As a woman, I have becoming increasingly angry regarding the way that the political debate is framed regarding my vote. I am a solid conservative, proudly so. I have sat in classrooms where I was told that I was a sellout because of my support of Republican candidates. As frustrating as that was, it taught me something: sometimes you must stand by your views and take the hits (no matter how inappropriate and annoying) because you know what you stand for is right.

So what does this personal anecdote have to do with anything, aside from giving you a glimpse into my psyche? As interesting a world as that might be, or bland, my story is what the Republican Party needs to learn. That sometimes the message must remain the same no matter what the outside world says is wrong with it. If you know you are right and the core of what you want is best, then you must weather the storm rather than float with it.

As CPAC wraps up, there is an almost unified sense of enthusiasm among Republicans, especially the youth of the Party. It is a sense of one party, working together amidst the disagreements that every Party has, and focusing on the commonalities that are shared. Sure, there were debates about gay marriage and other social issues, but the idea was the same. Bring the party together with passion and excitement. Of course, this will fade. It always does and something happens when they return to Washington or their political punditry roles. But for that moment, the strength of the Party is seen and the message seems clear.

It is this that must be bottled up and taken with them to Capitol Hill. Do not waiver. Do not bend your message. It is time for strength and unification against a common enemy (forgive me leftists if that language is too harsh). There is more that brings this family of party members together rather than separates them and the American people will listen if they wish or they will not. But what do you stand for if you pander? Absolutely nothing.