PD Composite


The Political Derby Composite Poll (PDC) is a tool that takes the most recent major polls and weighs their results based on poll age, momentum from poll to poll, sample type, and margin of error each day using a proprietary formula.

Unlike other poll compilations, this is not a simple average. Rather, it is a data-driven tool that measures voter sentiment on a daily basis. The polls that make up the PD Composite are well-known reputable national polls who sample “likely primary voters” and “registered voters”, as opposed to only “adults.”

The PD Composite formula has proven to be the most successful measure of candidate races in American politics, as its results identify the current status of each race each day, without lagging behind or using an undisciplined, oft-changing time period for measurement as some sites using an “average” do. Previous Composite Polls, including the retired GOP Primary Poll can be found here.

The Composite is updated daily, polls age each day and at least two polling firms, Rasmussen and Gallup, are conducting daily tracking polls. The PDC will also be featured in semi-regular posts that coincide with significant data shifts. If you would like to comment on the most recent version navigate over to the post page.

Source polls for the PD Composite: ABC News/Washington Post, Bloomberg, CBS News/NY Times, CNN/Opinion Research, Democracy Corps, FOX News, Gallup, Investor’s Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP , McClatchy/Marist College, NBC News/Wall Street Journal, Pew Research, Politico/George Washington University/Battleground, Public Policy Polling, Quinnipiac University, Rasmussen Reports, Reuters/Ipsos