Capitol Hill is all aflutter with the talk of budgets, taxes, reductions, and more. Cable news continues to banter about the conversations of whether or not this proposal will succeed, or what will hypothetically occur if one or the other is accepted. The deadlock that comes with a two-party system appears to be reaching its boiling point once again while issues of foreign policy—anyone remember Benghazi or concern about North Korean and Iranian recent actions?—and other matters are moved to the side for the political charade. Sure, this debate has to be had and it is an important one, but I cannot help but think maybe the sequestration, the budget debate, and the fiscal volleyball game was not unplanned.

The Democrats are beginning to pursue their own budget plans, hoping to push something forward into the spotlight after the Ryan Budget was introduced. Sources on Capitol Hill are now saying that the Democrats’ budget proposal is sequestration based and hidden amongst the leaves of charade tactics and cuts is a wealth of problematic proposals. When the sequestration ends, there will be no room for mistake that the net gains will not outweigh the net losses, and once again we will find ourselves in a state of fiscal emergency. The result is a budget proposal that will actually increase the national debt and deficit in the coming decades, though it will appear like a potential winner to the wandering eyes that may glance at it. Unlike Paul Ryan’s budget which reaches deep into the pockets of the government and proposes a solid balance in the next ten years, this plan will lead us down this fiscally damned path once again.

The proposals… the debating… the glitzy campaign-like stops by President Obama have been fun and sometimes even entertaining to watch. The threats of sequestration seemed heartfelt and passionate by the Administration, maybe not so much heartfelt as a camera opportunity but I digress, all seem like the two sides may be interested in reaching an end. But really, maybe it was all a charade. Maybe the sequestration was the plan from the beginning. Of course, though he has tiptoed around it, President Obama had a hand in the creation of the sequestration and he may just be utilizing it to its full potential. The Democrats can now create a plan that takes the current cuts into consideration and potentially fool the public once again into thinking that they are providing a serious plan. Could it be this was the plan from the beginning? Or is this just another chance for our dear Commander in Chief and the Democrat lemmings that follow him to not let another crisis go unused?