Friday morning, embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced she would step down from her post. In response President Obama lauded her accomplishments and claimed due to her work with the ACA, she’s earned the right to retire. Hmm, in the private sector she would’ve been canned months ago.

True Sebelius has done some beneficial things in the healthcare field but her tenure as HHS Secretary will be remembered for one thing, the botched rollout of the ACA. Now she did lead up the roll out of the ACA and oversaw it so one can say the blame for its numerous problems can be placed squarely on her shoulders. I for one disagree to a point on that. The blame should be shared by those subordinates who failed to fulfill their duties, her for failing to run a tighter ship, and the President for failing to further reign in what is the hallmark of his administration.

Sebelius is credited with helping to rectify the problems initially encountered with but the problems initially faced should never have been of the magnitude they were. It is unfathomable how the ACA, a sweeping government program that is costing so much and effects so many can be so poorly implemented. I’m not even talking about the actual substance of the ACA which is another story, instead the actual public unveiling. If the government can’t even effectively unveil a series of websites and state exchanges for a program of such great importance and set to cost trillions, imagine how haphazard lesser programs are handled.

And then to hear the President go on about how he will miss her advice and friendship. Oh really. From summer 2010 to two months after the rollout of the ACA, November 2013, the two failed to meet even once for a one-on-one discussion according to the White House calendar. Now I understand when leaders place faith in people and leave them to their own devices. The problem though is this is not just some government program, it’s the Presidents hallmark law. Where was the interest? Furthermore, the President waits until two months after its initial roll out to have a personal meeting. Yes communication was had through different mediums but in all honesty, this required the down to earth discussions that can only be had, through one-on-one meetings.

Rightfully so, much blame has been and will continue to be placed on Sibelius for the disastrous roll out of the ACA. But remember one thing, just as much blame should be placed on her superior, the President for allowing this to happen. Instead of doing the right thing and listening to his advisors, he chose to keep her on so as to not have the Administration appear to be in the midst of a civil war. My memory of this debacle will not be of the mistakes of Sibelius but of the lack of leadership.

The Danger of Underestimating Putin

Conspicuously molding himself into a Tsarist-Soviet-Capitalist hybrid, Vladimir Putin is pushing his greedy agenda as far as it can go, and the combined US and EU sanctions are merely a tickle on his grasping hand.

In some ways Russia isn’t what it used to be, and we don’t ever want to see that despotic regime of automatons again, but in other ways Russia is the same icy behemoth dealt with by President Roosevelt on down. Cold, calculating and single-minded. They couldn’t have picked a better leader (lest we forget, he spent his formative years as a KGB agent specializing in grooming agents to infiltrate the US).

Obama’s missteps aside, generations needs to remember what the Soviet Empire was and what the former-Soviet Empire is capable of. The country has changed since the days of glasnost and perestrioka, certainly, but those missiles are still buried in the tundra and its boomer subs still slouch beneath the seas. As a recent Russian news anchor reminded us, they still have the power to turn us into radioactive dust. Younger generations need to be reminded of this, perhaps by a national airing of The Day After.

Today, too many Americans have an image of Russia as a capitalist democracy wrapped in Cyrillic lettering. That’s far from the reality. Its government censors the news to such a point that news isn’t news, it’s propaganda masked as news (which is far more dangerous than simple propaganda).

I’m not saying a full-on US military intervention is the key, because a war with Russia can only end badly for both sides. But limp-wristed sanctions aimed at key Russians that reduce their wealth from $8 billion to $7 billion isn’t going to drop this new Berlin Wall. In fact, that reaction is exactly what Putin bet on when he first moved into the Crimea and staged its elections.

If it was that easy to take Crimea, why not move into the rest of the Ukraine? The only thing stopping him in a bickering boardroom full of aging bureaucrats, dead set at keeping the peace at any cost, even if that means allowing Putin to restore the Soviet Union piece-by-piece.

Today, President Obama took it upon himself and his pen to sign an order raising the minimum wage for federal worker to $10.10. He said, “Nobody who works full time should have to live in poverty,” adding, “While Congress decides what it’s going to do . . . today I’m going to do what I can to help raise working Americans’ wages.”

Without any regard to Congress, the president explained his decision, “Wherever I can act on my own without Congress, by using my pen to take executive actions . . . that’s what I’m going to do.”

Flashback to 2008, Obama tells America, “The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not going through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.”

Pot meet Kettle. We can’t go back, but we can’t forget all of these un-truths moving forward. Obama, Biden, Clinton have got to go. It’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that people re-elected him. The more people see how much hasn’t changed at all or changed for the better, is an opportunity to redirect the future. Obama’s statements today are perfect example of this.


The Obama Administration nearly spiked the proverbial football when Osama Bin Laden was killed in the Seal Team 6 Raid. Short of dancing in front of the cameras and shouting, the President insinuated that terrorism was, by all accounts, dead and gone. Yet, the Benghazi Attacks through a wrench of sorts into this narrative. Though the Administration scrambled to blame a video against Islam as the main source of the conflict, this could not have been farther from the truth and ultimately the true story was revealed (much to their chagrin). The day our diplomatic personnel were killed in Benghazi, terrorism showed its hand and shouted to the President that though one leader was dead… like cockroaches…their were more waiting to scurry out and do harm to the American people around the world.

The President seemed to handle the situation in Benghazi well…. And by well I mean horribly. Practically ignoring the situation in the Middle East and failing to acknowledge with any type of sincerity that this was a planned and not spur of the moment attack, President Obama barely recognized that there was anything worth investigating. New inquiries into the attacks by those who are refusing to let the truth die at the hands of a careless president have revealed that the leader of the free world was more than just ignorant of the depth of the problem but may be taking a backseat in seeking justice as well.

Investigators are asking why the President and his minions at the State Department failed to put the Benghazi suspect on the terrorist watch list. The cash for justice program has helped to bring numerous perpetrators of violence and terror to justice and yet, the President has failed to ensure that such a move to the list was taken care of. Sure, it’s not solely his responsibility but a bit of pressure for movement wouldn’t hurt… would it?

Generally speaking, there are certain social etiquette rules that aren’t to be broken. When you’re POTUS, there are even higher social standards. Unless you’re as arrogant and egotistical as Barack Obama.

In this photo you our shamless President taking a “selfie” with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. You don’t take photos at a funeral, nonetheless a selfie. I don’t care who you are.

If this were a video Obama would be saying, “Awesome! Make sure you tag me on Facebook, and check us in at Mandela’s funeral!” Right when you think our President couldn’t be any more pretentious … he goes and does this to totally redeem himself!

The Obama Administration has staked their claim on the importance and need of the Obamacare legislation. Reform the healthcare system, they said. Make it better, they touted. Keep your insurance, the exclaimed. Yet, as many of us warned and others ignored, the large piece of legislation is falling far short of the expectations it was given and even farther away from the perceived feather in the cap that Obama was hoping for.

Negative news of Obamacare’s problems continues to rain down on the Administration. The plan, which was said to be a source of hope for those without insurance as well as those looking to lower their premiums, is not doing any of what it was said to achieve. The majority of those who have signed up and spoken about their experience have said that they are seeing a sharp rise in costs. Further, there are more and more employers dropping their current plans in order to push people toward the Obamacare free exchange. The promise of “if you like it, you can keep it” is not at all representative of reality and, as such, is faltering in achieving the goals that the Obama Administration had wanted. Or maybe they had not wanted reality to be as pleasant as they themselves said.

Further complicating this already bad situation is the lack of technological efficiency of the website. Kathleen Sebelius, much to her own chagrin, has had to head to Capitol Hill to defend or explain the problems of what was supposed to be the easy way to sign up for the exchange. Only six people, it is being reported, were able to sign up on the website the first day and only thousands more have been able to do so in the month since its inception. So much for creating an easy system Mr. Obama… maybe it’s now time to do the thing that you loathe more than anything else in the world: be humble and apologize. But, I won’t hold my breath.

President Obama is having to admit this week, or at least through surrogates, that he may have had some inkling that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance when Obamacare was enacted. With an austere, almost callous way, Democrats are saying that they recognize that the shift in healthcare mandates, laws, and structures will lead people away from their current care and onto a different system. What is surprising, however, is the unapologetic nature of the President and his Administration for what is essentially lying to the American people. Upon greater reflection, maybe it isn’t surprising at all.

The President has an ego, there is no doubt, and it is not unheard of for a President or powerful politician to carry with them this approach to life. Yet, what is so amazing is the brazen way with which he approaches this ego, demonstrating it at every turn. There is no “I’m sorry for lying” or even an “oh I feel badly.” There is no feigned sincerity or admission of culpability. His ego is his leader and he has no problem falling in lockstep with his own ambitions, regardless of who they may hurt.

Obamacare is a disaster, that is known to most everyone, even the President himself has to know. Yet, it will be enacted and pushed through in the coming years, regardless of whom it hurts. The President doesn’t care if the legislation is right. He cares that he gets what he wants and doesn’t back down. Compromise or even self-reflection is not in the cards for this man and anyone who has even vaguely followed his career will see that. Still, though, it would be nice if for a moment he realized he may have made a mistake and that he needs time to reevaluate the positions he takes. Chances are, though, this will just be another rammed piece of messed up legislation that hurts more than it helps and the President will refrain from caring once again.

The Obama Administration is feeling the heat after failed login attempts, technological glitches, and other problems pertaining to the Obamacare online registration. Individuals from across the country are trying desperately to see if they are going to be able to access healthcare and if so, how much their premiums will go down (or most likely up) once on the exchange. With more and more employers dropping coverage as an unintended (or un-thought of) consequence of the Obamacare plan, it is growing increasingly temperamental in the public. The result: the citizens of the United States are beginning to take more than just the media’s perspective on the issue of Obamacare legislation into their opinion count. They are beginning to realize what many have known for a while now: glitch or no glitch, the system is failing us.

What the delay in healthcare premium information access has done is more than just cost time and frustration on the part of the American people. It has allowed them the time to think about what they are really getting into. More and more Americans of all income levels and all stages of life are being hit hard with higher numbers than they are currently playing. They are realizing that what they are promised is not being delivered and what they had hoped for is a long distance past reality.

That, I believe, is what angers the Obama Administration the most. It is the idea that the Obamacare glitches are not technical only. They are giving American pause and time to think about the numbers and what they are actually being dealt as individuals and families. Struggling to keep food on the table but still seeing higher numbers returned on an application is mind numbing and crushing. That is what the Obama Administration is most concerned about.

One need not look to a study or to a newspaper article in order to realize that the economic picture for many American families is a bleak one. Young people and middle-aged, formally educated and not, male and female, across demographic lines there is a unique and interesting trend that unites many groups in America: struggle. More than just a feeling or an observation, however, there is now the unnecessary yet (ironically) needed quantification of these feelings for solidified absorption by academics and the mass public alike via more and more research into this economic downturn.

A study by the Opportunity Nation Coalition found that there was an increase in the number of young people looking for work. Among their findings, over five million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 were struggling to find themselves firmly positioned in the career world. Just one of many, this study helps to bring to light once again just how tough these times are and that, no matter what is discussed by our current Administration or the glowing reviews that he himself provides, the struggles of the American people are real.

What is amazing, from a political standpoint, that is amongst the suffering and those who are facing job losses, healthcare failures, and more, that there is still an adherence to the Obama Administration policies. There is a belief in the master of all things political rather than recognizing that his policies are helping to create a downturn at worst and at best, they are simply prolonging an unneeded and able to be helped situation. The gentleman in charge is doing very little right in many ways, but one thing that he is doing right is controlling his minions and those that will follow what he says without looking further into the accuracy of it. Though, I believe, he is failing as a leader when it comes to actual leadership, I wish that the other party and those who challenge his beliefs for the good of America harnessed the power of his messaging and used it for good instead of evil.

There are many different adjectives that can be thrown about when it comes to Obamacare and the physical debate. From confusing to complicated to socialistic, the descriptors seem to range in the area of negativity rather than positivity among the public. Yet, as rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle continues to heat in its temperature, it was unlikely that those on the left would make it about race again…right? Wrong. Once again the left is searching for a way to spin the debate and make it about race and the mainstream media continues to play into the charade.

In recent days, as the debate on Capitol Hill rages and both intra and inter party politics becomes more and more involved, political pundits, officials, and members of the media are trying their best to create a new narrative. Critics of the republican and tea party efforts to stop funding of Obamacare, pay down the debt, and fiscally restrain the government, are finding themselves being labeled as racist. Suddenly, those who hate the President’s legislation are being told that they must hate a non-white president and that is the crux of their issues with Mr. Obama and Democratic Party efforts.

The sad thing is not simply that the left accuses the right of being racist. Rather, it is the idea that they use such a disgusting word and adjective to describe a situation that has nothing to do with race. To exploit and apply the descriptor of racism to every situation that does not go there way is absolutely ridiculous and in itself racially biased. It inevitably puts the President in a position of victimhood and weakness, rather than strength and fortitude. By calling every critic a racist without them truly being so, the left is inevitably creating a situation in which the President is viewed as one who could not possibly be argued with on the merits of his case… nor is he held to the standard of having to defend his position on its merits. Rather, they are allowing him to walk away without genuinely addressing the issue by creating a bully and a disease that does not exist. In this way, then, I would argue that the left and their claims of racism are not only paving the way for a failed state of policies but also making the road harder for minorities in the future to reach the same level as President Obama. Well done lefties… well done.

There is an old adage that I learned in Girl Scouts but many of us learn in church camps, school functions, or in those feel good moments during youth when life lessons are taught: Make new friends… but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. When it comes to politics, kickbacks, and favors, the Obama Administration must have this embroidered on every throw pillow in the White House and noted on their Obama Phones. What friend am I referencing? Yes, as you probably heard, ACORN is back in a big way.

In an effort to promote Obamacare and get individuals enrolled in the program (which continues to be a nightmare and terrifying for most individuals and American citizens paying attention to the details), a nonprofit group is rolling out what is being called navigator. The navigator drive or initiative is meant to help those who are interested, want it, or are forced into it to enroll for the Obamacare plan. This, in a way, could sound like an effort not worth giving two hoots about from a political or governmental relations standpoint. The problem, however, is not so much in what they are trying to do (aside from the obvious issues with Obamacare itself and the terror it will display toward our nation) but also by who is in charge and potentially receiving funding in this effort.

The leader of the navigator group, which is planning on targeting numerous states in the US, is none other than the founder of ACORN itself Mr. Wade Rathke. Not only that, but it is being reported that the now debunk group may have several members in navigator and could potentially have access to taxpayer funds in the near future if they have not been given some already. Republicans and watchdog groups are outraged by this and are beginning to speak up, citing that not only was the group originally disbanded and all funding from the government cut but with such a fiscal emergency that is leading to a government shutdown occurring as this is happening, it is amazing that taxpayer dollars could end up in this group (especially when they couldn’t find their way to our fallen soldiers’ households.) I guess an ACORN by any other name, smells just as bad….

Who’s calling who’s bluff? Obama is refusing to negotiate whatsoever and has promised to veto any negotiations or compromises for “Obamacare” also known as the “Not-So-Affordable-Care-Act.” Therefore, you can’t remove all blame from the President when he is looking at this situation as a Dictator would; “It’s my way, or my way.”

On the other hand, you can’t say the the people elected to make these decisions have our best interest in mind. What if their paychecks stopped at midnight? It wouldn’t have even come close to this, this time or all of the other times. With the GOP and Obama standing their ground, we’re all just hanging out on the rest of the ground of the United States.

We’re watching a bunch of pompous, egotistical bags of wind portray dysfunction at its finest, and they’re willing to just roll the dice. However, Obamacare is a logistical nightmare, but it’s not up to congress to change it because the Obama refuses to negotiate in any way. Which reminds me; didn’t he say he’d be open to negotiation and bipartisanship before he was re-elected? Typical.

Obamacare is facing opposition across both the private and public sectors. The unions, however, have been one of the largest complainants about the bill, a crucial player in the liberal base. With membership down in the AFL-CIO and many labor union members becoming increasingly upset by the parameters placed upon them with the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration is taking note and taking action; actions which have not exactly been received well in the eyes of Republicans.

In a sweetheart deal, the Obama Administration is working with the AFL-CIO to make some accommodations to earn their support by providing a kickback. In essence, the laborers’ unions want to be cut out of some of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act in a way that those private citizens would not be. Specifically, the unions are looking for an out that would allow them to avoid their lower income workers paying the higher rates and avoiding the costs that other lower income members of the public will be forced to undertake.

It looks as if there will be a sweetheart deal by the Obama Administration as it pertains to labor unions. The recent actions by many of these groups have caused the President’s liaisons and many Democratic officials to take note that they are in potential danger of losing a strong member of their base. This is a threat that is being taken very seriously as the Obamacare legislation is facing an increasingly uphill battle in both the public and the private sectors. If a deal is to come down the pike, however, it is likely to upset more than just Republican lawmakers. Rather, it is likely to disturb the psyche of those Americans who still believe in fairness, justice, and those who want better from their governmental officials and their President.

The President addressed the nation in a speech Tuesday night, speaking to the role of the US government and armed forces in Syria. On the heels of disappointing trends in political and public opinion, the speech was being panned as barely coherent and confusing. Of course, there is something to be said for the fact that there was some hint of rationale behind the attacks but the President seemed to waffle on what he wanted, when he wanted, and why.

Of course, President Obama made the case that there was a need for international intervention at the hands of Americans in the Syrian region because of the abhorrent rights violations at the hands of Assad and his minions. He then appealed to the international community in a way by highlighting the fact that the weapons used were a clear violation of the chemical weapons ban of the UN in which many countries agreed to downgrade and remove these weapons of war. It becomes a question of interventionism and when and where the United States intervenes, and to what ends.

There has been talk of arming the rebels in the country who are fighting Assad’s policies. The fact remains, however, that these are less than ideal individuals with questionable background. What is their ultimate goal? Are they able to handle the weapons provided and if so, do we even want them to do so? The strong ties to Al Qaeda are making it unsavory in the public and on Capitol Hill to even consider this option, even though some senior lawmakers argue that these rebels will be “vetted” (whatever that means). The fact remains, we still have no idea what the President truly wants, why he wants it, and why he is allowing Russia to take first lead in this endeavor. Though the hardcore Obamaites will consider this a diplomatic victory of sorts, it is questionable who and what would read into this as anything but a bumbling mess of epic failure on the part of the President. Way to go sir, way to go.

Obamacare is still the topic of conversation on Capitol Hill, with senators and congressman from both sides of the aisle staking a claim in the fight. Republicans are waging a strong war to stop the legislation from being enacted to its fullest potential, essentially paving the way for what would become government backed healthcare. Democrats, however, are asserting that the plan needs to move forward, with President Obama himself wading strongly and expectedly into the conversation.

This week, President Obama continued to attack conservatives who were against the bill, asserting that it was there way of preventing millions of Americans from achieving the healthcare they so desperately needed. The President has been wishy-washy on this bill at best and confusing at worst. The President, who has pushed for the legislation he heavy handedly helped create, has also backed efforts to delay portions of the bill that were causing confusion and unrest in the public and private sectors. For instance, the company mandate that would require employers of 50 or more fulltime employees to provide health insurance or face penalties was delayed with much consent from the President. A mixed message at best if he truly believed in the over a thousand page document.

The truth is that Republicans are truly no better in this fight. While the vast majority wants to stop the bill from becoming the law of the land, no one has a consolidated or consistent viewpoint on the alternative. While the American public continues to have problems with the current structure of the bill, simply ending its enactment tends not to sit well with them. They want an alternative that they can grasp onto and with Republicans only united in ending it, this alternative seems far from accessible or tangible. As such, Republicans risk being given the title of the “Party of No” without any real solution provided, hurting chances in midterm elections. While the effort to stop Obamacare is necessary for the future of the country, it is equally important for Republicans to define just what the other options are in order to not only stop a detrimental law from being enacted but also to save the party from further injury.

There is no explanation for a senseless act of violence that occurred last Friday in Duncan, Oklahoma. An Australian baseball player, Chris Lane, was gunned down by three teenagers while on an afternoon jog. Lane was shot in the back and left to die as the teens sped off in their car.

Fortunately, authorities quickly caught up to the teens and arrested them. After interrogations, one of the suspects admitted to pulling the trigger and explained that they were just “bored,” and saw Lane running by and decided he would be their first target. This just absolutely blows my mind. The two teens charged with first degree murder are African-American. Could they have been your son Mr. Obama? I mean this is just a perfect explanation as to how ignorant it was for the President to make that remark in regards to the Zimmerman case.

An Australian family’s son is dead because of these thugs who were on a killing spree. The senseless violence has affected a foreign family and the chances of the President responding or marginal. However, if he’s going to say something ridiculously stupid again, we’re better off not hearing a word out of his mouth.

This story is plastered all over Australian media, and the first reaction is about our gun control. This goes far deeper than gun control, but it tarnishes the reputation we have in Australia, and it’s devastating that this is the effect that our nation has had on this Australian family and community.

Coal country is begging for a promise from the Obama Administration that the President will stop his attacks on their industry. West Virginia, Ohio, and other states that specialize in producing coal are taking their voices into the media and outlets in hopes of finding some reprieve. The fear is growing and more and more voices are joining the fight. From Wheeling, WV to Belmont County, OH, the victims of this threat are telling the world that they are being ignored.

The outspokenness comes from the pressure put on coal employers and businesses, ultimately workers, by President Obama himself. He has asserted multiple times that he is directing his Environmental Protection Agency to crack down on the level of carbon emissions coming from plants and other industry related enterprises. The goal, he asserts, is a cleaner environment for our next generation. A noble cause… right?

Wrong. The President continues to push the green agenda, a midst knowledge that this industry is fledgling at best and failing at worst. Spain is seeing the after effects of a green driven economy and the failures there within and we have spent millions as a nation on failed job training in this sector. Further, the President is ignoring the hardworking Americans who are in those plants daily, helping to power the economy and this country. His elitism and his “father knows best” attitude are wearing thin and workers are, for lack of better terms, scared and angry. It is time that the President looked at the evidence and realized he is putting unneeded, unnecessary, and unwarranted pressure directly on the backs of those who do more work in a day than he ever has. It is time to take our heads out of the sand and stand up to the regulations of the government and truly stand with the workers of this country, not with those who feign interest while hurting them.

President Obama has been placed in an interesting spot in recent weeks. The leader of the Free World is finding it hard to ignore the blatant disregard and respect for the United States that Russian president Vladimir Putin is displaying. Putin, against United States advisement and request, has granted asylum to the wanted Edward Snowden who has been charged with crimes of the highest level in regards to his NSA surveillance leaks. As a result, the President has decided to forgo a private meeting between the two as an intended slap on the wrist for Putin’s behavior.

The President, who once attacked Governor Mitt Romney for his questioning of the loyalties and ally status of Russia during his bid for the White House, is finding that two puffing chests do not make a relationship. In a show of arrogance that he knew best, President Obama made several statements throughout his presidential run that would have painted the relationship between the two countries with a very rosy brush. The problem: reality never really met the President’s hopes and wishes.

Now, the President is having to cancel a meeting with President Putin because of the sincere lack of respect for the United States and seeming contempt for Obama himself that the Russian leader has displayed. While Russian officials will still meet with US officials, Putin and Obama will not be meeting face to face during the G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, a move which both Republicans and Democrats are calling unfortunate but necessary.

The cancellation of the meeting goes deeper than to just highlight a temporary discontent. It goes to the heart of the relationship since the beginning: neither side truly respects the other, and for good reason. The President, who tried to weaken the US arguably by praising Russian relationship improvements, disregarded any underlying tension that was obviously present, whether he admitted it or not. The result was a perceived weakening of the United States and its policies (as well as leaders) which Putin took full advantage of. While the future of the relationship between our two countries is unknown, it is a clear sign that the world standing and demanded respect that the United States once called for is waning internationally, no thanks to the Apologizer in Chief.

President Obama is on the war path again, so to speak, and using his powerful voice to put fear in the hearts of veterans. The President, in a speech to veterans, spoke about the threats to their benefits that could become reality due to the sequestration. Once again, the President put the blame squarely on everyone but him, asserting that it was the big bad Congressmen that are the cause of the problem. Calling the spending cuts in the budget “reckless,” the President asserted that he was a friend of the military and it was everyone else’s fault that these cuts could come down the pike.

The President, however, failed to admit a few things in his speech. First, it was the White House that initiated sequestration. It is at his feet that this problem lies, and he is just beyond admission. A bit of humility may help him in this case but the fear mongering continues with this Administration. The problem is everyone else’s. It is not his and it never will be. He has passed the buck and is failing to admit that sequestration would never be a reality if he had not decided to avoid budget talks, and signed the 2011 bill which included sequestration. When facts are not his friend, he avoids them.

Further, framing the issue is crucial. The President speaks to the fact that the budget cuts were out of control and without rational thought. However, leaving a bloated government that can’t pay its debts and lives in the red would be more than harmful to military expenditures. The President knows that a nation entrenched in debts would see much worse cuts if the collectors came calling. Picking victims and exploiting them with fear is beyond despicable but par for the course. It just becomes a larger problem to ignore when it is our military veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country that are the recipients of his feigned pity and concern.

President Obama was forced to do something that his Administration appears to loathe, take an actual press conference. For the first time in nearly three months, the President answered questions from the White House Press Conference. The main crux of the Press Conference centered on the National Security Administration (NSA) and their role in potentially violating civilian securities and liberties.

The President asserted that there will be a review of the surveillance and intelligence gathering operations of the NSA. This investigation would be the first since the 9/11 plans were initiated which could speak to a greater concern of the Administration: the NSA scandal is not going away. The President has somewhat downplayed the scandal sits initiation, being very sly in avoiding any concerns or questions. The President stated that there would be a review of the programs by an independent panel that could look into the technologies used and the rationale behind their implementation.

He asserted a four step plan, included would be an advocate that would work to ensure that the FISA court was not leaning too far into the realm of security at the sacrifice of principles. The President was clear, however, to assert that this was not an admission that the NSA had done anything wrong, going so far as to say that there is no evidence currently to see any abuse of power. The investigation, according to the President, was to ensure that the security of Americans was not in jeopardy due to the behavior of the NSA in the post September 11th world. The plan, which Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein agrees with, is according to the President exploratory rather than criminally investigatory in its nature. The timeline for the activities and the investigations moving forward have not yet been clearly defined nor the reporting mechanism. Time will tell if and when anything is discovered and how involved the American public will be in the findings.