Well it’s about darn time. Surely Mike Huckabee never imagined he’d have to decide this early, but let’s face it, he’s been hinting at a run for two years. So tonight’s news isn’t really news at all.

If he can keep pace financially, he’s a threat to the lead pack. If he can’t, he’ll be munching grass on the farm in no time. The Derby seriously doubts he’ll be able to keep up with the top three. But wouldn’t a former southern governor with a compelling personal story make for a great VP pick? Especially if he’s there to balance a more moderate #1 on the ticket?

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) — Republican Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and a favorite of conservatives, will take the first step in a 2008 presidential bid, an official told The Associated Press on Friday.

Huckabee, 51, plans to file papers on Monday establishing an exploratory committee that will allow him to raise money and hire campaign staff, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting a formal announcement.

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