This is probably going to be a trend, whether it’s trending on Twitter or just wallowing in the in-boxes of various media sites. The latest cyber-idiocy comes in the form of a hoax, one that seems to have one or all of the following purposes:

  • Get clicks by getting mentioned by a media site like The New Yorker, that has broken important, as well as a few unsubstantiated stories over the past few months that have had a major impact on the political landscape; all this by means of spreading unsubstantiated rumors about Robert Mueller’s personal life.
  • Try to discredit the Mueller investigation by spreading the aforementioned unsubstantiated rumors about Mueller’s personal life.
  • Try to discredit the Mueller investigation by weaponizing the rumor mill the way Michael Avenatti tried to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation process with the Julie Swetnick gang rape allegations. Or at least the way he tried to brew up some publicity for himself and his client and somehow monetize that to pay off his escalating debts.

And that latter part of the third bullet point seems to be what has motivated a couple of schmucks to try to dangle an obvious hoax about Robert Mueller in the in-boxes of a few media sites, like the New Yorker.

They didn’t bite thank goodness. Whether they would have had these two schmucks done the same during the Kavanaugh hearings is a good question. But regardless, it’s important that they crushed this one in the bud. It’s a start, a step back from the vicious weaponized rumor mill that swirled around Justice Kavanaugh a few weeks ago.

An anonymous woman in the email reportedly said she had received an offer of cash to talk about any sexual harassment she had experienced while working at Mueller’s old law firm. There is no such woman according to the records at the law firm. And the man who supposedly contacted this anonymous woman apparently named schmuck #1, Jack Burkman, as the source of this offer. Here’s the Huffington Post on Jack Burkman:

Burkman is a Republican lobbyist, conspiracy theorist and conservative radio host. He said in a Facebook video on Tuesday that he planned to introduce the first of the “sex assault victims of Robert Mueller” at a press conference on Thursday.

“This isn’t something I take any delight in. It’s

something I wish I didn’t have to do. But my viewers and the American people

need the truth,” Burkman said. “Remember, if you like us, like us on Facebook,

subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.”

The woman then began contacting media outlets saying the man had a Russian accent after her first scandal-phishing attempts fell flat. Jane Mayer, of New Yorker and unfortunate Kavanaugh-hearings fame, apparently did a little digging and found schmuck #2, Jacob Wohl, who:

appears to have been involved in the scheme to undermine Mueller with false accusations. Digital footprints suggest that Wohl created a fake private investigation company, Surefire,

which was purportedly working with Burkman, to make the claims against Mueller

appear more legitimate.

This is pathetic and can only help those who think Mueller’s probe will somehow still actually unearth some credible evidence of collusion. While one can make the argument that Trump should shut the probe down under his executive powers – an argument that could be politically costly – this ridiculous hack job by a couple of schmucks is something more typical of 4chat conspiracy mongers.

They’re already trying to weaponize Avenatti’s weaponized rumor-mongering. It’s childish and a distraction. There are far better ways to deal with the Mueller investigations.