The Obama Administration nearly spiked the proverbial football when Osama Bin Laden was killed in the Seal Team 6 Raid. Short of dancing in front of the cameras and shouting, the President insinuated that terrorism was, by all accounts, dead and gone. Yet, the Benghazi Attacks through a wrench of sorts into this narrative. Though the Administration scrambled to blame a video against Islam as the main source of the conflict, this could not have been farther from the truth and ultimately the true story was revealed (much to their chagrin). The day our diplomatic personnel were killed in Benghazi, terrorism showed its hand and shouted to the President that though one leader was dead… like cockroaches…their were more waiting to scurry out and do harm to the American people around the world.

The President seemed to handle the situation in Benghazi well…. And by well I mean horribly. Practically ignoring the situation in the Middle East and failing to acknowledge with any type of sincerity that this was a planned and not spur of the moment attack, President Obama barely recognized that there was anything worth investigating. New inquiries into the attacks by those who are refusing to let the truth die at the hands of a careless president have revealed that the leader of the free world was more than just ignorant of the depth of the problem but may be taking a backseat in seeking justice as well.

Investigators are asking why the President and his minions at the State Department failed to put the Benghazi suspect on the terrorist watch list. The cash for justice program has helped to bring numerous perpetrators of violence and terror to justice and yet, the President has failed to ensure that such a move to the list was taken care of. Sure, it’s not solely his responsibility but a bit of pressure for movement wouldn’t hurt… would it?

The American economy is in disarray. There are those that are struggling to put food on the table and those that are working to make ends meet in this holiday season. There are groups out there, though, that are collecting donations and grants to help those around them. From nonprofit organizations to churches to synagogues and more, these groups raise monies and funds to do the best for those around them. In this season of giving, though, one grant is catching the eyes of many around the country as a new group has received an astounding one million dollars to push the ever popular (in jest of course) Obamacare.

A nonpartisan (term used loosely) group has received over one million dollars to help push the President’s Obamacare message. The non-profit organization known as Families USA has asserted in its mission statement that it is partly responsible to achieve the realization of affordable healthcare and, as a result, has received a grant that will help them to achieve their goal. The way in which they are using this money, however, is raising eyebrows. Not just in what its asking for but also in the requests irony. Families USA is using their online page to collect success stories for those who have had a positive experience with Obamacare legislation.

The narrative has been across America from real Americans that premiums are increasing and that overwhelmingly the legislation that is supposed to solve problems is causing economic hardships. Individuals are losing their plans and being replaced with alternatives that are at best the same and at worse much, much more expensive. Yet, Families USA is not standing by their mission. Instead, they are fishing for stories that paint a piece of legislation as positive when it fact it is dismal and causing havoc that is immense. Ironic, yes, and sad when their self-proclaimed organizational could use the money so much more wisely than feigning a picture of reality that simply isn’t there.

Generally speaking, there are certain social etiquette rules that aren’t to be broken. When you’re POTUS, there are even higher social standards. Unless you’re as arrogant and egotistical as Barack Obama.

In this photo you our shamless President taking a “selfie” with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. You don’t take photos at a funeral, nonetheless a selfie. I don’t care who you are.

If this were a video Obama would be saying, “Awesome! Make sure you tag me on Facebook, and check us in at Mandela’s funeral!” Right when you think our President couldn’t be any more pretentious … he goes and does this to totally redeem himself!

The Obamacare website is being fixed, according to the same people that said it would function properly. The Administration has set a November 30th deadline for completion of the site and a full-fledged ability to log in and utilize the online venue for healthcare information. The clock is ticking and the pressure is growing to see just whether this is another big flop or possibly a working gateway to viewing increased premiums fully.

The government, however, is feeling the strain of what is to come. Not only are Democrats holding their breath to see if it will work this time, but it appears that the Administration is hoping for a smooth transition without hiccups as well. There solution to this was to encourage their supporters to not visit the site… at least until November 30th. The website which is supposed to be able to register millions of individuals across the country with ease and, ultimately, success is a technical nightmare. Not only are Administration officials and tech wizards worried about the website working without problems, but they are warning that a surge in signup or traffic to the site could crash it once again. With so many problems, it begs the question of what we are thinking trusting this Administration and website with any information we can provide it.

Time will tell whether the full transition into functionality is made and whether or not the page sees problems in the future. The odds are, though, that it will see troubles once again. Of course, no one appears to have to take the blame for the page’s lack of success. Though the President did in a backwards way take some culpability, it some how the Republicans fault that all things go wrong for him…well that, and the fact that the President is African-American…. Or however the narrative goes.

To say that Detroit is economically a mess is an understatement. The large, once thriving city is under duress financially and is struggling to make ends meet. The result was a filing of bankruptcy and cry for bail out that continues to plague the citizens of the city. Millions upon millions in debt, creative new ways to pay back what is owed are being identified. Unfortunately for those workers counting on the pensions, retirement plans for public employees are on the chopping block.

The idea of cutting pensions, potentially bloated ones, may seem appealing to those that want less government and more private sector. The truth is, though, that there are people behind those pensions that may face a retirement and a financial future that is uncertain. Unions and public representatives of the workers are angered by the prospect but this highlights and important part of working for the government: what it gives it can take away.

The government is bloated across the United States. From the larger bureaucracy that sits in Washington, DC making life changing decisions that affect everyone outside the bubble to state governments steeped in corruption and even the localities that are struggling to get by, the government is a huge enterprise with millions upon millions of workers (many of which are put into unnecessary roles). The result when you have a large government and poor money management is that something has to give. Often, the fat cats at the top of the list are not the ones taking the hit. It is the workers that, right or wrong, were counting on the government to provide some type of compensation that they would stick to. Unfortunately, they are learning the lesson that small government proponents have known: the government is interested in sustaining one thing…itself, not its workers livelihoods.

In an unsurprising turn of events, the Obama Administration is having a tough time getting the individuals that they need to sign up for Obamacare. The young millennial generation that seemed to clamor with delight that the President was elected (twice) are failing to follow their faithless leader down the path that he has laid for them. Younger individuals are finding themselves too busy or possibly are becoming wise to the President’s bait and switch and are avoiding the Obamacare sign up all together. This is creating massive amounts of problems for the President and his plan for “affordable” healthcare. The lemmings seem to have decided not to follow his lead.

Without the pool of younger Americans joining the healthcare exchanges, the problems of increased payments and plans are growing exponentially. The younger, healthier crowd needs to pick up the slack that the President has laid for them and create a program that is less loaded on the elder end and more on the younger generation. Without their help, the President is likely to see his problems continue and the Obamacare exchange issues exacerbated.

What this helps to identify is not just that the Obamacare plan is failing. That we already know. What it is showing is that the President who used the youth to infiltrate the electorate quite effectively, not through voting necessarily but through talk and motivation of other voters, does not have them to count on now. Of course, it could be that they have had a change of heart. The truth is, though, that it appears as if their wallet and their frustration with the website carrying Obamacare information is really at fault. The President, who utilized social media in such an impressive way, is now failing to utilize the medium that he once found so helpful. Interesting and ironic all at the same time.

This just in. At no fault to the politics involved, Obamacare is extended once again because, in a nutshell, they have too many mistakes to “learn from.” The claim is they’re giving more time to insurers to set their rates for 2015, but it’s more like they’re letting Michelle Obama’s Canadian college friend figure out how they’re going to construct a functioning website.

The underlying agenda is the disappointing numbers of applications when the website initially launched. This buys them time to relaunch and hope for a spike in applications. This is a prologue to next year, when employers will have to deal with Obamacare. I imagine more “delays” are inevitable at no fault to the objective GOP.

Happy Thanksgiving


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“Today let us take heart from the noble example of our first President. Let us pause from our many activities to give thanks to almighty God for our bountiful harvests and abundant freedoms. Let us call upon Him for continued guidance and assistance in all our endeavors.”
President Ronald Reagan, Oct. 13, 1986Thanksgiving Day, 1986

Public opinion on Obamacare continues to wane, and even those that once had supported the bill are starting to distance themselves from it and the President. Currently, the President’s approval rating has reached an all time low at around thirty five percent according to some polls. Yet, the leader of the free world continues to make the case that what his plan is doing will work and it is Republicans that are to blame for any delays, mix ups, and problems. It is amazing, though, that the rhetoric has changed so much. The President, who once proudly touted the King of Obamacare title, is switching his emphasis. No, not in blaming Republicans as that has remained consistent. Rather, the President is changing the name of his legislation back to its technical name of the Affordable Care Act.

Though an ever increasing oxymoronic title, the Affordable Care Act is less about President Obama and more about sending a message that his legislation is not really about him at all. Rather, the President is attempting to say that the Healthcare Act is about you and how much it can save your family, regardless of its efficacy in this area. The President is proud of his legislation or, to be more specific, he will not be humbled enough to admit that it is a cluster… well you know what. He is going to drive this bus off of the cliff if necessary and then call the Government ambulance to come save him and the people. Maybe not an accident at all.

Maybe, the President and his minions on Capitol Hill wanted this to be a mess. Maybe that’s why he keeps taking the lead and standing somewhat behind it. Though the name has changed, even a mess up of a plan is going to work to the advantage of the leftists as it will have the public clamoring for help… in the form of the government. Single payer system anyone?

Today, we honor all who have served this country and protected our freedom. We’re forever grateful.


When asked if he would run again after his 1989 primary loss, the late New York Mayor Ed “Hizzoner” Koch issued the immortal political indictment: “The people have spoken…And they must be punished.” The aftermath of Terry McAuliffe’s victory in Virginia’s single term governor’s race may well test de Maistre’s proposition that every nation [or Commonwealth] has the government it deserves.

Well, Virginia, I guess you deserve Terry McAuliffe as your Governor.

I thought that in Year 5 of Team Obama we in the Commonwealth would have learned the danger of electing an untried and obviously unqualified person to the office of the Chief Executive. Like Obama, McAuliffe has never held a job for which he was ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the enterprise.

His singular claim to fame is that he was Bill Clinton’s bag man when Bill and Hillary ran the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As chairman of the DNC his job was to raise money for the Democratic party. And raise money he did. He raised money early and often – and from every possible source both legal, not so legal, and downright illegal.  But Terry didn’t care. Money is money.

For a party that publicly decries the abundance of corporate money in the political sphere, Terry McAuliffe’s DNC shoveled money in every single door of the White House. You can say what you want about the influence of money on politicians, but to say that it has none is simply naïve. Let me share with you one story of how the not-so-legal money Terry raised now has real-world impact.

Way back in the late 1990s, Loral Space and Communications hired the Chinese to launch a few of their satellites into orbit. China used their “Long March” boosters to deliver the payloads – and at the time they weren’t very good at it. It’s important to know that the same technology used to launch satellites is also used to guide Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) on their mission to deliver nuclear warheads to far flung targets.

Bear in mind that Terry was the DNC Chief at the time and the DNC was raising money hand over fist. A good chunk of this ill-gotten booty came through now convicted felon Johnny Chung. Chung served as a conduit for a large money “donation” from China’s People’s Liberation Army Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chaoying. Yes, I do know the DNC “returned” the money years afterwards. That said, it was still money raised illegally from a foreign national. It was illegal then. It’s illegal now. This happened under prolific fundraiser Terry McAuliffe’s watch. Again, to Terry, money is  money. The source doesn’t matter.

So, if you’re still reading this I’m sure you’re wondering “What’s your point, Cordeiro? What’s the real world impact of Terry’s prolific Chinese fundraising?”

Why thank you for asking.

Last week, China’s state run media released detailed information on the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s new submarine fleet. Along with this propaganda they also printed a map of the United States showing potential targets and the short and long term effects of radiation released from submarine launched ICBMs.

Remember that before Bill Clinton gave China ballistic missile technology, their rockets had a bad habit of exploding. Now the Chinese are openly threatening most of the United States with nuclear holocaust.

Think on that for a minute. Then remember that without Terry McAuliffe’s illicit campaign war chest building, Bill Clinton would have been a one-term failed President living out his retirement days in Little Rock.

So, Virginia, Bill Clinton’s bag man is now your Governor. It’s the first real job of any consequence he’s ever held. You, the people, have spoken. I sincerely hope your punishment isn’t as severe as America’s has been under Team Obama.

Because, hey, this was all about keeping birth control legal. Uh, huh. Yeah. Let me know how that works out for you.

Here endeth the lesson.

Brown University’s student body should be hanging their heads in shame this week. They should be appalled and angered by what some of the students did in a speech this week, shouting down Commissioner Ray Kelly with insults and accusations. Something tells me, though, in a culture of entitlement and stifled discussions, it will be more of a piece of pride than a realization of their respect and that is the saddest statement of all.

My generation has taken a bad wrap for a long time as being one of entitlement and self gratification above all else. The reasons, some studies have shown, is our baby boom parents who gave us more than they had and tried to do better in showing us we could be anything we wanted. Sure, these are all great things and there is something to be said about the biological direction and nurturing we received. Yet, we as a generation must do better on our own… must try harder for us and not look for excuses.

The shouting down of Commissioner is not helping our negative image in the generational lineup. We have men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms, many of our classmates, family, and friends, and yet, we use that freedom to shout instead of talk. We use our freedoms to demean instead of civilly discuss. Maybe, if those students had listened, they would have had a leg to stand on. We should not be afraid to disagree but if that results in shouting, then we have lost the battle. Our generation has hindered progression with leftist views among the loudest and quiet whispers among we conservatives. It is time that civility reigned supreme and we used our words not just loudly but effectively. Shutting down Commissioner Kelly is an embarrassment and should be seen as such. Nothing more nothing less. The points that could have been made from an actual discussion are lost and some kids on Brown’s campus are taking pride when they should be angered by their lack of control. Well done, my generation, well done…

The Obama Administration has staked their claim on the importance and need of the Obamacare legislation. Reform the healthcare system, they said. Make it better, they touted. Keep your insurance, the exclaimed. Yet, as many of us warned and others ignored, the large piece of legislation is falling far short of the expectations it was given and even farther away from the perceived feather in the cap that Obama was hoping for.

Negative news of Obamacare’s problems continues to rain down on the Administration. The plan, which was said to be a source of hope for those without insurance as well as those looking to lower their premiums, is not doing any of what it was said to achieve. The majority of those who have signed up and spoken about their experience have said that they are seeing a sharp rise in costs. Further, there are more and more employers dropping their current plans in order to push people toward the Obamacare free exchange. The promise of “if you like it, you can keep it” is not at all representative of reality and, as such, is faltering in achieving the goals that the Obama Administration had wanted. Or maybe they had not wanted reality to be as pleasant as they themselves said.

Further complicating this already bad situation is the lack of technological efficiency of the website. Kathleen Sebelius, much to her own chagrin, has had to head to Capitol Hill to defend or explain the problems of what was supposed to be the easy way to sign up for the exchange. Only six people, it is being reported, were able to sign up on the website the first day and only thousands more have been able to do so in the month since its inception. So much for creating an easy system Mr. Obama… maybe it’s now time to do the thing that you loathe more than anything else in the world: be humble and apologize. But, I won’t hold my breath.

The Federal Government, as well as several states, announced recently that there will be cuts made to the federal budget and, specifically, the food stamp program. Individuals across the United States could see as much as forty dollars in food money from the government, an act which is not shocking though highly upsetting to those on food stamp aid. Though there will be many good and hard working individuals who need the money left shocked, surprised, and frustrated by the reduction, there is a potentially important lesson that should be learned: do not rely on the government.

There is no doubt that a civil society should have safety nets in place for those that need it. It is the principle of helping neighbor and friend and doing unto others as you would have done unto you. We never know when problems will strike and the best laid of plans will give way to unforeseen and tragic circumstances. Yet, the government, specifically the current American system of modernity, has created an unrealistic expectation that they will always be there to pick up the pieces or even help those who really could help themselves.

The result in this is that when the government’s budget is cut or when people must rely on themselves, family, friends, and the private organizational system, there is a drawback and a recoiling of uncertainty. When you think the government is the end all be all of your happiness and fortune or even in an emergency situation, reduction of that aid can be surprisingly debilitating. It is time that we, as a nation, relied on our government less and the private generosity of citizens more. Moreover, it is our government that could do the greatest service by encouraging this type of action rather than relying on them to attain the power and do it for us. We are the greatest (still) country on earth. Let us do the work rather than the leaders we loathe.

Happy Obamaween!


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A Halloween chuckle …



President Obama is having to admit this week, or at least through surrogates, that he may have had some inkling that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance when Obamacare was enacted. With an austere, almost callous way, Democrats are saying that they recognize that the shift in healthcare mandates, laws, and structures will lead people away from their current care and onto a different system. What is surprising, however, is the unapologetic nature of the President and his Administration for what is essentially lying to the American people. Upon greater reflection, maybe it isn’t surprising at all.

The President has an ego, there is no doubt, and it is not unheard of for a President or powerful politician to carry with them this approach to life. Yet, what is so amazing is the brazen way with which he approaches this ego, demonstrating it at every turn. There is no “I’m sorry for lying” or even an “oh I feel badly.” There is no feigned sincerity or admission of culpability. His ego is his leader and he has no problem falling in lockstep with his own ambitions, regardless of who they may hurt.

Obamacare is a disaster, that is known to most everyone, even the President himself has to know. Yet, it will be enacted and pushed through in the coming years, regardless of whom it hurts. The President doesn’t care if the legislation is right. He cares that he gets what he wants and doesn’t back down. Compromise or even self-reflection is not in the cards for this man and anyone who has even vaguely followed his career will see that. Still, though, it would be nice if for a moment he realized he may have made a mistake and that he needs time to reevaluate the positions he takes. Chances are, though, this will just be another rammed piece of messed up legislation that hurts more than it helps and the President will refrain from caring once again.

For those Americans who have not allowed popular culture and modern distractions move their eyes away from the cover up and denial of the Benghazi attacks and are still interested in finding the truth, there has been movement this week in some important intelligence breaks. Reports are showing that there was concern days before the September 11th attacks that there was a potentially imminent attack in the works and that the United States government was alerted of the embassies concerns. Further, new developments also suggest that US foreign policy may have failed to keep detained an individual that was not only a threat in the past but potentially an active member in the assault planning.

The Benghazi attack on September 11th that killed four Americans was not one that was based off of a movie or a documentary’s potentially inflaming remarks. Though the White House would like us to think this, or tried their best to force feed this narrative down our throats, there is now developing clear and concise evidence that the attack was planned for weeks prior to the attack. The movie was not a consideration for those that planned to harm Americans. It was the fact that Americans are AMERICANS that was the tipping point for this group of depraved and disgusting human beings. It continues to be a denial point for President Obama who will simply not admit he was at best wrong and at worst negligible in handling the situation in advance of murder and chaos.

A new development also suggests that a former detainee at Gitmo was in the vicinity when the attacks occurred. This suggests that not only have we failed the Benghazi victims by not investigating further and openly into why they were killed and avoiding all talk of the true understandings of what happened, but that we have failed the American people by putting political correctness when it comes to dealing with non-citizen terrorists ahead of safety. It is time the politics stopped and the real investigation into Benghazi begins. The fact is the surface has yet to be scratched and no matter how much they try to hide it, let us demand the truth from all those involved… come what may.

The Obama Administration is feeling the heat after failed login attempts, technological glitches, and other problems pertaining to the Obamacare online registration. Individuals from across the country are trying desperately to see if they are going to be able to access healthcare and if so, how much their premiums will go down (or most likely up) once on the exchange. With more and more employers dropping coverage as an unintended (or un-thought of) consequence of the Obamacare plan, it is growing increasingly temperamental in the public. The result: the citizens of the United States are beginning to take more than just the media’s perspective on the issue of Obamacare legislation into their opinion count. They are beginning to realize what many have known for a while now: glitch or no glitch, the system is failing us.

What the delay in healthcare premium information access has done is more than just cost time and frustration on the part of the American people. It has allowed them the time to think about what they are really getting into. More and more Americans of all income levels and all stages of life are being hit hard with higher numbers than they are currently playing. They are realizing that what they are promised is not being delivered and what they had hoped for is a long distance past reality.

That, I believe, is what angers the Obama Administration the most. It is the idea that the Obamacare glitches are not technical only. They are giving American pause and time to think about the numbers and what they are actually being dealt as individuals and families. Struggling to keep food on the table but still seeing higher numbers returned on an application is mind numbing and crushing. That is what the Obama Administration is most concerned about.

What can be said about hyperbolic imagery and politics? That they go hand in hand? That it is right? That the images that are used are freedom of speech and opinion? Maybe all of these aspects are correct and maybe they are all morally wrong.

In a recent campaign add, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson decided to use a slam against the Tea Party in propaganda for his campaign. The Tea Party is a movement with a lot of strength in garnering attention so it is not wonder that they are the current political punching bag. What Grayson did, however, was go far beyond the hints and suggestions that this group of Americans is racist and somehow hates our President and his policies solely because he is African-American. In the advertisement itself, Grayson went so far as to use the image of a burning cross, signifying not only this Tea Party disdain but also joining in using an image of such hatred and volatility that it should be one that is never used in jest.

What this highlights is not that the leftists like Grayson who profit in hyperbole are wrong, though they are. It highlights again the use of race as a tool of division not by the right but by the left. Are there in fact racists in the Tea Party? Probably…just as there are in the Democratic Party, pro-choice movements, and green causes as well. The African American population of this country has been a target and a political play for the Democrats since they knew they could garner their votes. They have been reminded of slavery, of an unrealistic inferiority that is needed by the left to hold them down, and yet, they continue to support the party. Another great awakening is needed in this country. One where the race baiters are told that they will not use race alone to garner a vote and they will not use the disgusting and sad and angering discrimination of the past to achieve their goals. Enough is enough.

One need not look to a study or to a newspaper article in order to realize that the economic picture for many American families is a bleak one. Young people and middle-aged, formally educated and not, male and female, across demographic lines there is a unique and interesting trend that unites many groups in America: struggle. More than just a feeling or an observation, however, there is now the unnecessary yet (ironically) needed quantification of these feelings for solidified absorption by academics and the mass public alike via more and more research into this economic downturn.

A study by the Opportunity Nation Coalition found that there was an increase in the number of young people looking for work. Among their findings, over five million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 were struggling to find themselves firmly positioned in the career world. Just one of many, this study helps to bring to light once again just how tough these times are and that, no matter what is discussed by our current Administration or the glowing reviews that he himself provides, the struggles of the American people are real.

What is amazing, from a political standpoint, that is amongst the suffering and those who are facing job losses, healthcare failures, and more, that there is still an adherence to the Obama Administration policies. There is a belief in the master of all things political rather than recognizing that his policies are helping to create a downturn at worst and at best, they are simply prolonging an unneeded and able to be helped situation. The gentleman in charge is doing very little right in many ways, but one thing that he is doing right is controlling his minions and those that will follow what he says without looking further into the accuracy of it. Though, I believe, he is failing as a leader when it comes to actual leadership, I wish that the other party and those who challenge his beliefs for the good of America harnessed the power of his messaging and used it for good instead of evil.

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