Not only was Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel at the center of failed Obama-era criminal reform policies (in this case, PROMISE = Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education), but the sheriff also had a far more venal reason for not taking responsibility for the police inaction leading up to, during, and after the Parkland shooting.

According to Real Clear Investigations’ Paul Sperry, Sheriff Israel’s son Brett Israel got off with a 3 day suspension for a violent sexual assault on a 14-year old student. It involved grabbing of genitals and using a baseball bat to simulate sodomy. Two seniors – one of them Brett Israel – were involved in grabbing, kicking and holding down the 14-year old. And sexually assaulting him.

That’s a felony crime, but because of the rules of Obama’s failed experiment with youth crime prevention, Brett Israel, a white privileged kid, got away with violent sexual assault. And guess who administered this travesty as the school’s on-site police officer?

Deputy Scot Peterson.

Yes, the now-retired (on a $8,700 a month pension) deputy who hid behind concrete walls outside the school as Nikolas Cruz went on his rampage killing 17 and wounding many more.

So. A 14-year old suffers a violent sexual assault in 2014 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Deputy Scot Peterson decides not to prosecute the offender for a felony and instead opts for a lesser charge which resulted in a 3-day suspension. And then in the immediate aftermath of the Parkland Shooting, Sheriff Israel allows Deputy Peterson to quickly retire despite the ongoing investigations regarding the shooting. On a full pension. Here’s RCI’s Paul Sperry:

People familiar with the case say Peterson could have referred Israel for felony charges, but reduced the crime to “simple battery,” making him eligible for a leniency program requiring no arrest. “The school district’s disciplinary matrix requires no law enforcement action required regarding the incident,” the deputy wrote.

“A child was sexually assaulted, and Peterson reduced the charges to fit a matrix and report it as information. This allowed the deputy to put it away and not do anything,” said Arreaza, who is suing both Israel and Peterson on behalf of Anthony Borges, a Stoneman Douglas student who survived the massacre, despite being shot five times.

Arreaza said that the same lax disciplinary culture meant Cruz was never expelled or sent to the juvenile justice system despite committing multiple offenses every year throughout middle and high school. Peterson was warned at least twice of the threat Cruz posed as an active shooter but failed to investigate the matter. Peterson had an office on the Stoneman Douglas campus, where he’d been posted for nine years.

Sheriff Israel is defying calls from all sides for him to resign. The Broward Sheriff’s Office Association of Deputies have filed a formal call for him to resign, for goodness sake. His own f#cking deputies want him gone. But with newly elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about to assume office, he likely will soon be fired anyway.

Justice delayed is justice denied, but at least the sheriff will see some consequences for his appalling leadership in Broward County. Good riddance.