The Obama Administration has been doing a new dance in recent weeks. They are actually reaching out to GOP lawmakers in an effort to get the budget under control and address the serious financial situation that the country is facing. Or at least that’s what they want us to think…

It is not unheard of for a President to spend time with leaders outside of their parties. Many a President has had great confidants and formidable but respected opponents in the Party that serves as their greatest competition. The Obama Administration, however, has not been one of these varieties. President Obama has appeared arrogant, egotistical, and inflexible when it comes to dealing with conservative leaders in the past (Insert a throwback of the healthcare debate and the much publicized conversation with Republicans here.)

Forgive me, then, for being a bit skeptical regarding his recent change of heart. All of a sudden, President Obama is making a heightened and very public attempt at courting the leaders on the other side of the aisle. Call it jaded, but the leader that has avoided creating a budget and really leading the pack on financial issues, aside from complaining and moaning in front of the cameras about the GOP and tea partiers, does not have a solid foundation for reaching out now.

Ultimately, there will have to be cooperation and conversation in order for a deal to be reached, but this public charade appears more to be about public opinion rather than actual results. Shockingly, the public is beginning to wake up to his game and though the devotees remain, more and more are seeing the rhetoric as an empty promise of dreams never fulfilled. This is just one more ploy in the ever running play of the perpetual campaigner and many GOP leaders continue to be the willing pawns and props in the background.