The New York Times says Chris Christie is a big, fat liar. Ok, not in so many words but that’s the general idea.

“Governor Christie’s Talk Is Blunt, but Not Always Straight”

Do they have a point, or is this more bias?

Newt Gingrich has an exploratory committee. Any guesses about the first thing they told him? Chances are it was something like, “Women and the religious right hate you for your personal indiscretions.” In case you forgot or were unaware – a quick recap from John Marshall at TPM:

Let’s remember, Newt famously dumped wife #1 for wife #2 while wife #1 was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. As in literally went to the hospital to present her with divorce papers while she was recovering from surgery for uterine cancer.

He eventually dumped wife #2 for wife #3 shortly after wife #2 was diagnosed with MS back in 1999. And he was having the affair on wife #2 with wife #3 while he was turning the country upside down trying to drive Bill Clinton from office over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

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In the middle of a budget fight that tries to tackle delicate issues like Defense, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid spending, one cut has been all but ignored: earmarks. Earmarks are the easiest cut in the budget – everyone hates them since they’re wasteful, unnecessary and nothing but pet projects for fat-cat Congressman (unless the money is for me). So, Obama and the GOP say let’s get rid of them all, the former even threatening to veto any bill that comes to his desk with an earmark. Can’t you just hear the cheers of colonial garb-clad middle aged white men holding misspelled signs?
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They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither…

This is perhaps one of the most famous (and perhaps overused) quotes of the very, very quotable Benjamin Franklin. I admit – I am a bit of a Franklin devotee, which means I have at least one thing in common with the Tea Party. Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I think that means, by some mathematical law, everything he ever said must be honored and followed by any card-carrying member of the Tea Party. Besides, they loved the Gadsden Flag, based on his “Join or Die” cartoon.
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Barbara Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush (who himself campaigned for the passage of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage) released a video this week endorsing gay marriage.

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Barney Frank is probably not on many people’s list of favorite U.S. Representatives around here. However, it appears that he is taking the lead on cooperation with House Republicans as they try to alter a small provision of the Dodd-Frank Act that was passed over the summer. To be fair, Frank was never really supportive of the original provision, pushed by Dick Durbin in the Senate, on limiting fees that credit card companies and banks could charge merchants. The Bloomberg article also notes that,

“The interchange issue has created unorthodox battle lines in Congress, with some Republicans who side with large merchants voting for the rules, and Democrats, unconvinced by the argument, voting against.”

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Please welcome Stephen Meehan to the pond. Play nice with the new guy!

The Oval from USA Today is reporting that Obama “is on a political roll.” Jackson cites Obama’s rising approval ratings and a new McLatchy-Marist survey that says Obama is crushing any and all potential GOP candidates, particularly Sarah Palin. I’m not as shocked by this as I am by the fact that everyone up till now had been basically counting Obama out of the race.

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