Brenda Snipes. Get used to the name, you might be hearing a lot more from Broward County’s Supervisor of Elections who right now seems to be at the heart of what may turn out to be another damn vote recount in Florida.

Apparently, 24,000 votes were for governor in Broward County but not for senator. And now it appears that an army of Democrat lawyers has headed to South Florida to try and declare the elections illegitimate and to demand a vote recount and who knows – a December snap election?

Provisional ballots – where people did not have the required ID to prove their identity – must be counted by 5 PM Thursday (it’s now just past 9 PM EST on Thursday as I write this). And it seems that Snipes is slowing down the process in order for the army of lawyers to swoop down and declare the elections in Florida non-compliant or illegal or illegitimate.

Governor Rick Scott leads Bill Nelson by about 17,000 votes. While DeSantis beat Gillum by around 38,000 votes. So those 24,000 votes for governor but not senator are shining brightly in the eyes of angry Democrats ready to sue their way to a recount.

We should have seen this coming.

The Democrat wave did not break over the White House and the GOP, so now the desired outcome has to be obtained by other means. Bill Nelson has stated that a recount is coming. Representative Ted Deutch whose district includes parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties, lashed out at Senator Rubio for criticizing Brenda Snipes and for accusing her of setting the stage for “mischief.” Deutch tweeted:


Thank you, Ted, I was beginning to miss the good old days back 18 years ago.

Broward County is Democrat territory of course. That means slowing down and recounting votes produces more Democrat additional/missed votes. And there’s those supposed 24,000 votes that only show a vote for governor and not senator. Why that alone should be enough to get Nelson into the Senate shouldn’t it? Goes the reasoning.

So here come the lawyers ready to stuff South Florida’s Thanksgiving full of lawsuits with demands for a vote recount. Maybe CNN can send Jim Acosta down to Broward County now that his White House gig has been sidelined.

Regardless, look for a recount of some sort in Florida. Brenda Snipes is not done yet.