Bookmakers in Costa Rica and Canada are laying odds on who the anonymous White House official who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, one that will have #Resistance members cackling with glee, actually is. You get your money if you bet right only if the Times or somebody else reveals the author of that op-ed by December 2020. Presumably after Trump has lost the election, if you share the same perspective as the op-ed’s author.

The two Mike’s, Pompeo and Pence – both key players in Trump’s administration – had to publicly deny that they wrote the op-ed, which states that Cabinet members and other senior White House officials are working overtime to contain President Trump’s worst impulses. It doesn’t quite demand impeachment, but it even suggests that administration officials considered trying to use the 25th amendment to unseat Trump in the early days of his presidency. Remember those stories back in early 2017?

Pence is listed as 2nd most likely in terms of the odds, with some lower-level official as the most likely according to the odds put together by the Costa-Rica-based bookies MyBookie. An anonymous leaker, a bookie in Central America, and the frickin’ Vice President and Secretary of State are obligated to issue denials? This. is. Ridiculous.

You can even take odds on the possibility that President Trump himself leaked to the NYTimes.

Perhaps what we are living through is the final phases of outrage. The whimpering, crumbling, collapse of righteous anger at injustice. A thousand shouts and tears and theatrical rending of garments for the cameras every day makes outrage more and more meaningless in today’s world. An increasingly prosperous and connected and technologically advanced world in which any slight is seen as the equivalent of the violent privations of barbaric invaders on horseback or in long boats coming to crush the civilized world. Please.

And outrage is not quite rage. Rage is alive and well and bubbles to the surface when worn and brittle social constraints and cultural constraints, and yes, scorned moral constraints, snap and break and someone goes postal somewhere. But outrage itself is dying an undignified death. Nothing is really ridiculous when everything risks becoming ridiculous.

We don’t know who leaked, but it may very well have been a career official who would love to end Trump’s presidency. Or it may have been a Cabinet Secretary, perhaps. We just don’t know at this point.

President Trump must feel isolated and surrounded by traitors. But the reality is probably closer to something like the fact that this leak is the result of the competitive, back-stabbing environment that he has let evolve under his administration, and perhaps has even actively encouraged at times. And it’s also the result – yet again – of an overwhelming hostility towards him among the bureaucracy in Washington.

The relentlessness of ridiculousness should be reaching a critical mass, where something blows up real good. But it doesn’t. It just keeps gathering momentum like an out-of-control reality show. And obscures all the significant achievements that Trump’s White House – despite the leaks and backstabbing – has managed to notch up.

With Woodward’s book out, and with this leaked op-ed, one wonders whether Trump will start firing people before the mid-terms and perhaps risk the support of moderate Republicans in Congress. Because if indeed a blue wave is upon us, he’s going to need the help of those GOP moderates – especially in the Senate – when Democrats eagerly being impeachment proceedings, sometime late this year.