The Kavanaugh confirmation is going beyond ridiculous. Not only has Christine Ford been refusing to testify until after an FBI investigation is ordered, done, and all wrapped up (although apparently now she may be willing after to testify this coming Thursday), but Senator Grassley’s office was stormed by protestors demanding a “trauma-informed, much longer investigation” by the authorities.

Ok, maybe stormed is the wrong word. But hatted women (whether they were official p-hats or was merely that they like wearing woolen garments in mid-September in Washington D.C., is an open question) texting on their phones after having made their demands is clearly the tip of the wedge. MeToo has claimed and will increasingly claim these hearings.

And that means that they will demand that Professor Ford be treated as if in a therapy session, a therapy session where men are guilty until proven otherwise, if proven otherwise. Over at her own office Senator Feinstein is spinning out her strategy with delay-and-demand tactics meant to slow down the process and reverse the appropriate order of things by sending the FBI on a fishing expedition to find any possible thing they can that might suggest that Professor Ford is telling the truth. And all that before Professor Ford testifies.

The way it should work is that Ford appears before the Senate and if her testimony is reasonably credible and other facts and/or witnesses emerge then there may very well be a basis for probable cause and some sort of investigation goes forward. And in that case, and only in that case, Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is in deep trouble. Otherwise, he should be confirmed.

They don’t want that. They want to stall and then sink Kavanaugh and keep the Supreme Court at 4-4 until they win back the Senate.

Meanwhile, James Hohmann’s Daily 202 at the Washington Post goes a step further. This is all Trump’s fault and it’s even part of an evil strategy, don’t you see? By criticizing the FBI’s questionable actions (Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe et al) with regards to the Russia probe, Trump has set the groundwork for the GOP Senate’s refusal to have an investigation before Professor Ford has said a word. Of course, then Hohmann gets down to the main point. In 1991, the FBI produced a report on the Anita Hill allegations within roughly 3 days, so get to it guys.

But of course, you can’t do a non-partisan, trauma-informed, much-longer FBI investigation in 3 days can you? That sort of investigation will require additional training for FBI agents. And, once the investigation is done, the confirmation hearings will then require that all old white Senators recuse themselves in order for the hearings to proceed in a non-partisan manner and to ensure that Professor Ford is not assaulted a second time by tough questions from old guys.

Whether Professor Ford intended to become as iconic as a pink hat is uncertain, but she is now not merely a pawn in this intensifying culture war. She has quickly become the knight, the castle, and, hell yes, the queen that every damn progressive in America has worshippingly laid their hands on in the hope of burning down evil men who don’t vote like them and are skeptical of the charges Christine Ford has thrown onto the chessboard of Supreme Court nominations.

You can see what’s coming next. A demand for equal representation of gender in the nations highest court. It’s been bubbling under the surface and popping up over and over again. Now it’s taking center stage. The Supreme Court is about to get MeToo’ed and it will be way angrier than anything from the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas hearings.