Race fans, we know you’re chomping at the bit for updated 2008 power rankings reflecting yesterday’s results. (Hmm, think Allen will drop?) Well as a young man named Drew once said in the Best Worst Movie of all-time, the horror classic Troll II, “Don’t fret!” Updated rankings are on the way…

In the meantime, a note for giddy democrats. You didn’t win on Tuesday, republicans lost. Did they deserve to lose? You betcha. But with only a few exceptions, the seats picked up in the House and Senate were taken by very conservative democrats, guys and gals that know very well they are more closely aligned ideologically with guys like Hastert and Frist than Pelosi and Reid. Watching some of these conservative democrats in the House hold their nose with both hands while voting for Pelosi as Speaker of the House will make for some superdooper TV.

Yes republicans, you should be mourning today. Not because you lost, but because Nancy Pelosi, yes that Nancy Pelosi, the ultra-liberal from SanFran, is going to be two heartbeats from the presidency.

Dubya, Dick, for the love of the republic, take your vitamins.