Democrats Are All About Winning, Not Governing

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It’s been said that we have two major governing parties in this country, the Democrats and the Republicans. Each party has a different, broad-based approach to managing the country: The Democrats believe that Government-created, taxpayer-funded programs—implemented from DC—are the best way to guide the country’s fortunes, while Republicans feel that market-based, individually-oriented solutions work to the best advantage of the nation.

That’s a 30,000-ft generalized look at things, but it is widely accepted as being true.

It’s not true. Just the opposite: It’s fundamentally false. The Democrats are primarily concerned with winning political battles first and governing the country to the population’s benefit second. A look at some of today’s higher-profile issues illustrates this quite clearly. And this is not a peculiarity limited only to present-day circumstances. The Democrats’ approach to both yesterday’s and tomorrow’s major issues are equally persuasive as to their “governing” priorities.

Today’s Issues:

DACA/Dreamers—The Democrats pose as if this is the big humanitarian issue of our time. “Through no fault of their own,” some 800,000 children were dragged across our border when their parents illegally immigrated to this country. The Dreamers, as they’re so amusingly called, should not only be afforded amnesty and forgiveness according to the Democrats and allowed to stay in this country, but they should also be allowed to bring in their relatives as well (so-called chain migration). But President Trump wants funding for his border wall, a central tenet of his campaign, as a condition to any compromise regarding the Dreamers.

The Democrats don’t really have humanitarian concerns and thus they have no incentive or inclination to compromise. Their primary motivations are growing their voting base with low-income Gov’t-dependent immigrants whose offspring will become automatic Democratic voters a few years from now and the desire to simply make President Trump look bad, as a typical “heartless, cold” Republican. Anything that reduces illegal immigration (the wall) or lessens the future pool of Democratic voters (deporting the Dreamers or ending chain migration) will be opposed by the Democrats with a vengeance. The “public good” has nothing to do with anything. A political win for the Democrats is all that matters.

Tax Reform—The Democrats don’t care about the actual financial benefits that lower corporate taxes will deliver to the economy (such as greater investment by companies in plants and equipment, leading directly to increased employment), nor do they care about how much the average middle-class family will benefit from their extra few hundred dollars of disposable income per month. Democrats just want to further the cliché of rich Republicans getting huge underserved tax breaks, while the average person suffers as a result. Democrats simply want to sully the Republicans’ image in the eyes of the casually-attentive voter.

Mueller/Collusion—The Democrats’ only goal here is to make Trump look bad, undermine his legitimacy as president, and keep his approval numbers low in advance of future elections. The Democrats have no actual interest in the impact or influence foreign entities may have had on our voting process or on our electoral system. If they did, they would be just as interested in the fact that Hillary Clinton maintained an illicit e-mail server that contained unauthorized classified information and was hacked by Russians. That is the very definition of reckless, illegal behavior by a candidate undermining the integrity of our election process.

But the Democrats aren’t interested in the “integrity of our election process.” They’re interested in a political win, not in serving the public good.

Government Shutdown—This is merely an opportunity for Democrats to make Republicans look bad, knowing that the liberal media will always cast any ‘shutdown’ as being completely the fault of Republicans, regardless of the actual circumstances. Although both sides are well aware that essential funding continues even during a so-called “shutdown,” Democrats will be quick to exploit an ignorant public with heart-wrenching advertisements of 90-year-old veterans on their once-in-a lifetime trip to DC being turned away from the WWII Memorial or a small-town Boy Scout troop being unable to enter a National Park. All intentionally orchestrated by Democrats, all to make Republicans look bad. The “win” is all-important after all, not the facts.

Those are just today’s high-profile topics. One of yesterday’s was Hurricane Katrina. The Democrats and the liberal media pounded President Bush incessantly for being insensitive to the plight of minorities for his supposed slow response to the crisis. The Democrats’ primary concern was winning the battle of public perception by making a Republican look bad.  They were successful. They “won.” President Bush’s presidency took a hit from which it never recovered, becoming yet another reason why a Republican Presidential win in 2008 was so unlikely, regardless of who the Democratic candidate was.

Tomorrow’s big issues may concern, as example, North Korea or Iran. Democrats will undoubtedly use those circumstances to pile on with very public criticism of President Trump’s handling of the situation. Far from the old dictum of “Politics stops at the water’s edge,” the Democrats will be more concerned with twisting a confrontation with North Korea or Iran into political advantage for themselves than they will be in helping forge a favorable bi-partisan outcome for the good of our country.

Is all this an incredibly cynical, somewhat tongue-in-cheek view of the two parties’ positions? Perhaps. And to be perfectly honest, the Republicans are far from lily-white (am I allowed to use that term anymore?) when it comes to maneuvering the political chess pieces to their advantage.

But to this observer, the Democrats are first and foremost about winning. For them, governing comes in second—and too often, it’s a distant second.



  • David Coffey

    There is something much deeper and more important here. I believe the sentiment “If they knew better, they would do better.” This goes for all political factions. I believe that WE THE PEOPLE have given the State too much power over the past 105 years or so, and, of course, this brings about a self-fulfilling prophecy: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    We, in our ignorance, unknowing, even though we had recent European history to study and understand, chose by our own free will to believe the Humanists and the Progressives who gained control of the social, economic, educational, psychological, philosophical, and political climate in Europe during the reign of Queen Victoria in Great Britain. Cecil Rhodes destroyed Africa by robbing the people of their wealth and giving it to wealthy European robber-barons. At the same time, they were teaching Humanist and Progressive ideas to their students in the universities, which students were mostly the children of the elite of British and European society in every field of endeavor. Many of the students in these European universities were young people from the United States who learned very well the ways and the thoughts of the Humanists and the Progressives. They brought these un-American, un-Constitutional ideas back to this country with them, and began to poison the minds of the people of this nation also. In allowing these individuals to control what went on in this country, because they were playing the morality game that fooled us as a nation for nearly 35 years. Their “good” ideas helped to build the sewer that is Washington, D.C., today.

    What are these un-American, un-Constitutional concepts that we call Humanism and Progressivism that were born out of the same sewer in Europe? A Harvard professor, Mr. Robert Owen, the first Progressive, socialist, after fooling the Unitarians in Boston, MA, into believing in public, State-controlled, education, presented it as a perfect way to better inform our students concerning the changes that were taking place in the nation, presented the plan as a moral imperative to the Christians. However, there was no problem in the educational programs carried out in the towns and cities of the nation. Every student was being taught his national heritage, how to read, write, and speak American English, and mathematics and science. The system needed no change.

    As can be seen today, Progressives are very good at inventing problems where there are none. The United Nations, which is very disunited these days, has been in the business of creating emergencies which steal Freedom and Liberty from the nation members by inventing and establishing concepts to handle their created problems: population control, global warming, world monetary fund, Agenda 21, borderless nations, the World Trade Organization, and many other concepts to govern the nations of the world.

    Progressivism to my mind is a misnomer. A Progressive is neither for progress nor for solving problems. Progressivism is the mindless obedience of some of Mankind to the concepts of the fallen ones, known as the NEPHILIM and their created hewn-man, from which we get hu-man. Progressivism to me is ingressive-regressivism because it is the serpent swallowing its own head. There is no logical reason for their actions, in fact, they are not responsible for what they do at the core of their reason for being for they believe that they are Beyond Freedom and Dignity. In their minds, as Dr. B.F. Skinner so accurately describes, they no longer need Freedom and dignity because they are above these moral concepts.

    When Maria Montessori came to the United States to share with the teachers of this nation a morality that would have improved the quality of students’ lives, Dr. John Dewey talked many of the teachers and parents out of the practice since the method was so against the educational methods of the Progressives. When we closed our minds to such a successful teaching method, we were lulled to sleep by those who wanted to destroy this God-given Republic.

    There are people, national leaders who have learned the Heart of Progressivism very well: Stalin, Lenin, Hitler. In fact, these have practiced the teachings of Progressivism to the letter: their deeply-held belief in ridding the society of people who did not think like them, their methods of forcing obedience, their systematic practice of eliminating those who questioned their practices, and their great hatred for those whom they thought were less than they were. Now, of course, no Progressive would admit to such a low philosophy, but, if you will study the early Progressive writings and speeches, you will clearly understand that at the Heart of their movement are these thoughts and actions.

    There is one nation only that is standing in the way of the Progressives in the world, and that nation is our beloved United States of America, the nation that God created in the Hearts of our founders as the Light for all the world to see. Right now, we are attempting to be more and more the Light of the nations. The Progressives are fighting hard, but they will not win, for Righteousness wins in the end. We are taking the steps to correct the errors of the past 130+ years. We must stand with those who know and understand the concepts of our founders and we must fight with them to rid the nation of the Progressive curse.

    The United States of America is ruled by WE THE PEOPLE, not our government. It is about time that we understand this and take responsibility, the ability to respond in Love toward God and WE THE PEOPLE. The more Righteous choices our government takes away from us, the more Liberty we have lost. The more our government tries to divide us, the more we are NOT the United States of America. Let us stand with our brilliant President, for he has taken on a task which he cannot do alone: drain the sewer that has kept the nation in darkness for far too long. “Awake, you who are sleeping; arise out from among the dead, and the Christ will give you Light.” WISDOM!

    I AM faithfully David: beloved; Henry: head, leader; Coffey: of the victorious ones. Always Victory!