Forever the avid political prognosticator, The University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato is out with his crap shoot selections as Mitt Romney’s VP. What do you think? Is anyone missing from this list? Is anyone worth putting your money on?

Check out Sabato’s full crystal ball here.

Mitt Romney’s candidacy boasts several strengths. He is a successful businessman, an accomplished politician, and an articulate speaker. Romney is also perceived as economically conservative. In addition to those qualities he is photogenic, which is more essential to contemporary office seekers than a coherent platform. But Romney has drawbacks as well.  Read more

Romney 2012 slogan?


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I caught this bit over at RealClearPolitics. Evidently Mitt has subtly unsheathed his 2012 campaign slogan. Its three words, very simple:

Believe in America

What think ye?

How do you tell the difference between the run of the mill political junkie and the high end hard core junkie? On the eve of a potentially transformational election, look for ones who are talking about a future election. You know who I’m talking about. “I can quit anytime.” Of course you can.

And what are they saying? No surprise to PoliticalDerby faithful, the current race is largely between Romney and Palin. Romney holds the advantage, but the race has hardly begun.

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Sounds pretty good. That’s what Sarah Palin said yesterday when asked if she would consider being part of a Mitt Romney – Sarah Palin ticket. Wow.

Last night, as Palin stopped for cannoli at Mike’s Pastry in the North End, she said she was “serious” about the idea. “I have a lot of respect for Mitt,” she told the Herald. Asked who would be on top of the ticket, Palin roared, “Ha! I haven’t even thought that far ahead yet.”

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This weekend the American Conservative Union (ACU) is hosting CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) DC. As a political junkie, I feel like I have died and gone to Heaven.

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