This last week I interviewed two college aged women, who both classify themselves as liberal. Both are community activists. Both supported Barack Obama at the beginning of his Presidency. I was curious to know what drew them to the President as a candidate. I was not shocked, but I was mildly surprised as to the answer.

One of them explained it this way: “I thought he was so great because he would be the first black president, and I thought he would be able to change how we were seen in the world, and it would make things better.” She went on to explain that she thought that President Obama would sit down with world leaders, and when they saw that we elected someone who had a different attitude toward the role of the USA in foreign affairs, those countries would like us and be willing to listen to us.
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For all those rabid Gov. Chris Christie for president conservatives still holding out hope that their man will change his mind and get in the race, there are some very important facts regarding the honorable governor Christie that their presidential political crush may have caused them to overlook. (Listen up Ann Coulter)
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Sigh. I’m uninspired. The field of Presidential candidates excites me to the point where I might stifle a yawn. Let’s face it, so far the candidates are a snore. Its not that I couldn’t get behind any of the potentials at this point.

In fact there are one or two that I really hope run. There are at least three that I really hope don’t run. But so far, no one has, as we say in the west, popped my trigger. Now I am sure that once the field narrows, I will find a candidate that elicits deep political passion. I will strongly declare that person as the next best hope for our country. I will tirelessly campaign. But right now, I’m bored.
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Trump-ing Obama


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If the Republicans are considering running another politician against President Obama, they can expect the same results as 2008 – defeat.

With a possible war chest of a billion dollars, a completely sold out media and the historic chance of the first ever black president being re-elected to a second term, there’s probably not a Republican politician in America who can beat Obama in 2012.
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Has Governor Scott Walker handed the Democratic party a gift that will keep on giving? Rick Ungar of Forbes thinks so. While Unger makes the argument that this debacle may send the “the union rank and file into the arms of the Democratic Party” I would argue that union rank and file never left the democratic party. In any case, I have wondered if perhaps this is the issue that will unite and strengthen the democratic party, leading them to another presidential victory in 2012. Based on the polls, it just may be the case.

If Walker loses his fight, he will have reminded the unions of the importance of fighting back against their enemies, reminding them of how life was for their fore-bearers who fought to establish the modern union movement. This will ignite the passion for battle while reminding those union folks who have been voting republican of the importance of sticking with the party that sticks with them.

The Wisconsin governor’s desire to be at the forefront of his perceived GOP revolution may not only have doomed the anti-union effort, but it may forever label him as the man who gave the democrats the gift that keeps on giving – the return of the union rank and file into the arms of the Democratic Party.

The U.S. vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as “illegal” and ordered all construction operations there to stop.
While the U. S. did veto the U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Israel for settlements in the West Bank, as illegal, Ambassador Susan Rice also said: “We reject in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” essentially still condemning Israel, without “condemning Israel.”

According to a CNN poll in 2006, 87% of Jewish people in the United States voted Democratic, and in 2008 the American Jewish Committee’s Survey of American Jewish opinion found that 58 percent of Jews say they are Democrats, only 15 percent Republican.

So does recent handling of the Middle-East crisis, and the weak support at this time affect the President’s numbers in this voting block?

The President of Egypt has been ousted, Bahrain is in turmoil, Libya is planning a ‘Day of Rage’, the war against the drug cartels at the US Border, and in Mexico is heating up with the killing of an ICE agent, the President’s Budget has been rejected by Congress, and the UN Security Council plans to vote on a resolution to condemn Israeli settlements, and has rejected a proposal for compromise from the United States. President Obama is having a difficult February. Even States issues are now falling in the purview of the the President’s watchful eye. Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker, is the lucky recipient of this attention. According to Ben Smith, at Politico,

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm — the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

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All but ten of the States in the Union are in debt.

Idahoans have recently received the news that the projected deficit of $35 million will be much greater, at $185 million. Now, to States like Illinois, with a $15 billion dollar deficit, and California with a whopping $28 billion dollar deficit, Idaho is doing well.
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-Lambaste, discredit and otherwise crucify every member of the media, government and blog-land that may have implied, insinuated or even hinted at the possibility that an assassination attempt on a member of Congress from a state that has been the center of recent political turbulence may have had political motives.

-Ignore Fox News’ preliminary suggestions that the gunman may have been an illegal immigrant and focus on the speculations of he or she being a member of the Tea Party gone haywire as if they were the only speculations out there at the time.

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A call for civility


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At least six families are mourning the deaths of loved ones, and one more is holding on to hope, after Saturday’s horrendous shootings. Yet even before the shock can completely disseminate, members of both the left and the right are claiming the other side did it. No time for kindness, no time for brotherhood or charity, but cheap vitriol and angry rhetoric, which is probably what fueled this event in the first place. I am saddened and sickened by it. Are we not American’s first? Is our compassion saved only for those in places like Africa, to be pulled out when politically expedient, and stuffed back when looking at our neighbors who differ from us politically?

Within minutes of the announcement the blame game started:

“Many on the American Left said the horror could be traced to the malign influence of American conservatives; members of the Tea Party; right-wing pundits Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; and Fox News.
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Promises, promises


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It has been a whole two days that the new Congress has been sworn in and already the Democrats and the liberal press are accusing the GOP of broken promises.

House Republicans have already scammed the American people just a few days into their new majority, the Democratic National Committee charges in a new web video unveiled Friday.

Wow! I bet most of the Freshman Congressional members still haven’t even figured out where the bathrooms are located. Can we let them map a course between the cafeteria and their offices before we expect them to completely overhaul the government? Isn’t this censure coming from the same group that promised “to drain the swamp,” “no deficit spending,” a “pay-as-you-go governance?” After years of broken promises, one would think that Dems would learn that they shouldn’t be casting stones.

As 2011 is only days old, I am currently enjoying what has thankfully become a yearly tradition around my neck of the woods: studying’s standings list for hours on end to properly analyze the dizzying array of scenarios that can occur in the week 17 match ups and how each one will or won’t effect my Philadelphia Eagles. The freight train was momentarily derailed by a blizzard induced rarity of a Tuesday night game, a loss at the hands of the suddenly and inexplicably energized Minnesota Vikings, but I expect it will be barreling full speed when the playoff whistle blows.
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Oh, I do hate it when I agree with a liberal Politico article. But, Roger Simon writes an article about the so-called “Dream Act” that I am compelled to agree with. If it is, as he asserts, simply a pathway to citizenship that will take 5 years, why would anyone be against it? While I do want the borders patrolled, the fence built and the human smuggling stopped, I cannot help but have compassion for the people who desperately want out of a corrupt and poverty stricken society.
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Editors’ Note: A warm and fuzzy welcome to P.J. Shannon, a new member of the PD crew. Play nice!

Much to the shock and amazement of nearly everyone I know (or at least my mother and the elderly gentleman that works at Wawa), another year “has just flown by” and “Christmas is just around the corner”. Despite the fact that December 25th, 2010, will actually take place on the exact rotation of the Earth that was determined at the dawn of time, most people treat the onset of the holiday season as though it has been surgically uprooted from the calendar and dropped in between August 10th and 11th.
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This week I was visiting a nursing home, (I belong to a small group that performs at Christmas for the homes in our area), and I came across a very proper and very old woman who was reading “The Politician” by Andrew Young.

Yes, this is the tell-all book by John Edward’s former aide. I asked her if it was any good and she said, “Oh yes, its very good. Do you know I made the mistake of voting for him once!” She was so horrified. (insert laughter here.) I said that “he had fooled a lot of people.” She gravely answered, “oh yes, he did” and shook her head as she said it, clearly upset. As I walked away I commented to my friend that I thought it was interesting how mature women often vote for the best looking candidate, rather than the best candidate. (Don’t shoot me for generalizing please.)
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Today Thomas Sowell shares some thoughts on airport “security”. My favorite part came from the middle of the essay:

As for the excuse of “security,” this is one of the least security-minded administrations we have had. When hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring countries were captured crossing the border from Mexico– and then released on their own recognizance within the United States, that tells you all you need to know about this administration’s concern for security.

When captured terrorists who are not covered by either the Geneva Convention or the Constitution of the United States are nevertheless put on trial in American civilian courts by the Obama Justice Department, that too tells you all you need to know about how concerned they are about national security.

He’s got that right! You can read the whole article here.

I wrote a few weeks ago about Raul Labrador, Republican from Idaho, running against Walt Minnick. Raul did beat Minnick with 52% of the vote. Here he is speaking about what the freshman class and congress in general should be doing. Raul is a Tea Party backed candidate, and I think it is interesting to see that the Tea Party message is moving forward. (Also interesting is that this was a semi loss for Palin, as she backed Raul’s opponent, Vaughn Ward, in the Primary race wayyyyy back in May. )

At the end of the piece, I got a chuckle as Bill Hemmer struggled to remember if Mr. Labrador was from Iowa or Idaho. I think he invented a new state Iow-daho.

Or maybe the better question would be: What should happen to Charlie Rangel?

Earlier today Rangel was found guilty on 11 violations of House rules. (Only 11?) Some of those include–but are not limited to–the following: used House stationary and staff to solicit money for a school of public policy in his name at the City College of New York, solicited donors for the center with interests before the Ways and Means Committee, using an apartment in Harlem zoned for residential use as his campaign office, failing to report more than $600,000 on his financial disclosure report, and failing to pay taxes on rental income from a villa he owns in the Dominican Republic.

My answer to the original question? Nothing. Oh well, maybe a slap on the wrist. He should be given the boot. If he had any integrity at all he would resign. However, I’m not holding my breath.

There has been talk of which horse here in the Derby will be the top horse in 2012. But what about Gary Johnson? He was recently interviewed for The New Republic.

First who is he? Gary Johnson was the 29th governor of New Mexico, but before that he was just a regular citizen and small business owner. I also want to mention here as well, he financed his own campaign, with his own money too. He’s said he did that so that he wouldn’t be beholden to anyone. Nice. He also did some good things during his 8 years in office, some of which included: Read more

Thomas Sowell, again, expertly teaches us. Today he writes about The Gridlock Boogeyman

Whenever the party that controls the White House does not also control Capitol Hill, political pundits worry that there will be “gridlock” in Washington, so that the government cannot solve the nation’s problems.

Almost never is that fear based on what actually happens when there is divided government, compared to what happens when one party has a monopoly of both legislative and executive branches.

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