If you’ve been following the evidence as parsed by writers like Washington Examiner’s Byron York, National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller, John Solomon in The Hill, and Lee Smith of Tablet and Real Clear Investigations, you can imagine that the intel community may well have been a key part of  a movement to prevent Trump from being elected, then to turn the Electoral College against him, then embarrass and discredit the new administration, and finally to lay the grounds for impeachment.

If you believe that Russia and Trump colluded you feel frustrated that they haven’t done their job, not that they are rather setting dangerous precedents. This includes a possible plurality of voters, most/much of the media, and a clear majority of any subset of progressive and liberal elites you could name in academia, Hollywood, government and even in finance.

In other words, the Mueller probe and the previous FBI investigations are merely a couple of additional – if vital – chess pieces in the culture wars. They are not – in the view of those who follow them at least – ways to reach some sort of understanding of the truth of a complex reality. They are confirmations of bias. The way the Mueller investigation is covered differs enormously depending on the media outlet that’s doing the covering. There seems to be precious little middle ground that reports from say. Politico and the Washington Times share.

It’s boiled down to two competing conspiracy theories:

  1. Hillary was given a pass and Trump was hard-balled in an effort to keep him out of and then to try and remove him from the White House.
  2. Trump colluded and needs to be removed from office – often by any means possible, save assassination … unless we have to resort to that as well.

But there is a reality out there. There are facts and witnesses and perhaps one of the two theories is closer to the truth. The fatal problem is that bias is so evident on the part of the intel community and partisan baiting is such a favorite tactic of President Trump that the result after all this is over will be thus:

All investigations are now political and therefore partisan. There is no true guilty or innocent. There is only what side of the aisle, or wall, or any other issue like abortion, you happen to be on. That means that the Judiciary is political in a way that the Founding Fathers would not have foreseen. Look at District Judges rendering judgement on Trump’s policy decisions through the court’s stays on executive orders they don’t agree with. That can work the other way should the tables turn. And turn they always do.

So Trump’s baiting of John Brennan who has been such a partisan critic of the President that even his colleagues – while defending his right to maintain his security clearance (even though it’s a privilege and not a right, unlike free speech) – have said he’s gone over the top, is a logical move on the chessboard of cultural warfare.

Should Brennan sue, Trump would use the legal process to discredit the ex Head of the CIA. Fighting witch hunts with show trials, ones that Brennan likely deserves. But America does not.