Is Hillary done?


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Is this the end of the possible Clinton spoiler run in 2012? Or anything beyond that?

In light of the Hillary thumbprint on the spookification of the Foreign Service, one has to wonder if she’ll hold down the current job of SoS – or even apply for the Bigger Office later.
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I am reading a biography on Sam Adams (the patriot, not the beer), and I must say, the man’s stature is increasing immensely in my eyes. There is much to admire and be inspired by the lesser known of the two Adams cousins who helped found the country.

samuel-adams1Just after receiving the news of the victory at Saratoga in November 1778, Congress, meeting in York, PA, adopted a proclamation written by Sam Adams that declared that Thursday December 18 was to be a day of “solemn thanksgiving to God” for His blessings upon us—not just for the victory, but for the many ample blessings of God upon the whole of society.
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In the spirit of fantasy football & all the pick ’em sites (I’m still ahead of Jason, BTW), I thought it’d be fun to draw out some imaginative possibilities from the “potential pack of Presidential prospects” (say that 10x fast). Let’s see what intriguing presidential campaign matchups we can dream up…
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[Subtitled: The Poly Sci Paper I never handed in]

America tends to be a center-right country. The latest Gallup out today puts it at 48% conservative, 32% moderate, and 20% liberal; four years ago it was 42-37-21%. But in what ways? I think it holds true in three key ways: fiscally conservative, socially centered (yet with a libertarian streak), and security centered (but with a strong presence on the right).

I decided to explore this more and ask the question of what this would look like graphically – thus the chart below. With it I tried to gauge and measure the tenor of each of the last five presidencies according to these three areas, and how they played out in their administrations (or campaigns).
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So has the Tea Party been a positve or negative for the Republicans?
Has it destroyed the party, or delivered it?
Has it improved it or deformed it, evidenced by some recent “electable-or-not” candidates coming from the primaries?

Peggy Noonan at WSJ writes that the Tea Party was nothing less than the savior of the Republican party. Without it, the R’s would have been left for dead politically, relegated to regional status and effectiveness.

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Name that book


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name that book

What was the name of the book that went sailing past Pres. Obama the other day in Philly?

No confirmation yet on the whereabouts of editor David Kaiser at the time.

Joe Biden just discovered he’s first in line for presidential succession:


No telling what year he’ll remember he can also cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate – or play checkers in the Oval Office when the President is on vacation.

Killer T party

“Follow…But! Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the entrance to this election is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no moderate Republican yet has fought with it and lived. Bones of full fifty Democrats lie strewn about its lair.

So, brave incumbents, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further…for death awaits you all with big, nasty, Palin teeth.” – Tim the Enchanted Pundit

“What, you mean – behind the Tea Party?”
“It IS the Tea Party!”
“You got us all worked up for nothing! Sir Reid has soiled his business suit.”
“But just look at the exit polls!”
“Send Sir MSM in to clean it up.” “Right, one tea bagger coming up.”

(One can never get enough Monty Python references in an election…)

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Ooh, such juicy intrigue! Boy, I haven’t seen this much traffic on PD since Scooter Brown was barnstorming the Massachusetts countryside in his ’87 Ford pickup. (Probably making Jason’s visitor ticker spin off the bottom of the page.) Let’s continue the chat we’ve started, and push the issue a little further.

Here’s The Question: So what do you think would be better – the Repubs gaining both chambers, or just winning the House this fall? What would be the pros/cons of either scenario?
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I just came across an absolutely fascinating examination of the values and motives of Barack Hussein Obama–Senior, that is, and how his life and legacy has influenced and taken root in the son, our becoming-less-beloved-daily president. Dinesh D’Souza profiles the mentality of O-Jr through the lens of the philosophy that captivated and controlled his father: being an anti-colonialist against the oppressive European powers that dominated Africa for most of the 20th century.

Frankly, it’s the best article I’ve ever read getting inside the mind of Barack Obama and incorporating all the elements: socialism, private enterprize disdain, religious experiences, quirky policy moves, etc. You will not forget this column. I guarantee it.

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Obama’s phone call


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Top ten things overheard today during the telephone call Obama placed to GWB:

10. “How do you spell “strategery”?”

9. “Would you mind if I blamed one more thing on you?”

8. “Do you have any ideas on how to shut Joe Biden up?”

7. “I’ve maxed out the government credit card. Any idea where you might have stashed a few extra hundred billion?”

6. “Thanks for the TARP bill. IT was cool taking over the auto industry and student loan biz.”

5. “How did it feel in the mornings not having the media as your bosom buddy?”

4. “Any ideas on how to get flyover country to like me again? What’s so funny?”

3. “Got any good places to go on vacation?”

2. “Know any good economists?”

1. “Would it be OK if I took all the credit for this war, even though I voted against every measure to make it succeed?”

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Let’s see how many newsworthy items you can combine with this photo: (All references between BP, the World Cup, and Barack Obama are purely intentional)

> “Soccer balls and oil spills: Two things the Brits can’t contain.”

> “We know who’s butt is going to get kicked tonight.”

> “BP’s environmental safety plan – as trustworthy as a British goalkeeper.”

> “Hey ma, look – no hands.”

> “I wish I could get the first half of this game back.”

> What’s big, green, and really makes a mess of things?
a) BP
b) Incredible Hulk reruns on TVLand
c) British keepers

Hate to admit it, but me thinks Joe Sestak is screwed. Or maybe not—that I’d hate to admit it, that is, not that Joe’s going to get thrown under the bus. The only question he will be asking is, “do those all-season radials come with white walls?”

In case you’ve been hiding in a cave, or exploring the deeper part of Penn’s Woods for a week with the fam in a cabin like me (remind me to tell you about the personal encounter I had with a bat in my shower), by now you know that Joe has beaten the political equivalent of Freddie Krueger in the primaries – badly too, I might add. Arlen should have prayed for a sunny day in Philly, as well as a blizzard across the rest of the state, in order to win. But alas, like a 60 year-old woman working on a 30 year-old tan, his time in the sun is over (no cancer references intended).

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The specter of Specter


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Within a month, Dem challenger Joe Sestak has closed the gap on Arlen Specter’s bid to continue receiving life support from the US Senate. Back on April 5th, Sestak trailed 46-27%. Since then, he has blazed an upward trajectory to where he is now the favored candidate from multiple polls with less than a week to go. Primaries are next Tuesday, May 18th.

Has he peaked early, or just at the right time? We’ll see. The only way Specter can save his sorry behind for the general election is by getting out the Philadelphia vote, where he first entered the scene as a DA in 1879–or some year shortly after that. But despite the endorsements, enthusiasm is not running high to charge out the door and punch a chad for Arlen.
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Tip O’Neil’s famous quote is a good barometer to measure the issue of illegal immigration. Up here in the great commonwealth of PA, we do not have anywhere close to the degree of issues that Arizonians face, at least not in my neck of the woods. So for me to render judgment upon the recent law in AZ by using my own local yardstick of experience would be a bit unreasonable. I simply do not face the same issues they do, from organized crime, health care, social services, etc. I’d need to know why the need for a law is so critical; that would be a job for the citizens of AZ to share.

They key thing is this: I think Arizonians need to speak up as to why they needed to craft and frame the law the way they did. Frankly, regardless of whether or not AZ was right to do this, they are getting creamed in the PR battle. People with agendas are successfully painting them as racists, which is a shame, because it tosses out any chance to dialogue about safety and security being just as important as encouraging legal immigration.
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Saw this quote on another site, and agreed with it too much to let it slip. It is Winston Churchill’s response to the signing of the Munich agreement in 1938, the famous “Peace in our time” declaration. I thought it was appropriate for the signing of the recent Health Care Reform bill.

“…they should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road… and do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of the bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in olden time.”

– From his speech in protest against the Munich settlement, 1938

The key question is – “do what?” That’s the critical fork in the road we face: can the currently elected cadre of leaders composed mainly of Boomers manage the affairs of state prudently, or do they tank the very country they have siphoned from over the last 60 years?

I’m on the leading edge of the Xer age. And I’ve been convinced since my early years that things will not perpetually get better and better and better in our country, especially not with choices, patterns, and lifestyles that do not reward thrift, restraint, modesty, and patience. When I examine my elder brethren, I am left wondering if their lasting legacy upon this great land will be one which will resign them to the doghouse of historical judgment.

Boomers are poised to leave a determinative mark on their country. The question is what kind.

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Having tea in Brighton


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It’s contagious. Even the Brits, composed as they are known to be, have gotten a little exuberant about protesting their government spending issues. And believe me, if you thought we had it bad – wow, they’ve got it worse. Their debt is 12.6 of GDP; Greece is 12.7, and the Greek state is falling apart. That’s like hanging onto the outside of an airplane while it’s in the air – you’d better have a darn good grip, or you’re going down fast.

Revered conservative and PD hero Daniel Hannan decided to host an American style Tea Party protest with only 2 days notice – and they packed the house. They were expecting 50, and over 300+ showed up. It was wildly received. And they did serve the real stuff – a spot of tea, what?

Here he is being interviewed just ahead of the event on Friday.

Me thinks pockets of common sense are starting to break out around the world.

The latest phrase to describe the Obama Admin and the Dem Congress? As a matter of fact, no. it’s the description of the Republican held Senate in 2005, when the Repub’s wanted to use the “nuclear option” on judicial nominees that the Dem’s were holding up – the same tactic the Dem’s want to use to pass health care (reconciliation).

A rather lengthy list of Democrats sounding extremely righteous in their criticism of it.

Biden (a classic as always): “I pray God that we don’t we don’t make the kind of naked power grab you are doing.”

So, now that you do have the power, have you decided that it’s all of a sudden OK to try these ‘arrogant naked power grabs’?

Incredible display of hypocrisy…

First, a disclaimer: I did not go to CPAC, didn’t watch any of the speeches, noticed only a few headlines about it, and of course, I am not a Ron Paul fan.

Instead, I thought I’d write a fresh post on the issue of the main message coming from CPAC last weekend. As we’ve all been made aware, Ron Paul stole…er, rigged…I mean, won the straw poll released on Sunday (that was for all the conspiracy theorists among us).

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