President Obama said in a joint statement (surprised he shared the spotlight) this week that the use of agents or chemical weapons in Syria would be a ‘game-changer.’ Essentially, he asserted that such weapons were unacceptable if used and that action would need to be taken if so. Yet, he was quick to point out that the Administration had to take their time and trust that they actually were being used before action could be taken. The investigation would continue, then, into the Syrian case and be dealt with in time. He also was quick to say that he did not know what action would be taken if he did in fact find that these weapons had been used.

It is difficult for me to understand the President’s approach to Foreign Policy. I understand the issue is complicated and that the world is much larger and more intricate than even the greatest of minds could grasp. Yet, the mixed messages from this message are beyond my comprehension. Foreign policy has not been a strong selling point for Mr. Obama. He has been hesitant to speak about Benghazi at best and at worst has been downright lying about the situation (my money is on the latter). Islamic terrorists are not called terrorists by this administration, unless they are found with their terrorist membership card and are wearing an “I Heart Terrorism” t-shirt when they kill (hello Ft. Hood Massacre). He is anything but strong when it comes to these actions and I question why we should ever believe he would garner a backbone and be the tough guy with anyone other than the Republicans.

Syria, I am afraid, will just be another attempt at chest pumping and back tracking in an attempt to look tough and sound tougher, without actually doing anything. As with most things, even if the facts are found to be true—as most indications are now purporting—the likelihood that this will actually go anywhere is about as likely as the President giving up golf when the nation needs him: it just is not going to happen.