In some ways Ed Buck is your classic over-achieving baby boomer. He was reportedly born in 1954 as Edward Buckmelter in Ohio, came out as gay to his parents in 1970, worked as a fashion model and bit actor in Europe, bought and sold what appears to have been a courier company, making millions in profits, and also became a liberal political activist, making his mark in 1987 with a campaign to impeach Arizona governor Evan Mecham. He’s run for office and has since become a reasonably substantial donor to Democratic candidates or officials.

Especially in California, where he has contributed to former Governor Jerry Brown and LA mayor Ed Garcetti, along with others like Kevin De Leon and the state’s AG Xavier Becerra. You can add Ted Lieu and LA City Attorney Mike Feuer to the list along with LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey. These last two on the list are proving especially relevant in the last few days (and since the summer of 2017 as a matter of fact).

That’s because there’s another side to Ed Buck it seems that is slightly less positive to put it politely.

Dead men have been showing up at his home in Laurel Canyon. And California and LA officials have done diddly squat up until this week.

This is sordid stuff, but because men’s lives – vulnerable, impoverished, often younger, and often black men – have been lost, the details must come out. Right now what we have are sources who were close to Buck at some point or close to some of the victims telling their stories, as well as some diaries of one of the victims. So we have to be careful but what has emerged so far is appalling. As one victim’s, (Gemmel Moore who died of an overdose in 2017), supporter graphically put it:

You see somebody black going up there, you need to come outside and say ‘Don’t do it, don’t go up there.’ Because this is literally like a real life Get Out movie. Somebody’s got to warn them.

Those are the words of Jasmyne Cannick who’s apparently a community activist and has been a supporter of Gemmel Moore’s family in seeking the truth about his death. She has a lot more to say in her interviews for the Daily Beast’s piece on the deaths:

Cannick claims Buck lures men to his apartment for dangerous sexual encounters. She says she has uncovered evidence from Moore’s journal and from other men who say that Buck promises money to people and then injects them with crystal meth for his own gratification.

She then goes on to hammer California’s politicians and DA’s for their complicity in this mess:

I’m not surprised, none of us are surprised. We said that Jackie Lacey [L.A. County district attorney] is going to have blood on her hands and the sheriff’s department is going to have blood on its hands.

This man has had two dead bodies in his house and he’s still in his house. The fact that Ed Buck is a prominent Democratic donor should concern us all.

He spreads his money around to get access and influence into these powerful circles and we need our party to say no, no longer. I’m out here just as a black person I’m outraged, as a Democrat I’m outraged.

He needs to be arrested, he needs to be sent to county jail with no bail, he needs to be charged and then he needs to be convicted and sent to prison. Not just for the person who died today, but also for Gemmel Moore’s death. It wasn’t thoroughly investigated.

This is clearly a case where the lives of those men (one young the other older) clearly didn’t matter. The evidence so far is diaries and apparent conversations with other victims who survived, but they paint a picture of a dangerous sexual predator who preyed on the vulnerable and seems to have forced meth on them and perhaps other drugs as well.

California can no longer bury the dead in Ed Buck’s Laurel Avenue home. It’s clear that a thorough investigation is needed and hopefully will soon be undertaken, or is already underway. Because of Buck’s connections to major Democrats and to DA’s as well, this could get ugly. But Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean’s deaths demand no less.

Never mind that this was preventable by all accounts, had police and prosecutors listened to several complaints from Buck’s victims who survived an evening with the man.

Yes, if it had been say, a donor to Trump’s campaign, we would have black helicopters with DA’s from every blue state bearing warrants while rappelling down ropes onto the accused’s roof. But this is a handsome, apparently charming, LBGQT activist and major Democrat donor. So, silence until absolutely being forced into a corner, seems to have been the modus operandi.

But this is about more than hypocrisy. It’s about corruption in the Judiciary and how the vulnerable never have the same access to justice. The grand irony is that the vulnerable in this case are precisely those that the GOP is so often accused of ignoring or actively persecuting.

But that irony and hypocrisy is secondary. The main issue is justice for Moore and Dean and for the surviving victims as well whoever and wherever they may be.