Friday morning, embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced she would step down from her post. In response President Obama lauded her accomplishments and claimed due to her work with the ACA, she’s earned the right to retire. Hmm, in the private sector she would’ve been canned months ago.

True Sebelius has done some beneficial things in the healthcare field but her tenure as HHS Secretary will be remembered for one thing, the botched rollout of the ACA. Now she did lead up the roll out of the ACA and oversaw it so one can say the blame for its numerous problems can be placed squarely on her shoulders. I for one disagree to a point on that. The blame should be shared by those subordinates who failed to fulfill their duties, her for failing to run a tighter ship, and the President for failing to further reign in what is the hallmark of his administration.

Sebelius is credited with helping to rectify the problems initially encountered with but the problems initially faced should never have been of the magnitude they were. It is unfathomable how the ACA, a sweeping government program that is costing so much and effects so many can be so poorly implemented. I’m not even talking about the actual substance of the ACA which is another story, instead the actual public unveiling. If the government can’t even effectively unveil a series of websites and state exchanges for a program of such great importance and set to cost trillions, imagine how haphazard lesser programs are handled.

And then to hear the President go on about how he will miss her advice and friendship. Oh really. From summer 2010 to two months after the rollout of the ACA, November 2013, the two failed to meet even once for a one-on-one discussion according to the White House calendar. Now I understand when leaders place faith in people and leave them to their own devices. The problem though is this is not just some government program, it’s the Presidents hallmark law. Where was the interest? Furthermore, the President waits until two months after its initial roll out to have a personal meeting. Yes communication was had through different mediums but in all honesty, this required the down to earth discussions that can only be had, through one-on-one meetings.

Rightfully so, much blame has been and will continue to be placed on Sibelius for the disastrous roll out of the ACA. But remember one thing, just as much blame should be placed on her superior, the President for allowing this to happen. Instead of doing the right thing and listening to his advisors, he chose to keep her on so as to not have the Administration appear to be in the midst of a civil war. My memory of this debacle will not be of the mistakes of Sibelius but of the lack of leadership.

Crafting and home decor giant Hobby Lobby is a national chain that promotes family values and actually follows through with them. Now the company stands at the feet of the Supreme Court, battling an Obamacare mandate that requires coverage for all forms of contraceptives to employees.

This case quickly shot to the forefront of the contraceptive coverage battle, not only because Hobby Lobby is a massive retail chain employing 13,000 people, but also because the Christian company’s complaint is so reasonable. It will cover most forms of contraceptives, but does not want to cover IUDs and morning-after pills, which it considers methods of early abortion. It’s not a question of slippery slope (as rabid pro-choice supporters fear), since those are clearly methods of post-conception birth control.

Hobby Lobby’s ability to maintain its family values in today’s competitive market is nothing short of extraordinary: reasonable hours, clean stores, good wages and still closed on Sundays (the last of which is monumental for a national retail chain). The company’s willingness to negotiate the sweeping mandates of the Affordable Healthcare Act is just as amazing; it only contests the single provision of emergency contraception coverage.

Simply put, Hobby Lobby made a reasonable request in defense of decades of Christian values, but the sweeping arm of Obamacare refuses to take that into account. If Hobby Lobby loses the court case, the private values of this privately-owned company will be pushed aside in generic “reform.”

Hobby Lobby can choose to simply pay the obligatory fine in not providing health care, which would be cheaper than the actual cost, but its concern for employees ends that option. The company wants to provide health care, but it doesn’t want to compromise its values. Hobby Lobby’s owners understand that financially supporting abortion by paying for emergency contraceptives will erode the company’s long-proven values into empty rhetoric, and there’s entirely too much of that today anyway.

The American economy is in disarray. There are those that are struggling to put food on the table and those that are working to make ends meet in this holiday season. There are groups out there, though, that are collecting donations and grants to help those around them. From nonprofit organizations to churches to synagogues and more, these groups raise monies and funds to do the best for those around them. In this season of giving, though, one grant is catching the eyes of many around the country as a new group has received an astounding one million dollars to push the ever popular (in jest of course) Obamacare.

A nonpartisan (term used loosely) group has received over one million dollars to help push the President’s Obamacare message. The non-profit organization known as Families USA has asserted in its mission statement that it is partly responsible to achieve the realization of affordable healthcare and, as a result, has received a grant that will help them to achieve their goal. The way in which they are using this money, however, is raising eyebrows. Not just in what its asking for but also in the requests irony. Families USA is using their online page to collect success stories for those who have had a positive experience with Obamacare legislation.

The narrative has been across America from real Americans that premiums are increasing and that overwhelmingly the legislation that is supposed to solve problems is causing economic hardships. Individuals are losing their plans and being replaced with alternatives that are at best the same and at worse much, much more expensive. Yet, Families USA is not standing by their mission. Instead, they are fishing for stories that paint a piece of legislation as positive when it fact it is dismal and causing havoc that is immense. Ironic, yes, and sad when their self-proclaimed organizational could use the money so much more wisely than feigning a picture of reality that simply isn’t there.

The Obamacare website is being fixed, according to the same people that said it would function properly. The Administration has set a November 30th deadline for completion of the site and a full-fledged ability to log in and utilize the online venue for healthcare information. The clock is ticking and the pressure is growing to see just whether this is another big flop or possibly a working gateway to viewing increased premiums fully.

The government, however, is feeling the strain of what is to come. Not only are Democrats holding their breath to see if it will work this time, but it appears that the Administration is hoping for a smooth transition without hiccups as well. There solution to this was to encourage their supporters to not visit the site… at least until November 30th. The website which is supposed to be able to register millions of individuals across the country with ease and, ultimately, success is a technical nightmare. Not only are Administration officials and tech wizards worried about the website working without problems, but they are warning that a surge in signup or traffic to the site could crash it once again. With so many problems, it begs the question of what we are thinking trusting this Administration and website with any information we can provide it.

Time will tell whether the full transition into functionality is made and whether or not the page sees problems in the future. The odds are, though, that it will see troubles once again. Of course, no one appears to have to take the blame for the page’s lack of success. Though the President did in a backwards way take some culpability, it some how the Republicans fault that all things go wrong for him…well that, and the fact that the President is African-American…. Or however the narrative goes.

In an unsurprising turn of events, the Obama Administration is having a tough time getting the individuals that they need to sign up for Obamacare. The young millennial generation that seemed to clamor with delight that the President was elected (twice) are failing to follow their faithless leader down the path that he has laid for them. Younger individuals are finding themselves too busy or possibly are becoming wise to the President’s bait and switch and are avoiding the Obamacare sign up all together. This is creating massive amounts of problems for the President and his plan for “affordable” healthcare. The lemmings seem to have decided not to follow his lead.

Without the pool of younger Americans joining the healthcare exchanges, the problems of increased payments and plans are growing exponentially. The younger, healthier crowd needs to pick up the slack that the President has laid for them and create a program that is less loaded on the elder end and more on the younger generation. Without their help, the President is likely to see his problems continue and the Obamacare exchange issues exacerbated.

What this helps to identify is not just that the Obamacare plan is failing. That we already know. What it is showing is that the President who used the youth to infiltrate the electorate quite effectively, not through voting necessarily but through talk and motivation of other voters, does not have them to count on now. Of course, it could be that they have had a change of heart. The truth is, though, that it appears as if their wallet and their frustration with the website carrying Obamacare information is really at fault. The President, who utilized social media in such an impressive way, is now failing to utilize the medium that he once found so helpful. Interesting and ironic all at the same time.

This just in. At no fault to the politics involved, Obamacare is extended once again because, in a nutshell, they have too many mistakes to “learn from.” The claim is they’re giving more time to insurers to set their rates for 2015, but it’s more like they’re letting Michelle Obama’s Canadian college friend figure out how they’re going to construct a functioning website.

The underlying agenda is the disappointing numbers of applications when the website initially launched. This buys them time to relaunch and hope for a spike in applications. This is a prologue to next year, when employers will have to deal with Obamacare. I imagine more “delays” are inevitable at no fault to the objective GOP.

Public opinion on Obamacare continues to wane, and even those that once had supported the bill are starting to distance themselves from it and the President. Currently, the President’s approval rating has reached an all time low at around thirty five percent according to some polls. Yet, the leader of the free world continues to make the case that what his plan is doing will work and it is Republicans that are to blame for any delays, mix ups, and problems. It is amazing, though, that the rhetoric has changed so much. The President, who once proudly touted the King of Obamacare title, is switching his emphasis. No, not in blaming Republicans as that has remained consistent. Rather, the President is changing the name of his legislation back to its technical name of the Affordable Care Act.

Though an ever increasing oxymoronic title, the Affordable Care Act is less about President Obama and more about sending a message that his legislation is not really about him at all. Rather, the President is attempting to say that the Healthcare Act is about you and how much it can save your family, regardless of its efficacy in this area. The President is proud of his legislation or, to be more specific, he will not be humbled enough to admit that it is a cluster… well you know what. He is going to drive this bus off of the cliff if necessary and then call the Government ambulance to come save him and the people. Maybe not an accident at all.

Maybe, the President and his minions on Capitol Hill wanted this to be a mess. Maybe that’s why he keeps taking the lead and standing somewhat behind it. Though the name has changed, even a mess up of a plan is going to work to the advantage of the leftists as it will have the public clamoring for help… in the form of the government. Single payer system anyone?

The Obama Administration has staked their claim on the importance and need of the Obamacare legislation. Reform the healthcare system, they said. Make it better, they touted. Keep your insurance, the exclaimed. Yet, as many of us warned and others ignored, the large piece of legislation is falling far short of the expectations it was given and even farther away from the perceived feather in the cap that Obama was hoping for.

Negative news of Obamacare’s problems continues to rain down on the Administration. The plan, which was said to be a source of hope for those without insurance as well as those looking to lower their premiums, is not doing any of what it was said to achieve. The majority of those who have signed up and spoken about their experience have said that they are seeing a sharp rise in costs. Further, there are more and more employers dropping their current plans in order to push people toward the Obamacare free exchange. The promise of “if you like it, you can keep it” is not at all representative of reality and, as such, is faltering in achieving the goals that the Obama Administration had wanted. Or maybe they had not wanted reality to be as pleasant as they themselves said.

Further complicating this already bad situation is the lack of technological efficiency of the website. Kathleen Sebelius, much to her own chagrin, has had to head to Capitol Hill to defend or explain the problems of what was supposed to be the easy way to sign up for the exchange. Only six people, it is being reported, were able to sign up on the website the first day and only thousands more have been able to do so in the month since its inception. So much for creating an easy system Mr. Obama… maybe it’s now time to do the thing that you loathe more than anything else in the world: be humble and apologize. But, I won’t hold my breath.

President Obama is having to admit this week, or at least through surrogates, that he may have had some inkling that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance when Obamacare was enacted. With an austere, almost callous way, Democrats are saying that they recognize that the shift in healthcare mandates, laws, and structures will lead people away from their current care and onto a different system. What is surprising, however, is the unapologetic nature of the President and his Administration for what is essentially lying to the American people. Upon greater reflection, maybe it isn’t surprising at all.

The President has an ego, there is no doubt, and it is not unheard of for a President or powerful politician to carry with them this approach to life. Yet, what is so amazing is the brazen way with which he approaches this ego, demonstrating it at every turn. There is no “I’m sorry for lying” or even an “oh I feel badly.” There is no feigned sincerity or admission of culpability. His ego is his leader and he has no problem falling in lockstep with his own ambitions, regardless of who they may hurt.

Obamacare is a disaster, that is known to most everyone, even the President himself has to know. Yet, it will be enacted and pushed through in the coming years, regardless of whom it hurts. The President doesn’t care if the legislation is right. He cares that he gets what he wants and doesn’t back down. Compromise or even self-reflection is not in the cards for this man and anyone who has even vaguely followed his career will see that. Still, though, it would be nice if for a moment he realized he may have made a mistake and that he needs time to reevaluate the positions he takes. Chances are, though, this will just be another rammed piece of messed up legislation that hurts more than it helps and the President will refrain from caring once again.

The Obama Administration is feeling the heat after failed login attempts, technological glitches, and other problems pertaining to the Obamacare online registration. Individuals from across the country are trying desperately to see if they are going to be able to access healthcare and if so, how much their premiums will go down (or most likely up) once on the exchange. With more and more employers dropping coverage as an unintended (or un-thought of) consequence of the Obamacare plan, it is growing increasingly temperamental in the public. The result: the citizens of the United States are beginning to take more than just the media’s perspective on the issue of Obamacare legislation into their opinion count. They are beginning to realize what many have known for a while now: glitch or no glitch, the system is failing us.

What the delay in healthcare premium information access has done is more than just cost time and frustration on the part of the American people. It has allowed them the time to think about what they are really getting into. More and more Americans of all income levels and all stages of life are being hit hard with higher numbers than they are currently playing. They are realizing that what they are promised is not being delivered and what they had hoped for is a long distance past reality.

That, I believe, is what angers the Obama Administration the most. It is the idea that the Obamacare glitches are not technical only. They are giving American pause and time to think about the numbers and what they are actually being dealt as individuals and families. Struggling to keep food on the table but still seeing higher numbers returned on an application is mind numbing and crushing. That is what the Obama Administration is most concerned about.

With the United States focused on Obamacare and its consistent failures before full implementation even begins, there are many scandals and potential problems that are being pushed to the backburner. Anyone remember Benghazi? One of the scandals and problems that is being avoided and may potentially cause harm to our foreign policy amidst the consistent threat to our domestic sanity is Edward Snowden. Remember him?

Whether it was to stay relevant or a true threat, the young man who has leaked several national security secrets to the media is at it again. Snowden’s father has released a statement that expounded on the potential for more secrets to be pushed into the media spotlight if his son deems so. Though it is Lon Snowden’s belief that Russian and Chinese authorities have no access to this information, he cannot promise that his son will not try to do something hostile with the information in the future.

The problem with the Snowden case is not in his access and providing of confidential materials. Rather, it is in the fact that he has single handedly controlled his own situation from the beginning. This young punk, though you may feel he is doing a service, is not willing to stand up for what he supposedly believes is right. In running away to a foreign country and hiding behind authorities that have no respect for our nation, he has showed the cracks in the national security policy of this administration. Russia is literally giving the middle finger to the United States and is doing so because he truly does not fear us. There is something to be said for fear. It keeps nations on edge and believing that words have impact and threats follow through. The Snowden case highlights that the nation sees America as weakening, not only financially but in their relations with foreign governments. No, we need not be warhawks and we need not be overly aggressive…. But the idea we might be is okay with me.

Party of No? i’ll Take It


Filed Under Healthcare on Oct 18 

What do you say about Obamacare? What do you say about a piece of legislation that will vastly change the landscape of American health policy and American politics in general? What do you say about a financial landscape that is tentative at best and tumultuous and volatile at worst? You call this America and while I love the country, I hate the way it is heading.

Scandals are everywhere in politics today and while that is not something new, it is something of increasing concern to this American. We have a nation that appears to be breaking at the seams, internally and externally. Our international standing is failing, legislation is being passed with more pork than a barbeque restaurant, and the nation appears to be asleep at the wheel, allowing others to drive toward the proverbial cliff without an attempt at pumping the brakes. Sure, Republicans and conservatives are known as the Party of no. But why is that something to run from? No… I don’t want your massive healthcare legislation. No… I don’t want you to avoid conversations about our failing international policy and financial debt. No… I don’t want you to change the course of this nation beyond all recognition. No… I don’t want you changing my America into one that I do not even recognize.

From Benghazi (remember that?), to the national debt, to the problems at home and abroad, our nation is forever changing. More and more gun rights are taken away from law abiding citizens while gang violence in the streets of Chicago continues to run wild. Our principles are being assaulted in the name of progress and we continue to mistake change for evolution rather than devolution. The media continues to bash Republicans, conservatives, gun rights advocates, and Christians as if they are the enemy while ignoring the true problems of this world and of our nation. While Americans continue to focus on the small things, we are missing the big picture and before we all know it, the America we love will be gone. It is time for a change, a peaceful revolution, and it is time that we as Americans but first as a Party and principled people say “No” and own it with pride. After all, saying yes to everything is gluttonous and gluttony is a deadly sin… even for a nation.

There are many different adjectives that can be thrown about when it comes to Obamacare and the physical debate. From confusing to complicated to socialistic, the descriptors seem to range in the area of negativity rather than positivity among the public. Yet, as rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle continues to heat in its temperature, it was unlikely that those on the left would make it about race again…right? Wrong. Once again the left is searching for a way to spin the debate and make it about race and the mainstream media continues to play into the charade.

In recent days, as the debate on Capitol Hill rages and both intra and inter party politics becomes more and more involved, political pundits, officials, and members of the media are trying their best to create a new narrative. Critics of the republican and tea party efforts to stop funding of Obamacare, pay down the debt, and fiscally restrain the government, are finding themselves being labeled as racist. Suddenly, those who hate the President’s legislation are being told that they must hate a non-white president and that is the crux of their issues with Mr. Obama and Democratic Party efforts.

The sad thing is not simply that the left accuses the right of being racist. Rather, it is the idea that they use such a disgusting word and adjective to describe a situation that has nothing to do with race. To exploit and apply the descriptor of racism to every situation that does not go there way is absolutely ridiculous and in itself racially biased. It inevitably puts the President in a position of victimhood and weakness, rather than strength and fortitude. By calling every critic a racist without them truly being so, the left is inevitably creating a situation in which the President is viewed as one who could not possibly be argued with on the merits of his case… nor is he held to the standard of having to defend his position on its merits. Rather, they are allowing him to walk away without genuinely addressing the issue by creating a bully and a disease that does not exist. In this way, then, I would argue that the left and their claims of racism are not only paving the way for a failed state of policies but also making the road harder for minorities in the future to reach the same level as President Obama. Well done lefties… well done.

Once again, the battle on Capitol Hill rages when it comes to Obamacare and the national debt. This time, the debt ceiling and government shutdown are being held hostage in an effort to sway legislatures into defunding the large Affordable Care Act. House Republicans are leading the march in this effort, and reached a victory (so to speak) in that a resolution was passed stating that the Obamacare funding would be redacted and the government would stay open through mid-December.

The truth of the matter is, however, that this is largely politics. Sure, yes, there are principles (potentially) behind the efforts of members of the House are tired (like the American people) of the Obamacare legislation. The fact remains, though, that this is simply delaying what could potentially be the inevitable. Lawmakers are going to have to make that choice between a full shutdown or leaving their defunding principles at the door. Chances are both sides of the aisle will make the choice to raise the debt ceiling, continue spending, and worry about Obamacare and other legislative issues another day.

The fact is that even the best laid of intentions fail in this circumstance and create more theater than progress. There needs to be a real discussion, an honest discussion, about the fallacies, problems, and struggles of the Obamacare enterprise. Leaders on both sides of the aisle and the big guy in the White House fail to see the prudence in this matter. There seems to be no leadership in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that is even willing to discuss the matter thoroughly. Republicans, too, have become used to simply passing the legislation to increase the ceiling and it appears this trend will only continue. It is time that politics was less about politics and more about actual progress. But it appears nothing will change…for now.

Obamacare is facing opposition across both the private and public sectors. The unions, however, have been one of the largest complainants about the bill, a crucial player in the liberal base. With membership down in the AFL-CIO and many labor union members becoming increasingly upset by the parameters placed upon them with the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration is taking note and taking action; actions which have not exactly been received well in the eyes of Republicans.

In a sweetheart deal, the Obama Administration is working with the AFL-CIO to make some accommodations to earn their support by providing a kickback. In essence, the laborers’ unions want to be cut out of some of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act in a way that those private citizens would not be. Specifically, the unions are looking for an out that would allow them to avoid their lower income workers paying the higher rates and avoiding the costs that other lower income members of the public will be forced to undertake.

It looks as if there will be a sweetheart deal by the Obama Administration as it pertains to labor unions. The recent actions by many of these groups have caused the President’s liaisons and many Democratic officials to take note that they are in potential danger of losing a strong member of their base. This is a threat that is being taken very seriously as the Obamacare legislation is facing an increasingly uphill battle in both the public and the private sectors. If a deal is to come down the pike, however, it is likely to upset more than just Republican lawmakers. Rather, it is likely to disturb the psyche of those Americans who still believe in fairness, justice, and those who want better from their governmental officials and their President.

The Obama Administration is bringing out the big guns (pardon the aggressive pun lefties) in their push for approval of the healthcare legislation. The Democratic golden boy, former President Bill Clinton, is being wheeled out once again to stake a claim in the legislation’s success. The once contentious relationship between the President and the former President has been put aside for the moment because, at this present moment, Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton and that is all that matters.

The truth of the matter is (opinion-laced of course) that the Obamas and the Clintons far from get along. Hilary Clinton is still stinging from her defeat at the hands of the up and coming politician that stole her title of first woman President to become the first black President. Benghazi has been laid at her feet, with no true defense from the President, and her pre-game campaigning shows that she wants what Barack ‘stole’ from her. In much the same way, Barack Obama knows that Hilary Clinton has been a thorn in his side from the beginning. She had to have a role in his cabinet to save face, but the two had no loved lost during the election of 2008. Her presence is a constant reminder to her of defeat and to him of the woman chomping at the bit to see him fail just enough for to capitalize upon.

Bill is more of a threat to the President in some ways. The man can walk onto a stage and demand rock star like attention (which is beyond my comprehension but so, too, is the idea that women actually find him appealing). He steals scenes and thunder and has been openly (or open mic-edly I should say) critical of the President. Yet, they both rely on this love – hate relationship to stay relevant. They say politics makes strange bed fellows. I guess when it comes to Obamacare, I can honestly say this is a threesome that will last and for its duration, I will have no desire to be involved in.

Obamacare is still the topic of conversation on Capitol Hill, with senators and congressman from both sides of the aisle staking a claim in the fight. Republicans are waging a strong war to stop the legislation from being enacted to its fullest potential, essentially paving the way for what would become government backed healthcare. Democrats, however, are asserting that the plan needs to move forward, with President Obama himself wading strongly and expectedly into the conversation.

This week, President Obama continued to attack conservatives who were against the bill, asserting that it was there way of preventing millions of Americans from achieving the healthcare they so desperately needed. The President has been wishy-washy on this bill at best and confusing at worst. The President, who has pushed for the legislation he heavy handedly helped create, has also backed efforts to delay portions of the bill that were causing confusion and unrest in the public and private sectors. For instance, the company mandate that would require employers of 50 or more fulltime employees to provide health insurance or face penalties was delayed with much consent from the President. A mixed message at best if he truly believed in the over a thousand page document.

The truth is that Republicans are truly no better in this fight. While the vast majority wants to stop the bill from becoming the law of the land, no one has a consolidated or consistent viewpoint on the alternative. While the American public continues to have problems with the current structure of the bill, simply ending its enactment tends not to sit well with them. They want an alternative that they can grasp onto and with Republicans only united in ending it, this alternative seems far from accessible or tangible. As such, Republicans risk being given the title of the “Party of No” without any real solution provided, hurting chances in midterm elections. While the effort to stop Obamacare is necessary for the future of the country, it is equally important for Republicans to define just what the other options are in order to not only stop a detrimental law from being enacted but also to save the party from further injury.

The United States government is not known for staying in budget. Deficits and debt continue to rise as the economy struggles to gain ground. With some positive projects in the past month, things could be seen as hopeful. Yet, there continues to be a drain on the American economy (and the taxpayers) as funds are funneled into problematic programs, the hands of local governments, and on failed, failing, or irrelevant projects that keep local constituencies happy while placing the burden on other Americans.

Detroit recently announced that they are investigating the possibility of putting all non-Medicare eligible retirees into the Obamacare insurance exchange. The cost would be over two billion dollars placed upon the backs of the federal government and taken off the locality. Other cities are also considering the same potential shift in benefits, which would free up more money for them while burdening the already stressed government. Another unintended consequence of Obamacare.

In recent weeks, Republicans and Democrats (along with the acquiescence of the President) were able to stop the portion of Obamacare legislation that would require all businesses of fifty full-time employees or more to offer health insurance to their staff. The individual mandate, too, has been delayed as well. What this means that employers, preparing for the changes in legislation and beginning to weigh penalty over provisions, are breathing a sigh of relief over the lack of potential debt their businesses would have had to undertake. But, this leaves millions of Americans uninsured and the government having to pick up the tab for their care. It is estimated that roughly ten million dollars, too, that would have been collected in penalties will never be and the projections of the CBO do not make this concession appear economically rewarding.

The problem is not that the concessions were made and the mandates delayed. The problem is the bill in the first place. Obamacare has been a farce since the beginning, a failed attempt at some type of Big Government inclusion that had no real basis. It is that it was ever passed in the first place. The complications and strife that are to come from this legislation are just beginning to be witnessed. Time will show where they lead and what will occur but the path through Obamacare appears to be a tremendously rocky one.

The once booming factories and plants of Detroit have stopped humming their daily songs of work. People mill about looking for work or dejected from their efforts. Crime is on the rise in the Motor City and the world has watched as the once mecca for car enthusiasts slips into a near economic coma of frustration and anger over some direction. The ball is in the Obama court once again as the city that he campaigned and used to promise economic recovery now asks for his support in a bailout, a move that is highly unlikely and would be extremely unprecedented. The approach, however, is a unique one that may cause a bit of confusion in how to handle.

Detroit, as a city, has filed for bankruptcy and sought the help of President Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill to provide them with the funds needed to regain some traction economically. The move, as aforementioned, is unheard of and it is likely that the Obama Administration will avoid such financial reward for failure. Obamacare may serve as the missing link between financial relief and true bailout.

Along with several other major cities, it is reported that the government in Detroit is seeking to shift retirees into the Obamacare insurance exchange for employees that are too young for Medicare but already retired from the job. This would mean less payment for the local government and a chance to place more of a burden on the federal government. As a result, it would lower the amount owed and free up some financial opportunities for Detroit as they attempt to pay back their creditors via bankruptcy proceedings. In its most basic form, it would not be considered a bailout. It would, however, cause a nearly six billion dollar burden to be placed upon Washington, another unintended consequence of the Obamacare bill.

There is no doubt that Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has seen its fair share of problems since its inception and passage. The law, which has been criticized by Republicans for being too far reaching, problematic, and filled with unnecessary pork and regulations, is facing another setback in full implementation. The House voted to delay a portion of the bill that would require employers of 50 full time workers or more on staff to offer healthcare or face a penalty. With employers wary and weary of the constant regulations, the success of this portion of the bill was in limbo. This week, it received a stay of implementation that was to the satisfaction of many Republicans.

The problem with this portion of Obamacare, or at least one of the problems, was that it was becoming more and more apparent to employers that offering insurance to their employees would cost them more than the penalty. In essence, employers were highly considering the choice of simply not providing insurance rather than curb their behavior to meet the regulations. This would negate the President’s promise that everyone with insurance would be able to keep it if they wanted.

The Obama Administration noted this problem and recognized the potential for problems in recent months, backing away from the 2015 implementation. The delay in the actual enforcement is just the first step for many Republicans who have doubted the bill from the beginning. The next plan of attack and delay is in the area of the individual mandate, with many Republican leaders (and those in the public) urging the Administration and Congress for reconsideration. This is a promising sign for those who want to defeat the bill all together and see its repeal, if only a glimmer of hope. Republicans will likely continue the fight and hopefully be able to put pressure until more action can be taken by a Republican leader. The GOP has its work cut out for itself but the public is becoming more aware of the problems hidden within this gem of healthcare legislation, and it is only likely to grow in scrutiny over time.