The classic image of the Hollywood movie set features a gruff director — wearing a beret and chomping a cigar — bellowing, “Lights, camera, action!” The actors then perform their roles. In Sanford, Florida the director might shout, “Lights, camera, Sharpton!”

Although Al Sharpton is a devout blowhard, let’s give the devil his due. Whenever there’s race to hustle or cameras to hog, he never misses his cue. In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s untimely demise, Sharpton delivered a timeless line to the teen’s parents: “they will try to make your son a junkie, thief, assaulter, everything else before this is over.” Read more

Most of you already know I wear two hats. When I’m not debating politics with anyone who will listen (and many who won’t), I’m hiding in my office writing fiction in my Dennis Kucinich 2008 bathrobe.

Beginning today, I’ll spend much of the next six weeks on tour promoting my brand new novel, The Wedding Letters.

Now listen, I’m not going to beg you to buy a copy. But, if you don’t, I’m likely to slip into a paralyzing depression that could end with me supporting Huntsman for president. No one wants that, right?

My personal preference for online book buying is Amazon, but the book is also available at BN, BAM and at many traditional retailers.

What are people saying about it?

Whodat: “Let it be said, The Wedding Letters is the best book I’ve ever read. Don’t make me smack you in the head.”

Kaiser: “Eh, I’ve read better.”

Fountain: “You’re a writer?”

Robinson: “The Wedding Letters is the best book I’ve ever had to have my wife read to me.”

Promise Kept:: “The Wedding Letters would only have been better if Ron Paul wrote it.”

Gary: “Jason who?”

Brian: “Jason’s a kook, but the book is decent.”

Still need convincing? Watch this trailer.

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An old proverb regards truth as the first casualty of war. Logically, for truth to become war’s casualty it must be present to begin with. War is then a level above politics, at least in the way Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) practices the craft. 

It’s no surprise to find Democrats spinning the standoff between Wisconsin’s Senate Republicans and public employee unionists. But Rep. Israel’s spin is so unbelievable that he has abused even the politician’s privilege of dancing around the truth. He sounds like a cheating child who’s tossing a tantrum because his playmates won’t play fair.  Read more

Strange, I know, but I found it oddly entertaining watching the bacon flip and twist. So I bought the app in hopes the virtual bacon will lower my cholesterol.

And all this got me to thinking, if Bacon has its own app, shouldn’t PD? Any volunteers to write it?

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting – some of you camping at your local bookstore – for the opportunity to buy my brand new book.


Camp no more! The book is available today in stores everywhere. Support Political Derby by purchasing a copy. After all, who do you think pays the hosting bills? 🙂

Click here for a quick and easy list of online retailers.
And happy reading!

It’s Obama Referendum Day in VA, NJ and NY. I’ll give a copy of Christmas Jars to three winners. In the comments below, tell us:

1. Who wins VA governor’s race and the winner’s % of vote
2. Who wins NJ governor’s race and the winner’s % of vote
3. Who wins NY-23 congressional race and the winner’s % of vote

These are three different contests. Whoever picks the winner and gets closest to actual percentage wins the book.

The Obamanation created a contest and asked its minions to produce videos that are pro-public option. Besides some very bad production values there are out and out lies about what the public option will do for America. Don’t take my word for it, you decide for yourselves. watch the videos

Though I appreciate so many of you camping by your bookstores, sleeping beside your mailboxes, or refreshing Amazon every 17 seconds, the wait is over. My two new Christmas books are out today. I cannot guarantee your local store will shelve them yet, but they are now shipping via Amazon.

Get your copy (copies?) of Christmas Jars Reunion here.

Get your copies (case?) of Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle here.