Who knew that politicians were such great and long-winded talkers? Okay… We all did but Senator Rand Paul truly put his talents of talking to the test with his filibuster on the Senate floor this week. While John “I forgot what I stand for” McCain was dining at fancy restaurants and criticizing what he called a political stunt, Paul stood firm for nearly thirteen hours of filibustering. His goal was not to simply discredit another Obama cabinet nominee, though that motive may have been enough. His political posturing was an ode to civil liberties. As he spent that over half a day talking, the goal as he affirms it was to delay the Senate confirmation on the Obama nominee for CIA director, John Brennan. Brennan has supported the drone campaign of the Obama Administration as a technique for seeking and destroying enemies before proper Miranda Rights are given.

Political posturing for personal gain or not, this action by Senator Paul begs bigger question: why are more of our statesmen not so outreached by the use of drones and, specifically, their potential to be used on American soil. Of course, we all want to be protected from outside enemies (insert gun control debate here). But the idea that the government of the United States could potentially have the power to strike down civilians, native citizens to this country using a drone is a bit scary and unsettling. Sure, there are some of you out there that may think this would never happen and maybe you are right. But it is in the real possibility that it could occur that the real fear should develop. When we give away our rights, we may never retain them again. When we give power to the government, we can kiss gaining that power back goodbye. So, though I do not agree with Senator Paul on everything, I am glad that someone stood up to the machine that is President Obama… even if only for the thirteen hours he was able to keep his vocal chords active.