For many students who grew up and attended school in the United States, including this author, a trip to the nation’s capital was one of the highlights of school. I remember being so excited to get out of the small town in which I lived and head to the big city of Washington D.C. where everything seemed so historic and monumental. A trip to the White House was one of the highlights of the educational venture and, even at a young age, provided a sense of awe and inspiration. With recent cuts, however, the Obama Administration is showing their power by picking on a formidable opponent… children and stopping these tours in their tracks.

Sequestration has been implemented and budget cuts are being witnessed across several different areas in governmental programs. The Obama Administration continues to use children as pawns in the debate, cutting the funding to the aforementioned tours of the White House and putting schools on high alert regarding their federal funding. President Obama continues to speak out on the issue, threatening further funding cuts to the American student and using children as a theme throughout his speeches, preying on the compassion of millions of Americans.

Sure, we all know that something has to be done in order to get this country on better footing, but it appears to me that President Obama’s use of children has been solely a way to tug at the heart strings of America rather than do actual work on the problem. Threaten, and they will work, seems to be the motto of the White House, but the plan is backfiring. Public opinion polls are seeing what the rest of us have known for a while: that the Obama Administration is part of the blame in this problem, a fact that they had hoped to avoid with the beautiful rhetoric that seemed to lull Americans into devotion for the last five years.  The beauty of the spoken word appears to be wearing thin for the ever-campaigning President. Cutting tour funding may be one way to save the budget, but the public is not buying that it is the best. It is simply a demonstrative way for the White House to show their power… a power that is now considered a weakness by many in the country.