Is Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein waiting out the various congressional committees until after the mid-term elections? It would make sense, as some conservative House GOP members have suggested, since if Democrats do indeed win back the House, committees will be run by Democrats and the pressure on Rosenstein to give evidence about both the Mueller probe and his reported comments on wearing a wire and using it to record President Trump with a view to weaponizing the 25th amendment as a lever to unseat the president, will go away.

And Rosenstein will be left in place with House committees digging up any opposition research they can possibly find to prosecute anyone they possibly can that has anything at all to do with Trump and most likely very little to do with the objectives of the original counter-intelligence probe launched sometime in the early spring of 2016.

Rosenstein is nothing if not cagey. He has survived Trump’s wrath so far, and he has managed to slip and slide around the various Congressional committee requests for him to testify or to at least agree to an interview, the latter being something he has agreed to without a firm date having been set now that he’s cancelled a couple of times. He understands perfectly the risks associated with firing him at this point, and he understands perfectly how those risks change after the mid-terms.

He is, in some ways, the uber-bureaucrat. He looks the part to an unnerving degree of perfection. If Marvel Comics were to create some office manager who may be the evil genius about to destroy the world, but no one can really tell, they could just pin a photograph of the Deputy AG next to the desktops of their top artists and say: “draw him.”

But how partisan is he really?

Maybe not nearly as much as the man who may have set up the NYTimes story about the wiretap: Fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

In a hard-hitting and fascinating piece in The Hill, former FBI agent Kevin Brock suggests that it was in fact Andrew McCabe who was at the center of the various Russia and Hillary probes:

  • McCabe pulled the Hillary e-mail probe out of the FBI field office and began to run it out of his office as Deputy Director. It was concluded swiftly with Peter Strzok now handling the case, just in time for the Democratic Convention with the verdict that Hillary was merely extremely careless and not grossly negligent.
  • McCabe was key in launching the Russia collusion counter-intelligence investigation that ended up behaving more like a criminal investigation, with no compelling evidence of any crime committed.
  • McCabe then launched a criminal investigation against AG Sessions for not having remembered meeting with the Russian ambassador based on the advice of two Democrat Senators apparently. Not the usual method of proceeding to say the least.
  • Sessions finally fired McCabe for lying earlier this year.
  • McCabe however, had also launched another probe, a criminal investigation for obstruction of justice against President Trump presumably for firing Director Comey. As has been commented, doing something perfectly within the President’s power, like firing an AG, is not cause for obstruction of justice. Firing Comey may have been politically risky, but McCabe’s stunning overreach in launching his various probes reeks of partisan rancor and vile maneuvering.
  • And now based on a memo McCabe filed stating that Rosenstein had seriously commented on using the 25th against Trump, we have the will he or won’t he fire Rosenstein scenario. This would have been McCabe’s attempted revenge for Rosenstein having written the memo that was used to fire Comey, who was McCabe’s mentor and sponsor.

Thank you, Kevin Brock, for shining a light on how much damage McCabe has done to the FBI. So perhaps the real evil idiot is Andrew McCabe about whose political preferences there cannot be the slightest doubt and whose Machiavellian memos, probes, and investigations have helped cause a crisis of trust and confidence in government across America.

Maybe McCabe should be the one to testify (yet again). Live before the cameras and for as long as it takes to get to the truth.