In the middle of David Frum’s Phillip Roth-like portrait in The Atlantic of a dark and authoritarian America under Trump, his contempt for a central tenet of America’s republican system of government slips through. He compares the consequences of a loss of confidence in Britain on the part of the Prime Minister by her or his own party (the her is a better pronoun seeing May is a her and Thatcher, one heck of a her, had to resign in the early 90’s due to a lack of confidence if not an outright vote by her own party’s members) to the ability of the president to remain in office despite a lack of confidence by members of Congress of his own party.

Yes Mr. Frum, an impeachment proceedings in Congress is a far more difficult thing to achieve than a non-confidence vote in Britain. Or in Canada, a country you know all too well.

But your fear that the opposing ambitions that the framers constructed with the separation of powers, over 200 years ago, will crumble because of your accusations of an impending kleptocracy engineered by Trump seem just a tad, hysterical?

You, David Frum, are ascribing to the very liberal (to not say extreme left) view that Trump is indeed an evil genius. One who will single handedly dismantle nearly two and a half centuries of the world’s most successful republic. One that allows a nerdish little mensch from Toronto like you, David Frum, to ascend and rub elbows with and advise the president of that republic, based on your merits and hard work. Once again, you are a living breathing example of the wonders of America, David Frum, even as you declare those very wonders to be close to expiring.

But of course, you are not merely saying that Trump is an evil genius. You are also saying that America, or that part of America that is not loudly denouncing every move Trump makes, is dumb and thus is being hoodwinked by Trump. Or agree with his authoritarian plans. As the progressive elites and radical activists engage in the most vile public shaming of anyone who doesn’t despise Trump’s administration, you insist that a small minority of racist trolls (which they certainly are) are the only ones poisoning public discourse. Not the crazed left.

Less than two weeks into the new administration, and you foresee – like Phillip Roth in his novel – a grand plot against America. The GOP senate majority will cautiously acquiesce. The balance of power between professionalism and partisanship in the civl service “will shift.” Will? How about already has?? In Obama’s DoJ? In State? In the intel community?

Ah, but Fox News is a Trump propaganda machine. Look at poor Megyn Kelly! Presidential pardons will be forthcoming for his children. This is a Hollywood script, David Frum. You need to get a concept fleshed out with a script writer and raise some interest and money, in Los Angeles. Although one suspects many a script writer and producer are already hard at work imagining some dark Trump dystopia, to soon appear on Netflix and elsewhere.

Perhaps you, David Frum, could give a speech in lieu of a cancelled Oscars ceremony. And warn America of its impending doom. Because if you truly believe that Trump is so incompetent and venal, that he threatens a document like the Constitution, you had better start preaching about the end of America. In fact, you already are. Aren’t you?

You have always been a liberal David Frum. Much as you attempt to portray yourself as a Churchillian beacon, rallying voters to resist Trump in their “finest hour”. Trump himself has now given you the perfect excuse. Welcome home.