No, we will never know the heart and feelings of a man truly unless we are, in fact, that man. But, it is fairly clear that the relationship between President Barack Obama and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is not a friendly one. At best, it is tumultuous and at worst, it is volatile. Whenever Netanyahu must listen to President Obama or be confined in a small space with him, the silent looks he provides are priceless. It appears as if he is listening to a young child talk on and on in an explanation that has no basis or no founding but is almost comical if it were not so disturbing.

The President will be travelling again to Israel to speak with the Prime Minister. He will do the jovial handshakes in front of the press and the stern looks of promises he will never meet. Netanyahu will smile and clasp hands in a weakened embrace of a strained relationship. The White House has lowered the goals of the meeting, basically stating it is a time to talk and promote peace… which really, who would not say that? Peace, though, in my opinion is not what needs to be focused on. Rather, Israel needs to see a strong ally in the United States and not a talker in Chief.

It is time that the President raised his hand in a show of, if nothing else, political grandeur that would say we were still listening. Yes, peace between Israel and Pakistan is the ultimate goal but can we quit fooling ourselves into thinking that that’s a possibility in our current environment? Pakistan, Iran, and other countries have a hatred for Israel that is palpable. The promises that are made and the gestures of peace are a falsehood. Israel must know that they have a strong ally in us and that the U.S. is willing to stand with them. Or, though I do not agree, President Obama needs to quit patronizing the Prime Minister and making those awkward “here’s-my-crazy-uncle-standing-next-to-me-in-the-family-photo” moments and simply say what he thinks rather than placate.