Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States. His role is to uphold the law. However, he seems to prefer spending his time supporting his racially-driven politics. Earlier in his reign, he dismissed the case of the black panthers who were clearly intimidating voters, despite a default judgment due to the defendants not showing up.

Now Holder has required the Dayton, Ohio Police Department to lower its testing standards due to “not enough African-Americans pass[ing] the exam”.

Holder is essentially saying that Black Americans are not smart enough to pass the test so it should be made easier for them to qualify. This is one of the most racist actions I have seen in recent years.

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This is an interesting read from Jonah Goldberg at National Review. I understand why unions exist in some industries, especially considering the lack of decent labor laws early in the industrial revolution. Have you ever been to a coal mine or an iron foundry? The types of work in these places make  you pause and think why the need for a union may  have been or may still be necessary if not managed properly. However, in the public sector, I agree with Goldberg, I don’t see a justifiable purpose.

The argument for public unionization wasn’t moral, economic, or intellectual. It was rankly political.

Traditional organized labor, the backbone of the Democratic party, was beginning to lose ground. As Daniel DiSalvo wrote in “The Trouble with Public Sector Unions,” in the fall issue of National Affairs, JFK saw how in states such as New York and Wisconsin, where public unions were already in place, local liberal pols benefited politically and financially. He took the idea national.

The plan worked perfectly — too perfectly. Public-union membership skyrocketed, and government-union support for the party of government skyrocketed with it. From 1989 to 2004, AFSCME — the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees — gave nearly $40 million to candidates in federal elections, with 98.5 percent going to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Why would local government unions give so much in federal elections? Because government workers have an inherent interest in boosting the amount of federal tax dollars their local governments get. Put simply, people in the government business support the party of government. Which is why, as the Manhattan Institute’s Steven Malanga has been chronicling for years, public unions are the country’s foremost advocates for increased taxes at all levels of government.

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With Senator Jim Webb’s revelation that he will not seek reelection in 2012, Democrats are scrambling to find a worthy opponent to match the likely GOP nominee, former senator and governor George Allen. President Obama spoke with DNC Chairman Timothy Kaine and apparently urged him to step in it the race. Kaine will be stopping in the commonwealth on Saturday for the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. So, the Virginia GOP have put together a welcome back message for their former governor.

Paradigm shifts


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Although President Kennedy’s inaugural speech in January 1961 is more famous (“Ask not what your country can do for you….”), President Eisenhower’s farewell speech from January 1961 contained many themes and ideas that could still be thought of as being quite relevant, even today.

Excerpts follow:

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-Lambaste, discredit and otherwise crucify every member of the media, government and blog-land that may have implied, insinuated or even hinted at the possibility that an assassination attempt on a member of Congress from a state that has been the center of recent political turbulence may have had political motives.

-Ignore Fox News’ preliminary suggestions that the gunman may have been an illegal immigrant and focus on the speculations of he or she being a member of the Tea Party gone haywire as if they were the only speculations out there at the time.

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As 2011 is only days old, I am currently enjoying what has thankfully become a yearly tradition around my neck of the woods: studying’s standings list for hours on end to properly analyze the dizzying array of scenarios that can occur in the week 17 match ups and how each one will or won’t effect my Philadelphia Eagles. The freight train was momentarily derailed by a blizzard induced rarity of a Tuesday night game, a loss at the hands of the suddenly and inexplicably energized Minnesota Vikings, but I expect it will be barreling full speed when the playoff whistle blows.
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Editors’ Note: A warm and fuzzy welcome to P.J. Shannon, a new member of the PD crew. Play nice!

Much to the shock and amazement of nearly everyone I know (or at least my mother and the elderly gentleman that works at Wawa), another year “has just flown by” and “Christmas is just around the corner”. Despite the fact that December 25th, 2010, will actually take place on the exact rotation of the Earth that was determined at the dawn of time, most people treat the onset of the holiday season as though it has been surgically uprooted from the calendar and dropped in between August 10th and 11th.
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Is Hillary done?


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Is this the end of the possible Clinton spoiler run in 2012? Or anything beyond that?

In light of the Hillary thumbprint on the spookification of the Foreign Service, one has to wonder if she’ll hold down the current job of SoS – or even apply for the Bigger Office later.
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I am reading a biography on Sam Adams (the patriot, not the beer), and I must say, the man’s stature is increasing immensely in my eyes. There is much to admire and be inspired by the lesser known of the two Adams cousins who helped found the country.

samuel-adams1Just after receiving the news of the victory at Saratoga in November 1778, Congress, meeting in York, PA, adopted a proclamation written by Sam Adams that declared that Thursday December 18 was to be a day of “solemn thanksgiving to God” for His blessings upon us—not just for the victory, but for the many ample blessings of God upon the whole of society.
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I wrote a few weeks ago about Raul Labrador, Republican from Idaho, running against Walt Minnick. Raul did beat Minnick with 52% of the vote. Here he is speaking about what the freshman class and congress in general should be doing. Raul is a Tea Party backed candidate, and I think it is interesting to see that the Tea Party message is moving forward. (Also interesting is that this was a semi loss for Palin, as she backed Raul’s opponent, Vaughn Ward, in the Primary race wayyyyy back in May. )

At the end of the piece, I got a chuckle as Bill Hemmer struggled to remember if Mr. Labrador was from Iowa or Idaho. I think he invented a new state Iow-daho.

In the interests of full disclosure, I state for the record that I do not watch the ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I am simply too busy with other things, and that show has no car chases, explosions, or high speed collisions. That said, the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro is a dance aficionada and she never misses an episode. I understand that Stiletto Sarah’s daughter Bristol has done well on this show – much to the consternation of the left leaning media establishment which seems to think (collectively and individually) that no conservative can ever enter the creative realm and succeed.

I also understand there is a large percentage of the aforementioned demographic which views Stiletto Sarah – and tangentially Bristol – with nothing less than visceral rage.

Well, one 67-year-old man in Dane County, Wisconsin succumbed to this visceral rage and took matters into his own hands after witnessing Bristol not get kicked off DWTS. I’d summarize the event, but you’d think I was making it up. Go. Read. Laugh.

Crazy and stupid are a very dangerous combination.

Just in case your preferred news site buried this event under a mountain of useless drivel, you might want to take a moment to note that today marks a rare event in the annuls of the United States Armed Forces.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest military honor this great nation can bestow upon one who wears the uniform of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine. It is awarded, in the opinion of this humble citizen, far too infrequently. Sadly, it is usually given as a posthumous award to family members of the fallen.

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As our country slips from the Republic (if we can keep it) we were given by our God-inspired founders into a Democracy, the government itself ignites this change by continuing to ignore the rule of law. If President Obama’s healthcare law is truly as great as it was sold to be(although it does not insure everyone, as its stated goal sought), then why are there so many exceptions*? Exceptions mean there is no rule of law but rather a select few who are favored or receive special advantages. This is the opposite of a free market, as all business are not operating on equal footing because this administration has no respect for the rule of law–its own law! Rather, the Obama administration is interested in being king-makers (or duke-makers, depending on your position). This, of course, is the same problem with “regulations”, which I’ll leave for another day.

*The Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama administration as of November 1, 2010 has provided 111 exceptions to the healthcare law. Clearly, companies see this as a problem, or they would not seek an exception.

I don’t always agree with Peggy Noonan, but this piece was ripped right from my own noggin. This is the best 2010 midterm post-game piece I’ve read so far.

In the case of O’Donnell, there were some who defended her on PD and suggested if she lost we’d have the GOP establishment to blame. Still feel that way? O’Donnell lost because she was a lousy candidate running a terrible campaign and even in this tidal wave, voters were not ready to plug their noses quite that hard.

Many PD faithful won’t want to hear it, but this could well be the future of Sarah Palin.

Americans Vote for Maturity
Obama gets a rebuke, but so do Republicans who seem unqualified.


“What the tea party, by which I mean members and sympathizers, has to learn from 2010 is this: Not only the message is important but the messenger.

Even in a perfect political environment, those candidates who were conservative but seemed strange, or unprofessional, or not fully qualified, or like empty bags skittering along the street, did not fare well. The tea party provided the fire and passion of the election, and helped produce major wins—Marco Rubio by 19 points! But in the future the tea party is going to have to ask itself: Is this candidate electable? Will he pass muster with those who may not themselves be deeply political but who hold certain expectations as to the dignity and stature required of those who hold office?”

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It is nice to be an example to my three children by taking them to the polling place with me so they could experience the voting process. However, the reason they were there with me is a problem. School is canceled in Georgia on election day, with many excuses given such as ” child safety” because some schools are used as polling places (as if there isn’t a church around every corner here that can be used) and mostly, “giving teachers the opportunity to vote”.

In reality, giving teachers the day off is an attempt by the teachers’ union-probably one of the largest or even the largest union in the state-to get all of their members out to vote for the union point of view while also making it more difficult for everyone else to vote. It is not easy to take your kids to vote, especially when there are long lines. Does that mean I won’t do it? Of course not. And that doesn’t mean I think school is a convenient day care (though maybe it is, since my fourth graders is “learning” at least 50% 0f the same material she “learned” in 3rd grade and is bored out of her mind, thanks “Republican” Johnny Isakson (GA) for co-authoring “No Child Left Behind”, one of the many reasons why I voted for the Chuck Donovan today). I simply have a problem with one group of people whose salaries I am paying taking a day off for their convenience so they can “find time to vote” when their work day ends at 3:00 pm! Everyone else who has a job that ends at 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 pm finds time to vote and doesn’t need a special day off.

This is just another case of the public union money-laundering scheme. You know how it works: Directly deduct union dues from tax-payer funded paychecks, dues are funneled directly to the union without the member ever holding them, the union contributes these funds primarily to one party, that party continually protects the union, regardless of the union’s actual benefit to industry, then repeat.

I’m happy that all of my kids actually have teachers who care about their jobs, but I have a problem with them gaining special privileges because they are government employees. My kids, and all the other kids in Georgia public schools, should have been in class today.

It’s Tuesday, November 2nd. Did you vote? Did you consciously decide not to vote? Did you see anything fishy at your local polling site? Did you unplug your phone so Mike Huckabee would stop calling?

This political ad is chilling in its potential realism.

Chinese Professor

The political arena seems to be the last hold-over of the “good ‘ole boys” network that demeans and trivializes women. Women, and especially conservative women are characterized by their sex appeal, their quirkiness, or their lack of femininity.

The crop of Republican women running for office this year are even easier pickings, as democratic women are happy to jump on the bandwagon. (Think Joy Behar). While NOW President Terry O’Neill’s repudiation may come too late for women in this cycle, it is gratifying to see it come at all, and this conservative feminist is crossing her fingers that 2012 will be a little more fair.
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In the spirit of fantasy football & all the pick ’em sites (I’m still ahead of Jason, BTW), I thought it’d be fun to draw out some imaginative possibilities from the “potential pack of Presidential prospects” (say that 10x fast). Let’s see what intriguing presidential campaign matchups we can dream up…
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