Forgive me. I am so prejudiced. So, so biased that I did not even realize that Otherkin is a word, and that it is much more than a word. It is a subculture, apparently, where people decide they’re like fish.

Or dragons, which seems to be a popular choice. Like, for example, a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin. Otherkins might even identify sexually as a dragon with yellow-scales but no wings. Yes, there are people who sexually identify as a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin. Which is NOT the same as a yellow-scaled winged dragonkin. Exactly what the difference between those two sexual identities is is way beyond a bigot like me. So you’ll have to ask the real thing, apparently a particular Google employee who gave an in-house workshop or chat or presentation (was there any dance involved?) on the matter of so-called plural sexual identities.

Should this person who has taken what might seem like an adolescent fantasy and raised (I’m trying to find a neutral verb here) it to the level of an identity (which does not seem to have anything to do with gender, perhaps …) actually read these words and should I ever try to work for Google – two probabilities that limit with zero which if you multiply them together to get the probability that both occur, would get you even closer to zero; I’m trying to be science-based here like Eric Schmidt says Google and Googlers are – then I would be harassed and hounded into the waters of the Pacific. And I would drown as the yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin hissed vengefully over my sinking body, in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

On dry land, however, James Damore has a much better plan than being hounded into the Pacific for writing a few satirical paragraphs. The former Google employee has launched a lawsuit against his former employer and has released a long document with lots of screenshots that display what it’s like to work at Google as a white male who’s conservative or at least not crazy. Here’s an example of one of the reactions to Damore’s original memo, (which suggested cultural choices and gender differences might have produced the overabundance of white male programmers as well as suggesting ways to actually increase workplace diversity):

I’m a queer-ass non-binary trans person that is f!cking sick and tired of being told to open a dialogue with people who want me dead. We are at a point where the dialogue we need to be having with these people is ‘if you keep taking about this sh!t I will hurt you’.

The university campus free-speech shout-downs and intimidation and violence are influencing the corporate world in a much faster and more profound way than the path the radicalism of the sixties took to work it’s way into corporate culture. What is happening at Google makes the early years at Apple look like a Mennonite church gathering. But it comes from the same source, and that notorious meeting of Berkeley radicals in the late 60’s where it was decided the only answer to oppression was to kill white babies is still at the heart of cultural marxism. You’re a white male? Confess your guilt or be silent or even better, just quietly leave.

That (mostly) white billionaires are in charge of the companies in Silicon Valley where this is occurring (not the only place of course) is not even seen as ironic or hypocritical. Of course we’re billionaires! We are so evolved that we have yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin’s policing our workforce as we collect information on the world’s internet users and charge our corporate clients billions to use that data.

Netocracy. Dragonkins. And non-binary queer-asses who will get medieval on your backside if you even try to talk to them. But remember, Google is science-based!