The term hypocrisy is not new to Capitol Hill. Both sides of the political aisle have been privy to accessing their own depravity at the sacrifices of their morals, or professed morals. The Commander in Chief (Commander being a debatable term) has placed himself as one who is going to change that. He was the President who was going to open up his Administration and make it highly accessible (FAIL). He was the one that was going to make all documents public hours before proposal so that they could be read by the public (FAIL). He professed to be a strong believer in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman (FAIL). So why should his recent exploits and travels surprise anyone?

In recent weeks, the Obama Family has traveled to exotic locations for much needed rest and relaxation. While dodging questions and avoiding direct challenges must be exhausting, these trips are a (forgive the term) middle finger to the American public. While we struggle to make ends meet and unemployment remains dismal, the President and his family are jet setting to unique places and seeing the world for leisure rather than for purpose. This is not only hypocritical but down right insulting.

The President’s family is under pressure and stresses that no family that has not been in that position could understand. I get that he has two beautiful young girls that are essentially growing up with the world watching them. I understand that they deserve to have family experiences and enjoying times with their parents, as any child would. But maybe Mr. Obama missed the memo that it is about who you are with not where you go. Vacations can be had safely within the United States. They can be purpose driven with dad doing work and the children enjoying their time, as many families who are struggling to get by have to do. Taking a jet and travelling the world on my dime (potentially my last one looking at my recent earnings) is not only frustrating but an example of the complete disconnect this President has with the lemmings that followed him and those of us who chose not to. Not only that but, the travel alone has to leave a carbon footprint the size of Wisconsin (I’m sure one of the President’s favorite states in the Union). Mr. Obama, I beg you to understand that your story of empathy is falling short when you seem to wear Bermuda shorts and a golf hat more often than a suit and tie… That just leaves one question: does the teleprompter get its own seat on the plane?