Here’s last Friday’s appearance, better late than never. (Or is it?)

This week Jason revealed the latest rankings on Fox & Friends from a studio in Burlington, Vermont.

This morning Jason Wright stopped by Fox & Friends to reveal a long-held secret on how to find a good wife. (He also updated the 2012 Power Rankings.)

The currently headline on Drudge Report seems to be an ode to our theme, as the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll has Newt Gingrich in third place. Remember, you can see the most current Power Rankings, as seen on Fox and Friends, here. We have Rick Perry in third, but Gingrich may very well move into show by the next edition of the Power Rankings, if the current polling trends continue.

Apologies that it took so long to get this clip posted. I know you were all constantly refreshing PD looking for it.




Obama seems to be having a little trouble kicking the habit. He recently sat down with Men’s Health and admitted he still bums an occasional cigarette. But he says that’s alright.

“But I figure, seeing as I’m running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack.”

So, Obama thinks running for president is difficult. I’m sure things will slack off once he is actually elected!

Given the reemergence of this issue it seems only appropriate that we re-post PD’s original comments on the issue from February 2007. Have we really been doing this that long?

PD was back on Fox this morning unveiling our first-ever 2008 Veep Rankings. Full rankings will be online this weekend, but get your sneak peak in this short clip. And while watching be sure to ask yourself, “Is Jason’s mother Cuban or is he wearing a ridiculous amount of makeup?”

Watch Jason discuss the new rankings (revealed exclusively on FoxNews) and his unfortunate flashback to his high school years.

And if you’re a real junkie, click here to catch his last appearance from Jan 5th where he used the words “back rub” and “John Edwards” in the same sentence.

Today Jason discussed the difference between reality and perception in the 2008 horse race. A few of the candidates got short changed, but the bottom line is simple: The candidates are all about perception. How you perceive their personal history, resumes, and policy positions is much more important that the reality. Like it or not, that’s what wins elections. Image, image, image.