Jane Fonda is Right for the First Time

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Every once in a while, a politician or high-profile public figure makes a glaring error and actually says exactly what they are thinking. Part-time actress/Leftist activist Jane Fonda did just that on October 7th when she said, “COVID was G-d’s gift to the Left.

President Trump has been the bane of liberals since the day he pulled off the greatest upset in American political history and beat the tired, haggard, corrupt Hillary Clinton—the erstwhile “First Woman President”—soundly in humiliating electoral fashion in 2016, 304-227. (Please refrain from jumping in with that tiresome “But Hillary won the popular vote” nonsense. She won California by 4.3 million votes—who knows how many of those were illegitimate—meaning she lost the other 49 states by over a million popular votes. Actually, 2016 is the ironclad Exhibit A for why we have the Electoral College: It’s folly to let the two or three most populous states determine the election for the entire country. The Founders’ brilliant prescience is beyond question.)

The worst thing about the Trump presidency by far for liberals is not that he beat Hillary. That was bad enough. The worst part for them has been his incredible success. President Trump has done more good for the country as a whole than any president in recent history. Every demographic group has benefitted tremendously as a direct result of his policies.

It’s been said many times before, but as a quick reminder, President Trump’s policies have led to:

  • The lowest national unemployment in over 50 years and the lowest black, Hispanic and female unemployment ever
  • Total energy independence from the Mid-East oil sheiks, with gasoline prices at an inflation-adjusted decades low
  • Greatly enhanced border security with illegal crossings significantly diminished
  • A re-built and re-energized military, with fighting readiness and moral far better than under the Obama administration
  • Record high stock markets, benefitting not just the “1% investors” like Democrats continually lie about, but instead, markets that fully fund Teacher/Fire/Police/Public Employee union pensions and individual 401k’s.
  • Across-the-board income tax cuts, giving all wage earners more disposable income
  • Renegotiated international trade agreements for the undeniable benefit of American workers

Regardless of President Trump’s rough personality and brusque demeanor, these are indisputably positive accomplishments, strengthening the prosperity of all Americans, across every demographic group, done in an astonishingly short period of time. No hapless Democratic challenger—regardless of color, ethnicity or gender—spouting new-age, socialist, tax-raising, politically-correct, Green drivel had the slightest sliver of a chance of beating President Trump in 2020.

No, the Democrats needed a totally random, outside factor to derail him. Their own transparent, disingenuous ploys didn’t work: Russiagate didn’t work. Impeachment didn’t work. Unrelenting liberal media attacks didn’t work. The Democrats flogged those dead horses ad infinitum, but the horse never got up and ran.

But then, out of nowhere, a random occurrence came about that the Democrats have been able to use with more effectiveness than any of their previous failed schemes: China unleashed the Coronavirus on the world. Current evidence seems to indicate that it was an intentional, man-made pathogen, possibly a bio-weapon gone wrong, something that inadvertently escaped out of the lab. Perhaps the Chinese let it out intentionally, to infect the rest of the world. That is a discussion for another time, among other people. But regardless, the China Virus came to our shores, created a public health hazard, incited widespread concern (if not outright panic in some places) and just generally upended a never-ending, continuous stream of Trump successes.

It was the Democrats’ dream scenario.

The president acted strongly and quickly. While the Democrats were still pre-occupied with their illegitimate impeachment proceedings, President Trump banned incoming flights from China and formed the Coronavirus Task Force. When Nancy Pelosi and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio were publicly telling everyone to live your lives normally, visit the restaurants and don’t worry, President Trump was already taking serious steps against the threat. He authorized the Defense Production Act to produce ventilators and PPE. He initiated a whole host of Federal assistance programs to help both individuals and businesses through the worst of the crisis. Although they vigorously deny it now in a wretched display of partisan revisionist history, many of the country’s most rabidly Democratic Governors—like CA’s Newsom and NY’s Cuomo—were effusive and unequivocal in their praise for President Trump’s actions.

But the virus has proven stubbornly resistant to eradication. In April, it was generally thought that the country would be essentially back to normal by Labor Day. Such is not the case. Despite the existence of very effective therapeutics such as Regeneron and several vaccines right around the corner, plus the fact that the actual Coronavirus death rate is miniscule (well under 1% for all age groups under 70), the new case infection rate—as essentially meaningless as that is, given the new treatments and impending vaccines—remains high, much to the delight of the liberal media and Democratic politicians.

That is now the main thrust of the Biden-Harris campaign platform: “You’ve lost your job because your company has closed, life is forever altered for the worse, you’ll never be safe again and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. Vote for us and we’ll give you money for free, even though we’ll close down the economy again. We’ll have to. Remember, it’s all Trump’s fault.”

It’s been said many times before that Democrats are more concerned with indulging the whims and desires of their special interest voting blocs than they are in promoting the general well-being of the country as a whole. That certainly seems to be truer than ever this election cycle.

If Donald Trump does not win re-election in 2020, it will be directly, unequivocally because of Coronavirus, its effect on the economy and employment, and liberal media hysteria in pushing the narrative that it’s President Trump’s fault. It certainly will not be because of the Democrats’ proposed policies and the benefit that liberal governance would bring to America. A Democratic win in 2020 would be solely because of the demonstrably false narrative that they concoct around the Coronavirus. And…. a Biden win would mark the first time that Jane Fonda has actually been right about anything of national significance.