The Associated Press and National Review are reporting that the selection will be announced Saturday, August 11 at 9:00 am in Norfolk, Virgina at the USS Wisconsin and The Weekly Standard is reporting the pick will likely be Paul Ryan. Ryan was also selected as the favorite by readers of PoliticalDerby in June.

The Ryan selection will help Mitt Romney drive home the message of limiting government, the bedrock of the Tea Party movement. He is a candidate intended to fire up the Republican base. It is also no accident that a son of Wisconsin has been selected. He will remind Americans frustrated with unions who spend more time and money seeking political power rather than actually supporting workers of fellow Wisconsinite Scott Walker’s decisive victory earlier this year.

Ryan also helps Romney bridge the generation gap. Romney is 65 years old, compared to Barack Obama’s 51, and Ryan’s 42. Romney certainly has to have been concerned with the results experienced with historical Republican candidates who also faced the generational gap and lost, such as John McCain (Obama), Bob Dole (Bill Clinton), and George H.W. Bush (Clinton).

Seen by some as the least “safe” pick for the ever-careful Romney campaign, Ryan has made his stance clear on the need to reduce the size of the federal government, putting it in writing with his widely discussed budget proposal that Romney has previously endorsed. This selection draws an even clearer line of separation between the Presidential candidates.

The choice of Paul Ryan should appease conservatives, drive a significant short-term increase in fund raising, and energize a Romney campaign that has lost some steam in recent weeks.

Governor Bob McDonnell trounced FOX News commentator Mike Huckabee in the final four while Paul Ryan beat media favorite Marco Rubio by only seven votes, bringing us to the championship round.

Polls are now open and will remain open until midnight eastern time on Monday, June 18.

A series of blowouts in the Elite Eight has left us with a fantastic Final Four (bracket here).

Bob McDonnell (1), who could be expected to deliver Virginia for Mitt Romney faces off against former candidate and pastor Mike Huckabee (3). The other contest pits popular conservative Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan (1) against relative national new-comer Marco Rubio, who would be anticipated to drive the Florida and Latino votes. These candidates leave open the debate as to who the people want versus who the ever methodical Mitt Romney will select.

Voting is now open after the jump. As usual, you may vote once per day and polls will close at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 29.

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We are down to the final eight, which creates an interesting discussion topic. Who of the remaining candidates could you absolutely not see Mitt Romney selecting? Are all of them viable and/or realistic? If you were Mitt Romney, who of the remain eight would you pick? As a reminder, polls are open until May 15 at 11:59 pm EST. You can vote once per day. Begin casting your votes after the jump. Read more

Round two was a tale of two match-ups – nail biters and blow outs. Each of the four brackets had one or the other. Two upsets also highlight what has been a mostly chalk tournament so far:

In the Governor bracket, one seed Bob McDonnell cruised past Indiana Governor 70 to 30. Chris Christie scored a bombastic upset of two seed Nikki Haley, beating the southern governor 53 to 47.

In the Senator bracket, top seed Rob Portman struggled mightily against conservative Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, but managed to hold on to a closer than expected 53-47 match. Florida’s Marco Rubio faced a dangerous internet juggernaut in Rand Paul, but his mystical web powers are apparently not as strong as his fathers, as Rubio steamrolled Paul by a 60 to 40 margin.

In the Former Candidate bracket, the closest match of the second round saw Tim Pawlenty barely escaping a late charge by his fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann. In the tightest score of the entire tourny, T-Paw gets by with a 51-49 win. The polar opposite was seen in the bracket’s other match, as three seed Mike Huckabee obliterated Rick Santorum in a 78-22 pounding. That’s going to leave a mark.

And finally in the Game Changer bracket, Paul Ryan exploded to an early lead and never looked back, sending former Secretary of State Condi Rice packing by a 73-27 margin. And then General David Petraeus survived a late match charge from Mike Pence led by Pence-a-holic Alania, to squeak by with a 52-48.

This sets the PD Veep Madness Elite Eight matches, with all four one seeds facing two number two seeds and two number three seeds. No Cinderella (or Sarah Palin?) in this tournament!

The polls are closed, the contests decided and with over 1500 votes cast, round one of the 2012 PD Veep Madness is in the books!

In general, things went as expected in the first round, as all of the one and two seeds advanced with relative ease. There were five first round “upsets,” but four of them happened the be in the match up between the four and five seeds, which makes me wonder if the selection committee had a selective case of dyslexia.

Here is a bracket-by-bracket recap of the first round:
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Today we launch the 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate Championship. Voting for each round will take place over a one week period. You will be able to vote once per day. This 32 candidate single elimination tournament features four regions: Governor, Former Candidate, Senator, and Game Changer. The candidates were selected and seeded through an exhaustive and arduous process by the tournament committee made up of the Editors. Now, if you’re ready to start your office pool, you can download the entire bracket here

Feel free to discuss any of the match-ups, candidates left out, seedings you disagree with, or general complains about the committee in the comments. Voting is now open below the jump and will remain open until May 1 at 11:59 pm EST. Read more