Somewhere around half a million dollars. That seems to be the going price for ejection from either a Cabinet or Chief of Staff position if you’re GOP. Remember John Sununu – Bush 41’s White House Chief of Staff? Back in recession-wracked 1991, his jet travel to various locations – some of them resorts and once or twice apparently his dentist in Boston – eventually forced him to resign in December of that year. The total cost of his travel was apparently estimated at around $600,000.

And the cartoonists had a field day, as they say.

Tom Price is now history, being the first Trump Cabinet member to resign. The total cost – again we have to assume these estimates are reasonable calculations based on what a private, chartered flight would cost your average wealthy traveller – has been estimated at around $500,000 by Politico. Or at least Politico has reported that his private flights cost about half a million based on someone making a rough back-of-the-envelope calculation.

The president does care about costs and maybe there is something compelling about seeing a mid-six-figure number waved in front of you when you ask about the HHS Secretary’s flights. Especially when you’ve browbeat Boeing into shaving multimillion dollar amounts off the cost of Air Force One as proof of your business acumen.

Was it that figure that made Trump so angry?

Look, the president can’t fire Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over the senate’s strikeout on repeal and replace. He can threaten to oppose his own senate leader in Kentucky’s next senate primary, but so far it hasn’t quite come to that. Not yet at least, not with McConnell himself.

Or he can take a the Secretary of Health and Human Services travel expense scandal and use it to get rid of the Secretary. Which is what the president did. Fine. But does the White House now have anybody lined up as replacement? Is Kelly handling the replacement process with the cool of a veteran commander under fire? It’s too early to tell who might be nominated but here’s a thought:

Replace a few key Assistant Secretaries inside HHS, under the Senate’s radar, and keep acting Secretary Don Wright busy with Price’s agenda of weakening the ACA from within by cutting back on marketing outreach and shortening the enrollment period, for example. And every now and then leak a few possible names that might be under consideration.

Because who in his or her right mind would want to be HHS Secretary right now?

You will be mercilessly grilled in your senate confirmation process by Democrat Senators who now have to deal with their own party’s embrace of single-payer health care. Should you make it through the confirmation process – which will be nasty and personal – you will then be hit on both sides from your fellow GOP members of congress who will feel you aren’t taking control and helping to lead the party on an issue over which the party is deeply divided and where a handful of senators can and will sabotage any effort at reform. Or you will be ignored and cast aside as irrelevant – a deputy manager whose job it is to patiently wait for legislation that never comes.

Who could ever want the job?

Unless you could find someone – say a doctor – who has political experience and lots of ambition. Even more than Doctor Price had. Who wanted to be President but who at best can capture barely a tiny sliver of GOP votes. Who’s the junior senator from the Majority Leader’s state.

Yes, Mr. President. Kill several birds with one rock. Propose Rand Paul – self-proclaimed genius on healthcare – as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. Do it in a series of provocative tweets.

And then find someone to run for Rand Paul’s vacated seat. Hopefully someone that really annoys Mitch McConnell. No it will never happen. Yes, healthcare replace and repeal has become a bit of a joke hasn’t it? But imagine: Ron Paul as the new HHS Secretary. Worth a thought, or at least a laugh.