Impatience with due process. Legally, it’s not a crime unless you do something against the law as a result of that impatience. Politically, it’s not really an impeachable offense, unless enough members of both Houses of Congress decide it somehow is.

But it can make for bad politics as in Trump’s latest impatience with due process. Although he has been quoted in a way that does not reference the targeted context – people displaying dangerous behavior and how local law enforcement and the courts should deal with those types of people.

So when President Trump says this:

Take the guns first, go through due process second.

You know the headlines won’t mention that he was talking about people like Nikolas Cruz. But even if that was the context, one wonders how his base will react. Especially gun owners in general. But even more than just the headlines, what Trump’s comment did was give an opening to his critics – like the Washington Post’s James Hohmann – to describe him as the President who tramples due process. And of course heres the main reason why Hohmann riffed on this in his Daily 202:

AG Jeff Sessions.

And the President’s anger at his use of the DOJ’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, to investigate potential abuses of the FISA warrants issued against Carter Page in 2016 and 2017. President Trump is angry that Sessions is using an Obama appointee – Horowitz who apparently is a well-respected official who has worked with both GOP and Democrat administrations – rather than DOJ lawyers to investigate possible FISA abuse by the FBI and by the DOJ itself.

Republican officials and conservative commentators in places like National Review have sided with Sessions, unsurprisingly. And the Attorney General pushed back with this statement:

As long as I am attorney general, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and the constitution.

Sessions also said that the Inspector General’s investigation is the appropriate process to be using.

Yes, part of the reason Trump won the election was his promise to poke a finger in the eye of due process and to: Drain. The. Swamp. And unfortunately, government and its various institutions and branches are viewed with suspicion and precious little trust by majorities or significant pluralities of voters, depending on what specific institution we’re talking about.

But if the only way to ensure justice – and President Trump has every right to feel that many in government would love to see him impeached – is through unconstrained partisan behavior at every level of government, then why even have a Department of Justice? Why even have an AG? Why even have an Inspector General? It would all just be sham. And even if it already basically is a partisan sham – a geniune possibility – how do you regain voters’ trust?

It may be too late. Trust is at all time lows. We’re getting worked up about an inspector general who is investigating if the FBI and the DOJ followed due process with Hillary’s server investigation and now with Carter Page’s surveillance warrants courtesy of the FISA courts. We’re investigating the Russia investigations, rather than let them run their course and reveal that there may be no there there.

The government doesn’t trust itself, in other words.

Many Democrats still don’t trust the election results or they no longer believe in the electoral college. Republicans don’t trust key law enforcement and intel officials like James Comey or John Brennan. Gun owners don’t trust liberals’ intents with regard to their legally owned weapons. Progressives/liberals in turn don’t trust guns in any solution to school shootings that doesn’t limit itself to a state monopoly on violence.

And the President doesn’t trust his own AG.

Trump is not an isolated Nixonian figure. Trump is a sign of the times. And due process may end up being nothing more than a sham in the eyes of far too many voters nowadays by the time all these investigations and counter-investigations and investigations of investigations finally conclude. Or slowly swallow their own rattlers like a nest of crazed serpents, gorging on their own flesh.