With Ted Cruz winning a closer race than recent polls suggested and with Rick Scott leading (if barely) in Nelson’s Florida Senate seat and DeSantis winning the Governorship, you might be tempted to say that these two key states are staying red despite the demographics-is-destiny mantra that much of the media celebrated. This despite the hypocrisy of swooning over Beto O’Rourke who happens to be an older white male. One who looks bit like RFK (not JFK) but who appeals to the inexorable destiny of a diverse America going blue in red states.

Maybe, but one suspects that those two states are are far more complicated than merely a diversity-means-democrats formula. Maybe Texas and Florida are also politically diverse because of their very cultural/ethnic diversity. In Texas, Pete Sessions lost while Dan Crenshaw, in a nice little f!ck you to SNL, won fairly easily in the state’s 2nd district. Of course, Beto’s close loss will mean he will be encouraged to run again. Come on, he must have a few million left over and consultants would really like to get their hands on some of that. But Beto is now a feature of the political landscape and won’t be going anywhere one suspects.

But to say that Texas and Florida are going to turn Blue because of Hispanos/Latinos is to slap a demographic label on the foreheads of a very diverse group itself, especially in Florida but also in Texas as well.

Then there’s the governorship in Georgia. Stacey Abrams ain’t conceding and is stating that there may be enough ballots left for a run-off. Kemp hasn’t declared victory either, so perhaps some sort of a run-off or even recount might be coming in Georgia. Here’s some of what Stacey Abrams said:

Democracy only works when we work for it. When we fight for it. When we demand it. And apparently, today, when we stand in lines for hours to meet it at the ballot box.

Perhaps she was jabbing back at Kemp’s assertion – as Secretary of State for Georgia – that the election was interfered with, hinting at Democrat operatives without any evidence. Georgia will be an uneasy outcome, but one suspects that Kemp has the governorship, if barely.

And then there’s New Jersey. The Washington Free Beacon covered a little story about how a juror from the Menendez trial was at the Senator’s victory party on Tuesday night. Here’s a quote from Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby during the trial (which she was given leave from for a vacation but she would have voted to clear Menendez):

I feel like the government was very corrupted, not that Menendez was. What I saw, the government didn’t give me enough. So I think the defense showed me enough to say he’s not guilty on every count.

And last night here she is again:

I came out here tonight because I know Bob Menendez is a very good man, and I was in a courtroom and I saw all the evidence that they didn’t have enough evidence. What he did wrong, he did nothing wrong. He’s a great man. That’s why I’m supporting Menendez. I voted for him. I voted blue.

The jury is out on Arroyo-Maultsby’s political ethics, but Menendez will stay in Jersey.

And President Trump is going to face a Democrat House. Will it be impeachment or just investigations? And will they be able to work together? First one suspects that Democrats are going to ease Nancy Pelosi out the door before trying – yet again – to do the same with the President.

And Florida’s senate race could end up with a recount.

So can we admit that political destiny is not just about demographics? Maybe ideas matter? Is that so hard to admit?