Where the Money Needs To Go


Filed Under Latest News on Mar 19 

The discussion has been had time and again. The military-industrial complex is the reason, it is purported, that the debt is so large and the deficit ever increasing. It is our war-minded attitude, they say, that has drawn us into fiscal restraints and nothing else is to blame. We need to bring our troops home and keep them here, away from the hustle and tortures of war and from the missions they so desperately believe in. But, if it is the military that is eating up our money and our heroes that deserve respect, why have so many on both sides of the aisle failed them?

I, too, believe that there is waste in every sector of government and in every program. If you look closely enough, you will find places in every home that can save money and the same goes for the programs of the American government. This includes the military where wasteful spending in some areas has not allowed for increased protection and care in others. One area, however, that I believe we need to recognize that both sides have failed to address and not use as a political football is the care of our military heroes.

The United States government has failed our veteran’s. The VA is packed with paperwork delays and red tape that makes getting care quickly virtually impossible. Among returning war heroes, there are increased rates of mental disease, alcoholism, drug addition, depression and more. Just this week, another military hero turned his own gun on himself because he was overcome by the grief and emotion of the days he spent away. Military pay is completely inadequate to raise a family on, to care for children, and to get ahead. Yet, our Congressmen and women sit atop their Ivory towers bantering about irrelevant cuts and hypothetical expenditures while discussing the military as objects of pity, outrage, or just another drop in the fiscal outlay of American budgetary considerations.

Enough is enough. These military heroes are our best and brightest, willing to do what many of us would not. We fail to provide them with adequate equipment, care, and post-war treatment. We use them as props at the Oscars and debate wars as if they were the causes. It is time for the men and women in Washington to put themselves last and these heroes first. Though I am a fiscal hawk, the money needs to be located and it needs to be directly given to these men and women to get the care that they deserve. Forgive me if I think researching an otter in Iowa or a beaver in Boston is less vital than caring for these men and women. I guess Joe Biden might classify me as unpatriotic or some other “Crazy Uncle Joe” term. But it is time we streamlined and made cuts where possible in order to protect these great men and women before we lose another.