My wish for my weekend at CPAC was for Romney, Newt or Santorum to win me over. Yes, I know, that was a tall order and it didn’t happen, but one of them did make it a little easier to vote for him.
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CPAC Update


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CPAC is my favorite time of the year…. Even more so than Christmas. And yes, I know that makes me a geek, but I embrace it. Last year I left thinking that I was going to run for Congress. This year, I’m just depressed.

The ACU (American Conservative Union who puts on CPAC annually) paraded true Conservative after true Conservative in front of us yesterday and this morning. We heard from the likes of Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Bob McDonnell and Paul Ryan. It left us all thinking “What if”.
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Karl Rove has made a few political predictions for 2012.  What say you?

  1. Republicans will keep the U.S. House, albeit with their 25-seat majority slightly reduced. In the 10 presidential re-elections since 1936, the party in control of the White House has added House seats in seven contests and lost them in three. The average gain has been 12 seats. The largest pickup was 24 seats in 1944—but President Barack Obama is no FDR, despite what he said in his recent “60 Minutes” interview. Read more

Speechless?  Yeah, I was too when I first read the headline on The Daily Caller.  Apparently Cain has completely lost his mind since “suspending” his presidential campaign due to allegations of sexual harassment and a 13-year extramarital affair.

This is the very same Herman Cain that did not know whether he was for or against Obama’s Libya policy and falsely claimed that the Taliban was playing a role in Libya’s new government.  This is also the same guy that insisted that leaders don’t need to know anything about world affairs, they just need to provide clarity and a competent staff.  In an interview with The Daily Caller, Cain had this to say about the expertise needed to be Secretary of Defense:

You don’t need to have defense expertise.  You don’t even need to have military expertise.  You need to have leadership expertise.  That’s what I would bring to that job.

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PD regulars know that I have been a fan of Herman Cain for a long time, well before his rise in the polls.  Although, I’m wavering in that support due to some of his most recent gaffes, handling of the sexual harassment allegation and choice of campaign staff (i.e. Mark Block), I think it’s important for people to look at the accusations against him objectively rather than jumping to conclusions and using clichés such as, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. 

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It looks like Michele Bachmann’s campaign may finally be coming to end. According to Politico, her entire New Hampshire staff quit. Bachmann was never making a big play for New Hampshire. She has always had her eye on Iowa. However, if the reports that she hasn’t paid her staff in month are true, it could spell much bigger problems for her campaign.

Here’s to hoping she’s finally figured out that it’s time to cut her losses.

Despite all of the controversy around his 9-9-9 plan and a lack of organization in Iowa, Cain has a 7% lead in Iowawith Romney coming in second at 21%, Paul third at 10% and Perry coming in an embarrassing 6th place.  Many say he doesn’t have a chance in places like Iowa that require boots on the ground and a lot of face time with voters. 

The Iowa Caucus is only 75 days away.  What are your predictions as to how Iowa will play out?

At 8:00 pm Eastern tonight, Bloomberg and the Washington Post will host the next GOP Presidential Debate.  Historically, debates have not made much of an impact on the polls, but this year is different.  Pawlenty’s campaign floundered and eventually gave up after he backed off his “ObamneyCare” statement when he was face to face with Romney.  His bickering with Bachmann like a catty little school girl didn’t help him either.  Then we had Bachmann who completely disappeared in the debate after her big win in Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll… so much so that she was handed an embarrassing defeat by Cain in a straw poll in her own home state over the weekend.  Perry’s train lost steam and close to 50% of his polling numbers when he couldn’t defend his stance on illegal immigration and stay awake during the last two debate.  Cain seems to be the only one who has gained momentum as a result of the debates, going from barely staying out of the bottom tier to a frontrunner.

There’s a lot at stake tonight.  Perry needs to prove that he can stay awake and intelligently defend his more liberal positions.  Cain has a newly minted target on his back so much of the focus will be on his as he takes center stage between Perry and Romney.  Romney will likely take quite a few punches as well since he is the clear frontrunner in New Hampshire and the focus is expected to be on the economy, which is supposed to be his strength.

What do you think will happen in the debate tonight?  Who will come out on top, who will get beat up and who should pack it up?

Over the weekend, Hermain Cain had a decisive victory in the Florida Straw Poll, garnering more votes than Perry and Romney combined.  So what does this mean?

Before you say nothing, here’s a little food for thought…

  • The Florida Straw Poll has predicted the Republican Nominee every year since 1979
  • The Florida GOP has a more extensive screening process, unlike Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll that is generally won by the candidate that can bus in the most supporters
  • Cain also won Colorado’s Western Conservative Summit with 48% of the vote

With Perry floundering, will this have an impact on the rankings or will it break Florida’s 32 year streak of predicting the nominee?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the Solyndra scandal.  It’s being touted as Obama’s first scandal, well at least the first one that has known ties to the White House.  How will this impact 2012?  Or will it just blow over by then?

Last night in the CNN Tea Party Debate (I am still trying to figure out how CNN and the Tea Party came together), Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry had a heated exchange about Perry’s attempted Executive Order to require all twelve year old girls in Texas to receive an HPV vaccination.

As most PD regulars know, I am no fan of Rick Perry and certainly not one to defend him, nor am I defending him now, but Bachmann made a couple of assertions that were blatantly false.

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In 1893 and 1907, JP Morgan, a financier, used his considerable power, influence and leadership skills to save our economy from major economic downturns after Americans lost confidence in the economy and there was a serious lack of liquidity in the market.  104 years later, we are in the same situation and, for the last 3 years, have been lacking the leadership of someone such as JP Morgan.  About 2.5 years ago, I wrote a post asking who could fill the role of JP Morgan in our current fiscal crisis.  I think we have finally found our answer in Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

A few weeks ago, Schultz called on fellow executives to sign a pledge to stop donating to political campaigns until Washington can pass a bi-partisan, fiscally-disciplined deal to reduce the deficit.  In addition, he asked that the executives also agree to accelerate hiring within their businesses to assist in the economic recovery. Read more