It’s not even 4 weeks into it’s mandate yet, and the Trump administration is besieged on almost all sides by forces bent on discrediting and even, in some cases one suspects, displacing it from power. The so-called resistance is coming from many angles: Obama’s PAC Organizing for America morphed into Organizing for Action in 2013 and is now one of the central organizing forces behind many of the protests against the executive order on immigration. Among others.

Remember that executive order? Already almost lost in the battle smoke around General Flynn’s scandal. There’s still a judiciary hard at work, however, trying to block the president’s authority over aliens ability to enter America when national security issues are at stake. And Congressional Democrats are war-painting their faces with any media-scented blood that the Flynn affair has spilled. Graham and McCain, along with Roy Blunt, also want in on the fun that any Congressional investigation can provide.

The media is howling at the scent of prey. CNN asks when Trump knew what. Politico has lusty headlines celebrating the “chaos in Trump World.” Even at Fox News, Shepard Smith provides skeptical if not outright hostile coverage of the latest scandals and missteps. And Charles Krauthammer has worried that Flynn lied possibly to cover up something other than the phone call with Ambassador Kislyak.

And current and former bureaucrats at State and in the intel community are leaking left and right to try and ensure that the administration is crippled by a need to fight fires rather than promote and execute it’s agenda. And that includes the FBI and the infamous, leaked transcript of the phone call.

What the fricking heck – to use a few euphemisms – should the Trump administration do? Here’s a suggestion. Get rid of the multiple power centers in the White House. As Paul Ryan asked a committee of Bannon, Conway, Priebus, Jared Kushner, and Stephen Miller at a meeting in January on tax policy: who’s in charge?

The Clinton administration had a chaotic start in 93, 94 and they faced nothing like this administration does. Leon Panetta had to come in and bring some order. President Trump needs to get rid of the current structure and bring in a little vertical authority – as in a clear and tightly controlled chain of command. Or he will find the current battles he is facing nearly impossible to overcome.

Is that possible in 2017? And with the current people in the White House? Yes it is. The American public – unlike all the other power centers in D.C. that are lined up against him – believe that President Trump is a politician who keeps his word. 62% of respondents to a recent Galllup survey said so.

Only 53% of respondents actually believe he can affect change, however. Is that why he’s so hated in Washington? He actually means to do what he says?

Mr. President you have nearly the entire apparatus of government and the media trying to sink your ship of state. It’s time for a little law and order on the bridge. A clear chain of command. Start with that, and your battles will become far more clear, and far more likely to end in victories.