The feisty little glowheads at The Daily Beast must be soaring and swooning like fireflies on a warm August night. Thanks to some unnamed official at an undisclosed but perhaps deducible agency, the hard left media outlet now can share with a salivating public, confidential data on the security of both of America’s borders. The one with Mexico. And the one with Canada.

According to leaked FBI Monthly Domestic Encounter reports from 2014 through 2016, the northern border is far more active in terms of encounters with known or suspected terrorists. People on DHS or FBI watchlists, in other words. Far more have been occuring in states like New York and Michigan than in Texas, for example.

Wonderful! Now terrorists have a heads up and know that America will start shifting its attention – thanks to the media onslaught which will now follow – from the southern border, and focus more resources and talent on the northern border. Perfect. Could you copy the FBI reports directly to ISIS next time, please? So that their media analysts don’t have to waste time pouring over sites like The Daily Beast?

Does it matter that America’s border with Canada extends over 5,000 miles, while Mexico’s extends for slightly less than 2,000 miles? Of course it does. Every and any relevant factor that impinges on the security of America’s borders should and surely does matter to the men and women charged with securing and patrolling those borders. And to every agency dealing with the security of citizens across the nation: from first responders to wonky analysts burrowed in basement offices somewhere in the beltway.

Does it affect the numbers, the fact that the total number of illegal border crossings is far less at the northern border? And that the relationship between American officials and their Canadian counterparts is generally quite good? Yes, but perhaps the time has indeed come to devote adequate resources to staffing and equiping any and all agencies that work the northern shift, so to speak.

But that decision, especially the nitty gritty in the weeds numbers that The Daily Beast has gloatingly released, should be a discrete – but always decisive – policy question that is debated out of the limelight. Does the press have a right – even a duty – to question officialdom on what the heck they are doing at both land borders? Yes, of course. Should they leak valuable information? Sorry, but that seems a step too far.

The Daily Beast quotes an unnamed DHS official as well as Michigan Democratic Senator Gary Peters. Michigan is the site of a large number of encounters with potential watchlisted suspects. North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp gets in a plug for more resources for border agents and equipment in her state as well (a most reasonable request, but that’s not the point).

And U.S. Border Patrol chief Agent Aaron Heitke – who’s basically in charge of the Great Plains area – pushes back against the Texas Department of Public Safety report that highlighted worries about terrorists being smuggled in across the southern border. Yes, he wants more money for his area too. And it’s fine that he is honest enough to push for it in public.

DHS referred The Daily Beast to Customs and Border Protection – who refused to comment. So who leaked? It sure looks like DHS, specifically that senior DHS official who was quoted. Is this how policy concerning the security of America’s borders should be litigated? With leaks to a media site that revels in its hostility to the current administration?

Chuck Schumer was right. Six ways on Sunday. And every other day of the week.