President Obama and the State Department have just issued their rejection of the Keystone pipeline that would go from Texas to Canada. The pipeline was expected to create 20,000 jobs on it’s construction and reign in on America’s dependence on foreign oil. This will put Obama on the defense very quickly. You can be sure that this will be brought up in the debate tomorrow for the GOP presidential candidates to frame the president as a job killer.

You can read more about the pipeline here.

The Obama administration is blaming the GOP for not giving the State Department enough time to evaluate the pipeline proposal. Let’s not forget, however, that it was the Obama administration along with Senate Democrats that pushed for a short 60 days extension of payroll tax cuts and decision on the pipeline instead of a full year long extension that the House GOP wanted. Also, it should be noted that Obama is complaining about not having enough time when he delayed a decision on this very same pipeline over a year ago. Times up and the GOP is blasting Obama over his decision.

Since losing his sizable lead in the polls, it has been no secret that Newt Gingrich has been enraged by Mitt Romney and his Super PAC, Restore Our Future, which aired multiple negative ads about Gingrich in Iowa. Newt has waged all out war on only one candidate, and that is Romney. You can tell by the tone of his voice, when he talks about Mitt Romney, it’s personal. Long gone is the positive Newt who focused on his “ideas oriented campaign.” Gingrich doesn’t  seemingly have a path to the nomination but that doesn’t matter to him anymore; he only has one goal: revenge.

He may have found some help.
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Is there time for one more surge before the Iowa caucus? The roller coaster ride that has been the GOP primary may see one last turn. Rick Santorum has seen his support triple almost overnight. Santorum has now passed Gingrich in the most recent Rasmussen Reports Iowa poll with 16% of the total vote. Romney and Paul still lead the pack with 23% each. With Gingrich’s nose dive, the anti-Romney vote is going in yet another direction. What is so interesting to me about these candidate surges is that they seem to come out of nowhere. Nothing prompted a rise in Santorum’s numbers except maybe he was just next in line to receive a bump. It is as if one man in a back room somewhere is controlling the entire primary and after he gets bored with one candidate in the spotlight, he switches to another one.
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Rate that ad


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Team Romney released the following ad. “Freedom And Opportunity” flashes farm, technology and patriotic images. Images meant to play well in Iowa. Note the wind blowing through Romney’s no more stoic hair. Will it get the job done?

Newt Gingrich’s campaign just suffered a rather significant setback this Christmas Eve. The Virginia state GOP has just announced that Newt will be joining Rick Perry on the sidelines of the Virginia primary battle. Gingrich failed to qualify for the state’s ballot. The Virginia GOP released on twitter that both Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich failed in reaching the 10,000 minimum signatures, with at least 400 signatures from each of Virginia’s eleven congressional districts, to appear on the ballot.
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Just in time with the end of the rest of the fall shows, the season finale of America’s new favorite reality show has arrived. We have seven candidates with seven roses left but that will be dwindled down to one winner in the next coming weeks and months. I am not talking about The Bachelor though, I am talking about the GOP primary. Just like any proper season finale, the stakes couldn’t be any higher for the contestants hoping to win over the people of Iowa and New Hampshire so that they can stay on for another season. Each candidate has much to lose or gain in their last major opportunity to contrast themselves with their opponents head on. Tonight will be the last chance to make an impression on the early state voters.
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Because it looks like we are nearing the last stop of the Cain Train, I thought we should all take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of his campaign. If Herman Cain is finally swallowed up by all of these allegations, the derby to the nomination just got a lot less entertaining. The GOP will be better off without Cain but we will no longer get media segments like this one…

Rachel Maddow realizes Herman Cain is an art project

Cain’s campaign was one of the most oddly run operations in politics. While serious and disturbing allegations may be the reason Cain withdraws his candidacy from the race, the American people and the GOP should have done it a long time ago. This video doesn’t even include Cain’s actual policy blunders but just some of the more comical moments from the past few months. I will conclude by saying that this is most certainly the very first time that Rachel Maddow and I have agreed on anything at all.

No deal. The appointed Super Committee of Congress couldn’t reach an agreement on a way to cut 1.2 trillion dollars which will now trigger massive automatic spending cuts to Medicare and to the military defense budget. This is a new low for American government. I would argue that it is possible that this country and its government have not been this divided in over fifty years.
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Politico is blaming Cain, Cain is blaming Perry, Cain’s advisor is pointing at Curt Anderson, Perry is placing responsibility on Romney, and The Washington Times came out of nowhere giving Rahm Emanuel responsibility for leaking the story. Herman Cain’s sexual harassment scandal has sure turned into a whirlwind of accusations. Aren’t we missing the point though? Instead of focusing on the accusations shouldn’t we turn our attention to the allegations?
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Chris Wallace had some words for Gov. Romney and his campaign team: “let’s talk.” Wallace called out the Romney campaign for avoiding the media and not scheduling any one on one interviews with the former Governor of Massachusetts.

“He has not appeared on this program or any Sunday talk show since March of 2010,” Wallace said. “We invited Gov. Romney again this week, but his campaign says he’s still not ready to sit down for an interview.”

The belief is that Romney is playing it safe by avoiding interviews with the media, where many candidates trip up. I am a big Romney fan but even I can admit that I agree with Chris Wallace on this one. Romney should be out on the news waves promoting his agenda utilizing the free airtime. Cain has a very low budget campaign so he utilizes Fox News any time he can. These days, it seems like Cain has been on Fox News more than some paid contributors and even some show hosts have. These interviews are how voters get to know a candidate and determine if they think that candidate is Perry’s favorite word, authentic. Romney is not getting over the 30% hump because of this hurdle and his fear of making a mistake is costing him many opportunities to take a commanding lead. No one wants a timid leader; where there is risk, there is opportunity. Works for Capitalism, works for politics.



Simple does not mean better; these words are not synonymous. Sometime in the past, the Godfather must have read the thesaurus incorrectly and confused the two words to go hand in hand. Cain has used the word “simple” as the moniker for his campaign message because he does not know enough about foreign policy, the economy, and our tax code to talk in specifics. Cain has benefitted from his warm and straight forward personality, however, he has misspoken plenty of times. It is time to call Cain out now that he is in the top tier and this includes his biggest doozie, the 999 plan.
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No, there is nothing wrong with your eyesight and I had to check twice that I’d typed it correctly. Herman Cain placed first in the most recent poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal. So is pizza man’s victory a fluke, or is this actually happening? Romney remains the frontrunner, but there’s no denying Cain’s momentum.

Well, we have another debate on our hands and I couldn’t be more excited. Today we will be able to watch our favorite candidates duke it out face to face in a battle royal. Oh how I missed this! This debate season has treated us well with Perry seemingly falling asleep before our very eyes, Cain’s roaring laugh, Santorum’s constipated face, and Paul’s angry rambling. Its been a while since our last debate and a lot of controversy has stirred up since.

This post is for the betting man or woman out there. I personally recommend to gather up some of your best friends, order up your favorite food, claim a seat on your coach and set up a big board with the over/under of the following happening tonight:
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If each candidate were an NFL quarterback, which one would they be? That is a discussion I recently had with my good friend the other day. We disagreed on some but luckily I do not have to give his side of things with this post. Each candidate has a different approach to the 2012 elections and brings with him or her a different set of skills. The same can be said of every NFL quarterback in the league. Here is my breakdown:

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Mitt Romney’s newest ad against Rick Perry.

It’s the Republican Armageddon! Everybody panic; Rick Perry stumbled over his words and now he can’t possibly be our candidate! Romney is not conservative enough. Paul is unelectable. Bachmann is a walking blooper reel. Cain is funny but not a serious candidate. Santorum has clearly missed the last four years and is still talking about social issues instead of the economy. Gingrich believes his new opponent for the nomination is the media. Huntsman just realized he accidentally is running for the Republican nomination instead of the Democratic primary he should be in. Where do we go from here? Who can we find to save our party?
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Let me ask you something. How well would a construction worker do his job if he was handed a scalpel for his daily responsibilities? Obviously not very well. This morning I was watching the construction going on across the street from my Foggy Bottom apartment and it reminded me of all the times I have heard we need to use a scalpel instead of a wrecking ball when it comes to our budget.
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This is a fantastic article that a good friend of mine sent to me yesterday. I love the side by side comparisons of these two very controversial figures. Ironically, my very first article was something very similar.

Click here to read the article by Joe Scarborough.

If you would like to read the article I wrote comparing Anthony Weiner to Lebron James, click the “Read More” link.

Enjoy your Wednesdays PD family!

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Per usual, the news stations have been buzzing and the analysts have been arguing. The guys over on CNN have been trying to seem smarter than they really are and those over on Fox News have been as loud as ever. What’s it about this time though? Well, Republicans won two special election contests for Congress on Tuesday. The first election was not much of a surprise since it was  previously a Republican held seat representing Nevada’s 2nd district. The second seat, however, is of much more significance.

Our good friend Anthony Weiner will be replaced by Bob Turner, a Tea Party Republican who is staunchly against Stimulus II and blasted Obama repeatedly when campaigning. This is as ironic as it gets in politics. The pit bull of the Democratic party resigns amid a scandal and to replace him one of the most liberal districts in the country decided to elect a Tea Party guy with no political experience whatsoever over a liberal career politician.
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