So here we sit, the afternoon before polls open and the answer is still very much in question.

Both candidates are conducting last minute campaign blitzkriegs, seeking to sway the precious few Americans that are planning to vote, but that have not yet made up their mind.

There are grand predictions of landslides for both sides, which look silly. No, more than likely, this is election is going to be more like 2000 or 2004, rather than 2008.

The national polls remain virtually tied, but they realistically mean nothing, as Al Gore will tell you after winning the 2000 popular vote, but losing the White House to George W. Bush. The swing states are where this election will be decided. The RCP state polling aggregate lists 11 states as “toss up”, and President Obama has leads in nine of them. The Romney states are North Carolina and Florida, while Obama holds the lead by three points or more in Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Closer are Ohio, Nevada and New Hampshire. Even closer are Colorado and Virginia.

So let’s have some electoral college fun!

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We’ve given away some strange prizes through the years at PD. But there’s one thing that lures in the lurkers more than any other: Cold. Hard. Cash.

So today, we’re giving $100 to the winner of our Super Tuesday Tip Sheet Challenge.

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We have a good idea who will win in Florida, but by how much will Mitt Romney win? Or will you predict an upset? Newt Gingrich seems destined for second, but third place is a toss up. Not finishing last is probably more important to Rick Santorum’s campaign that lacks any solid base, as opposed to Ron Paul.

As for the contest, predict the order of finish, including percentage of the vote for the four main candidates. If anyone gets all four percentages rounded to the nearest whole number right, Jason will send you a book from his stash. If two people pick all the same percentages, the person whose comment time stamp is earlier will have the valid entry. Now begin channeling your inner Nostradamus.

We are giving away two packages of goodies from Jason’s personal New York Times bestselling stash including a Christmas Jars collection.

To enter, leave your name, state, and the best gift you ever received for Christmas. There will be two winners, one chosen at random and a second for the most creative as determined by the editors and input from your comments.

Finally, don’t forget to “Like” Political Derby on Facebook!

Congrats to Ray Brennan and Ron Turner. With the concession of Rossi in Washington, Ray and Ron correctly picked every race. Both also predicted Murkowski in Alaska, which seems the likely outcome.

Having tied on the number of correct picks, we went to the tie-breaker. Ray predicted the GOP would pick up 54 seats in the House and Ron predicted 51. So the big prize goes to Ray.

Ray, if you’re able to contain your excitement, please drop us a note with your mailing address.

PDers, give Ray some PD love and offer hearty and horsey congrats.

Click here to play the Political Derby 2010 Mid-term Pick ‘em. Predict the outcome of 9 races and how many total seats the GOP will pick up. (Polls are closing and the deadline for entry has now passed).

Deadline is Tuesday when the polls close. Good luck! (It’s closed!)

Winner gets $100 cash and a signed copy of The Seventeen Second Miracle.

The title of this post is in honor of our long-lost friend Boru. It is fair to criticize the stupid people on all sides of the debate. But if you actually watched and listened to the video, you will see this is one isolated person who acts stupidly (unlike President Obama, we do have the facts on this one, and this person was in fact acting stupidly). Everyone else was searching for the police to handle the paid operative, Lauren Valle (who was charged with a felony as a Green”peace” operative in May of this year), seeking to add to this photo roll (because apparently only Democrats are allowed to accept donations from big business, like President Obama’s $77,051, the largest corporate contribution from BP during this past election cycle, but Republicans are all selling their votes, who knew?). Further, you can hear someone saying: “No no no no, come on,” successfully convincing this idiot to not stomp on this unfortunate lady’s head again.

On another note, today I confirmed that Harry Reid’s book sales did not contribute to the $750,000 in cash he paid for his Washington DC Ritz-Carlton condominium. You know, that is the place where he doesn’t live, he only “stays” at in Washington, because, remember, being paid $193,400 per year, he knows what is best for the average smelly American, which is why he had played such a vital role in socializing our health care, extending the annual federal operating budget deficit to $1.3 trillion, and destroying our economy (remember when the “stimulus” package would never allow unemployment to exceed 8%?) . Harry Reid certainly does know something about “The Good Fight”, well, “The Fight,” anyway. This stack of books pictured below the jump was priced at only $1 each, covered in dust, and apparently couldn’t be marked down low enough! So the evidence appears conclusive that “The Good Fight” did not fund The Ritz for Harry Reid.

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DeMint wants to rid the party of Moderates and understands that you must run candidates that uphold your ideals and not candidates that are “viable.”

Rush says this better then I ever could and it also applies to those who call Paulites kooks.

Unless you’re in hiding deeper than Sandra Bullock these days, you know that the House is scheduled to vote on the 2010 Welcome to Canada Health Care Bill. So let’s have some fun.

Predict the final outcome (example: 220-215) and whether it passes or fails. Whomever predicts the final vote will win a copy of my latest novel, The Cross Gardener.

I’ll post a tiebreaker question only if needed after the vote.

By now everyone knows CPAC is well underway. Between now and Saturday, attendees will have a chance to vote in the most important 2012 poll of any kind to-date. Who will win?

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Well, the truth is out. Indisputable. Inevitable. Indubitable. Irrefutable. Incontrovertible.

The verdict is in.

Earlier this morning, Punxsutawney Phil took one look at the proposed new federal gov’t budget, saw the shadow this debt-riddled monstrosity cast over him, let out a shriek, and quickly scampered back into his hole.

His last words were, “What the #@$% is THAT?” …or something to that effect.

So there you have it – six more years of recession. Have a nice day.

I wonder if someone could slip him a copy of the latest Derby rankings and see if he could give a few thoughts on it?

I suspect he’ll go for Paw-lenty over Mittens…by a hair, of course.

It could be argued Tuesday is the most important day thus far in the Obama presidency. Obviously a win by the GOP in Massachusetts would shake the Senate and send ripples through the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

So who do you think will win?

Pick the winner of Brown v. Coakley in the comments and include your prediction of the final percentages for each candidate. (Don’t forget the independent candidate, Joseph Kennedy.)

Closest guess to actual percentages wins a signed copy of one my books. Take your pick. They’re all equally mediocre.