Did you know that 65% of Californians want an end to sanctuary cities? Sorry, that’s incorrect. 65% of Hispanic Californians want an end to sanctuary cities. 70% of Independents, 73% of Democrats, and 82% of Republicans in California all agree.

Come on, this must have been a USC/LA Times poll, right? The one that actually got the election right. Uh, no. Sorry. The poll in question was done by IGS/UC Berkeley. That’s the University of California at Berkeley. A rather unconservative campus over the last 50-odd years. Again, sorry.

So how do the elected representatives of the people of California respond to this groundswell of criticism at the practice of sanctuary cities in their state? By introducing a bill, the California Values Act, courtesy of State Senate President Kevin de Leon, that purports to essentially make California a Sanctuary State.

Governor Jerry Brown is all for the idea, needless to say. He picked State AG Becerra to head a lawsuit against Trump’s sanctuary cities order, should it ban funding to California as a result of their refusal to cooperate with immigration authorities. There are also moves to set up state-funded legal counsel for illegals in California.

So, if this escalates – and with a hyper-partisan environment where Whoopi Goldberg can compare the Trump administration to the Taliban on The View, escalation is almost inevitable at this point – where will this all end up? If Trump indeed continues to attempt to enforce immigration law across the country, and states like California reject and resist those attempts in order to devise their own contradictory legislative and security framework, is secession next?

Before Governor Jerry Brown and his righteous claque of progressive lawbreakers stand before the cameras in Sacramento and declare a new republic is to be born, they might want to ask a few people who might have an interest in that outcome: the 40 million residents of the Golden State. Who in their overwhelming majorities have shown that they feel that sanctuary cities – not to mention sanctuary states – are a bad thing.

So before virtual or near secession of states like California occurs, and before the war of words raging across America becomes even more vile in its confrontational hysterics, realize that even in California – that means the whole damn state not just greater LA and the Bay area – voters can reach the point where they say: enough. Stop. Now.

Anyone remember Proposition 13? That, would be a very good thing to keep in mind.