Some indecisive behavior is understandable and justifiable, and then there is the kind that just makes both sides furious. Democratic presidential hopeful and New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, who claims to have always been a Boston Red Sox fan, recently said his dream job would be to play for the New York Yankees.

Claiming to be a fan of a team is cheered by fellow fans, and grudgingly accepted as a necessary evil by rival fans, but the coddling of each of the archrival baseball teams is inexplicable to both Boston and New York fans. The governor’s statements reveal a deep lack of understanding of public sentiment, and will certainly not improve his favorability rating.

Indifference to such a rivalry is acceptable, but claiming to be a big supporter of both leaves the same bad taste in one’s mouth as when a ball game ends in a tie: where no one wins. Likewise, Richardson won’t win anything without the ability to take a stand on, in the scheme of things, such a minor league issue.