny Diaz will need to use all his skills and then some to solve. Will the Jeb Bush Metrorail become a Manhattan Yellow Cab careening down the primary pathways with a hot young account executive at the wheel? Stay tuned for the first episode.